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  • I started BFL on Oct 5th, and last week, I continued my low Carb Diet, adding in Brown Rice a couple time daily for my Carb.

    Yesterday, I tried my first day of the BFL Nutrition diet, and I am concerned about how hungry I am now.

    Yesterday, I added whole wheat toast to breakfast, a white potato to lunch, and a low carb tortilla to dinner, with protein shakes in between, and after dinner for a total of 6 meals. I ate like I thought I was supposed to, but, was very hungry all day.

    So far today I've had the following:

    0800 - 3 slices turkey bacon, 4 egg whites, 1 slice whole wheat toast.

    1200 - 4 oz ground turkey (taco seasoned) with low carb tortilla, 2 cups salad w/ carrots and scallions

    (had a 1000 protein shake planned, but, missed it due to a meeting)

    Seems like I shouldn't be this hungry after such substantial meals.

    I also noticed that I gained 3 lbs when i weighed this morning.


    I read where Endomorphs should eat majority protein, and avoid a lot of carbs, even good carbs. Is it possible for me to get results from excercise and following a modified diet?

  • raharper1,

    Congratulations on taking charge of your life and taking steps toward a new and better you!! If you stringently follow the BFL plan as desribed in the book for all 12 weeks you will acheive amazing results!!

    I noticed in your post your first two meals are 4 hours apart. This may be why you are hungry. I know for me if I go longer than 3 hours I am ravenous.  As a guideline, if you are hungry before 3 hours you didn't eat enough. If you are still full at three hours you ate too much.

    When it comes to carbs know they are not the enemy they are energy. BFL eating fires up the metabolism and gets the body functioning the way it is meant to function. I know it is difficult to get the brain around, It took me the first two months of my first challenge to figure it out, but we need to feed the body in order to burn fat and bulid muscle. Your first two meals today look good. How many carbs are in the low carb tortilla? Women should be aiming for around 20g of carbs with each of the 6 meals. Carbs are energy and you will need the energy to keep up to the demands of the BFL fitness routine. Low carbs may be another reason you are hungry.

    If you don't have the BFL book I would highly reccomend getting your hands on a copy and reading it through. It will change your life!! It has changed mine.

    All the best with your journey


  • Three shakes in a day may be too many. Try subbing cottage cheese and a piece of fruit, or have another meal structured more like your lunch and dinner.

    I'm sure your hunger today was due to missing one of your meals. Maybe keep a bar in your desk for emergencies and eat it before an unplanned meeting?

    You just started the program and don't need to be weighing yourself yet. Wait four weeks.

    I haven't heard the term endomorph in a really long time, maybe not since high school. Is that methodology still accepted in the medical/scientific community?

    To answer your final question: Yes, I do believe that it possible for you to get results from exercise and following a modified diet. Go to the Success Stories tab on this website and read the experiences of many people with many different body types. Try to let go of your low-carb diet and follow the BFL protocol for twelve weeks. I'll bet you will have a success story of your own by Christmas.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • This does bring up a question.  I’m trying to decide if I want to try the meal shakes or the bars.  Probably having both on hand is the correct answer.  However, my concern about the shakes is being hungry 30 minutes after drinking one.  What do you guys do?  Just wait it out until the next “meal” time or eat a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts?  What do you guys do if you find yourself stuck between meals and hungry?

  • In my opinion, bars are best saved for emergencies not as a regular part of your daily nutrition. I use myopex original shakes and they last me 3 hours. There are days I eat sooner (around 2 - 2.5 hours after my last meal) This usually happens after a heavy leg workout. I have a shake right after my workout and am hungry about 2 - 2.5 hours later. I have my next meal and contiue on with 3 hour spacing. Sometimes in between meals it is important to stay busy. Clean the house, walk the dog anything to keep your mind off food. If you are still super hungry between meals take a look at how much you are eating at each meal and consider increasing it a little. The demands BFL places on our bodies are significant and we need to eat properly in order to meet them.

    Another thought, How much water are you drinking? Drinking water before each meal, with each meal and in between really helps. 8-10 glasses the general recomendation. Personally I drink 4L (1 gallon) a day. Just a thought.

    hope this helps