4 Weeks of BFL Meals for Fat Loss! (Men & Women)

  • Howdy BFL'ers! 

    I wanted to make sure I came here to share something I think can really help a lot of people who are either just embarking on a new challenge, or who still aren't sure if they're planning meals correctly.

    Since winning BFL over 2 years ago, I've had a lot of amazing opportunities to help people design meal plans that work for their goals. Most of my clients want to lose fat....don't we all?!  I still get tons of emails and questions from people who aren't my clients who need help with their meal planning, and so I thought it was high time I stepped up and offered to help in the best way I know how...by posting it on my blog so anyone can access it.

    I've created 4 Week Fat Loss Meal Plans for both Men & Women and have them posted on my website for anyone who'd like to use them! I'm really happy these are up, and I invite you to check them out. They are completely free and can be found here to download, print, share on your social media outlet if you find them helpful for others you might know.

    Here is the link for the MEN'S 4 WEEK FAT LOSS PLAN

    Here is the link for the WOMEN'S 4 WEEK FAT LOSS PLAN

    Please read the actual blog on these pages, as it might answer questions as well. I get a lot of emails from people asking about their personal goals, situations, etc. and I am hoping these meal plans can offer some insight into what has worked for me and for my clients over the past couple of years.

    Feel free to post comments or questions on the linked pages above in the comments section. I admittedly am not here on this site as often as I'd like, and I think others out there can learn from your questions as well if you have any. Thanks guys and best of luck to everyone out there doing a BFL Challenge. You can do it!!!




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  • That was so kind of you to share your knowledge with us.  I have been to your website before, and am a fan for sure.  I will go check out the meal plans!

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  • Great BDMom! These are actual meal plans I've used myself and with others and they work! Not rocket science...just BFL eating, but helps to see things on paper for most folks. Thanks for checking them out! :)


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  • I have to admit that I got lost in your site this morning.  You have updated a lot since I have last been on there.  I have been making protein pancakes, but will definately have to try your yamcakes; they look delicous!  I am in my 8th week, and still having 6 meals, although my last one is a little smaller and heavier on protein vs carbs.  I am taking 4-6 weeks off BFL workouts after I am done, and am going to do a high volume training routine for a month; I think I will use your eating plan while doing that.  Thanks again for all you do for us.

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  • So glad you found some new things to check out on there! I'm loving having it as a tool to spread around some health and fitness joy! ha ha!

    So exciting that it's your Week 8 right now. I remember when I did my challenge, and although I lost 9.4% body fat, more than 1/2 of that was lost during weeks 8-12. At week 10 I really started noticing huge changes. During the final two weeks of your challenge, those Carb Sense shakes would be a great last meal. Will get you that final push across the finish line to finish BIG! I like the packets, because then you can mix them with 1 cup ice, 1 cup water, and some extract like almond or peppermint, and it makes a nice big frosty shake...very filling and satisfying for a last meal...moreso than the RTD's in my opinion. I like the RTD's for on the go, but if I'm home I always make the shakes big and frosty.

    woo hoo! I'm excited for you!!! And YOU are welcome! I love helping anyone I can! Let me know how it goes for sure!


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  • I'm kinda liking this one on one attention (kidding...I hope many more people come read this thread soon).  You are a wealth of information for so many on here.

    Thanks for telling me about your success toward the end of your challenge.  I was having one of those days, feeling like things just aren't happening, so I really needed to hear that today.  I haven't looked into the carb sense shakes at all.  At night, I usually mix up some almond milk, cottage cheese, Jay Robb protein powder (very low carb) and some PB2, with some ice in my magic bullet, and it tastes like a peanut butter milkshake...love it.  I drink the EAS RTD's or EAS powder with water after my workouts always.  I may look into the carb sense and compare nutrition info.  Thanks for the heads up.

    Will you share with me how you handled your free days?  Mine have pretty much been a free-for-all, and I'm thinking I need to tighten the reigns now that I am getting closer to the end of my challenge.

    Thanks again for everything!!

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  • Thanks. Just a quick question, though . . . why no sixth meal?

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  • Emily, thanks so much for sharing all this great info with us! I started with BDMom (Hi, BDMom!) and I'm also in the middle of that magical Week 8 I've heard so much about. I can't wait to check out more on your site today since I plan to hit the supermarket this afternoon and I'm always open to new ideas in the kitchen. Thanks again!

