Day One! Anyone Else a Femal Endomorph?

  • I've decided to give this a shot, as I am already working in a gym 5+ times a week, and needed to do something to get results. I started with dcardio this am on eliptical, and am so psyched that i accomplished 20 min of intensity interval training! That's the longest I've ever done on eliptical! I excercise first thing in the morning!

    Ok, I have a pressing question, i am a Female 39 YO, with an Endomorph Somatotype. My Bday was Sunday 10/3, and BFL results is my present to myself! I want my excess weight off by 40.

    Unfortunately, If I eat it, I see it on my body, as endomorphs gain muscle and fat extremely easily.

    I'm concerned about the diet, as I've been low carb for a few weeks, and will have to eat carbs again to fuel my body according to Bill Phillips. So I had oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. and protein shake with whey, water, blueberries, and sweetener for snack, now I am really hungry! And my cravings for sweets picked up again!

    Would like to prevent this, but, how? Would also love a femal endomorphs success story.


  • Hi rahaper1,

    You can read my bio... I was on a lower carb diet in the past --- not a no carb diet, but low carb.  I lost a considerable amt (over 50 lbs) of weight in 2007-2008 by mostly doing tons of cardio and low calories (rotating anywhere between 1400-2200/day)... but I think the main reason I gained back weight was from my lack of weight training... and, for weight training you really need a certain amt of carbs.  You'll completely wear yourself out and feel weak all the time.  

    I finished Week 4 last Wed and doing pretty well.  I think I lost about 7 lbs so far.  I don't want to weigh myself this Wed because I indulged a little too much this weekend.  I've had a few too many free days/meals but feel I can stay on track fairly well this week!

    Eating 5-6 meals a day on Body for Life, I don't eat a carb with every single meal.  Usually have a carb with 4 of them... and that carb is about a 1/4 cup of rice or a couple ounces of yams and veggies of course.  I also eat yogurt and have some lower calorie crackers for snacks.  I eat oatmeal almost every morning but only 1/4 cup (dry weight) not a 1/2 cup.  

    It sounds like your metabolism is really speeding up and you just need to make sure you're eating the smaller meals every 2-3 hrs to keep on top of the hunger  

    As for the Endomorph question.  I think I am one.  :-) I'm 5'5" with longer limbs.  I gain fat mostly in my thighs/butt/hips, upper arms and then lastly in my stomach although it's there right now, believe me.  The end of my extermities are on the slender side.  I am overweight and would still like to lose 30 + lbs at least.    

    Good luck with your Challenge I think it will work for you!  And Happy Birthday to yoU!


    "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same."  ~Carlos Castaneda

  • Thanks Susan! I'm so excited to be on the 2nd week!

  • Hi, I just finished my first week and I'm not so sure about this.  I am an endomorph, that gained 50 lbs suddenly due to an illness 2 years ago, and have been struggling with it ever since.  My weight was going down all week and then i suddenly bounced back up again to my starting point-I am so confused! How are things going for you?  Any pointers being that you are now farther along in the program?

  • Hi Danseepantz! I'm sticking with it, and getting stronger by the week!

    I take it one minute at a time, or one lift at a time, and it works really well for me. I read that it takes women longer to see results, and i believe that's where I am. I'm in my fourth week, and have just started getting compliments.  I noticed some of my clothes are looser ... just some :-( but, i'll take it.

    I am leaner, although my weight loss is very slow b/c I am building muscle!! So I think it's just a matter of time. I am being patient with myself.

    I feel great! 6 days a week, lbwo, cardio, ubwo, cardio, lbwo, cardio is great! And on days that I want to skip, i just tell myself it's just 30 min for cardio (w/cool down), and just 45 min for lifting, so that helps!!

    Having a planned skip day is so great! If I wanted to skip another day, I'll have to make up on my planned skip, and that would carry over to the next week, and that is very inconvernient, and i would be sore for even longer than usual.

    I am going through a separation right now, but, am doing just fine. I think this workout is helping me!

    Take care and keep me posted! God Bless!