What to do when portion sizes are too much?

  • I am completing my first week of my first BFL challenge. There have been several instances when the amount of food necessary to eat 20g of protein and 20g of carbs six times a day has been daunting.

    For example, I made the protein pancakes from the recipe section of the website. It says that it is one portion, but I was full after eating only half. The same was true of the protein pudding.

    For dinner one evening I fixed turkey meatloaf, a baked potato and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I adjusted the recipe for the meatloaf to use 2 pounds of ground turkey, which was supposed to be eight servings. I was full well before finishing dinner.

    I don't like the feeling of forcing myself to finish after I already feel full. In these cases, as long as my meals are correctly proportioned between proteins and carbs, it is OK to have, say 14 grams of each instead of 20? For example, divide the protein pudding recipe into three servings instead of two?


    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • saralynn,

    First of all congrats on finishing your first week of BFL!!! Way to go!!

    When it comes to food my opinion is to keep it simple and use the palm/fist method as much as possible. I know that doesn't work with yogurt and cottage cheese and other items but in those cases one can read the nutritional labels and measure. I am also a huge believer in listening to the body. If you are full you are full. The true test will be in the hours after. If you are hungry again within two hours you didn't eat enough. If you are still full at three hours you ate too much.

    I hope this helps

    Keep up the good work!!!


  • Thanks, Orrin. I have not been hungry at any point during the week. I have to watch the clock in order not to miss a meal. The night I had the meatloaf I was tired and not at all hungry so opted to skip meal 6 and go to bed instead, otherwise I have stuck to six meals per day. I am pretty adept at reading nutritional labels and tweaking measures. I have had experience with South Beach and also the Allergy Elimination diet, so once I know and understand the rules, I am generally good to go.

    It could be that as my exercise level increases my appetite will too. Until then, I'll quit when I'm full.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I know the Smarticles are in TN but I do know that indeed, your body is doing some adjusting. The whole eating so often and not grabbing empty calories makes a diff in hunger levels. And indeed as you go along you will need to tweek the food, you will eat it all, and be WAITING for the next meal.