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  • @BDMom- Yes, tighten up the free days for sure! I am a big believer in NOT going all out on free day if you can help it. I recommend approaching it with a little more restraint. Here are a couple options to keep in mind. Consider approaching it this way instead of a free for all...

    1) Have larger portions of authorized foods and a couple treats thrown in. Keep it pretty clean but allow yourself to splurge a teensy bit. So during my challenge and even now sometimes, this is what that looks like for me...

    Meal 1 (breakfast): 100% whole grain english muffin + 2 strips turkey bacon (nitrate/nitrite free) + 2 eggs + 2 Tbsp. low fat cheddar cheese

    ***still ok, but higher fats than I'd normally have and not quite as clean as my normal

    Meal 2 (lunch): Fresh Choice Salad Buffet- huge salad loaded with veggies of all colors + unlimited beans and legumes of all kinds + low fat balsamic/ranch dressing

    -bowl of soup (nothing with cream....things like vegetable barley, lentil, black bean, chicken tortilla, turkey chili, etc. + small amount of parmesan or cheddar cheese

    -slice of whole grain bread

    -low fat vanilla sundae with brownie, caramel & nuts (use a small soup bowl to portion doesn't get out of hand)


    12 in. roasted chicken *** sub on whole wheat w/mustard only (no cheese) loaded with veggies + diet coke + 2 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

    Meal 3(dinner)- Whole Foods Chicken Teriyaki Bowl (made with brown rice & white meat chicken) + samples of treats while in Whole Foods (still clean but the sauce on this meal makes it a free meal and it's definitely 2 portions)

    *Nothing comes home with me every on a free day either....that is the rule! Back to business the next day.

    I would say this is what I did for most of my challenge, but during the last two weeks, I don't think I was even this liberal. I kept it pretty clean the last two weeks, and I think I opted not to even take one if memory serves me correctly. It doesn't hurt to NOT take a free day every once in a while. You're body isn't going to go into starvation mode from going a full two weeks without one :)

    2) The other approach is to take a free meal or a 1/2 free day. I do this many times nowadays and when I want to tighten things up a bit. So for instance, on a Friday, many times I will get in my workout, have a super clean Meal 1-3 and then have free meals at Meals 4 & 5.  Typically I still keep it semi-clean.....no 1000+ calorie appetizers or dinner calorie bombs...and definitely NO FAST FOOD OR PIZZA EVER unless it's homemade pizza. I don't remember the last time I had fast food or pizza from a chain place....really can set you back quite a bit IMO.

    @saralynn- BFL can be done with 5 or 6 meals. Many past champions have used 5 as well as 6. I personally did 5 and still do 5 to this day. A few days if I've gotten a really early start, I've done 6, but rarely ever. I have found now with my clients that eating every 2-3 hours is a hard enough concept to grasp and execute for most people. Busy schedules, travel, and just erasing the notion that 3 squares a day is best is not always an easy task. The main focus should be one eating frequent balanced meals throughout the day to keep the blood glucose levels steady and provide a constant flow of good quality energy all day long. THAT is the key to revamping your metabolism, and using the approach of 5 meals per day will give you equivalent results of those using 6 IMO. It really is a personal preference how you'd like to break it down. If you're doing 6 now and are seeing the results you want to see, then keep doing it! If you feel like you're cramming in the last meal when you're not hungry or that it's causing your timing to be off, then 5 meals might be a better option...just depends on what's working for you. I use 5 and it's what works for me and most of my clients experience greater success with 5. Again, a personal choice, so do what works for you.

    @WBAB- Great! Lots of exciting changes to come in these last 4 weeks! Check out the Good Eats Guide on my site too if you can. I think that some of the brands people use make a big difference, and not all tortillas or other foods are created equal! Keep me posted on how things go. I'm looking forward to hearing about you and BDMom's final results!

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  • Wow, thanks for taking the time to type all that out.  I am going to follow those guidelines for the next few weeks, and then not take a free day the last 1 or 2 weeks.  I always feel like I need to feed my sweet tooth something on Sunday.  It used to set me up for wanting more, but I think being strict during the week allows me to enjoy in moderation on Sunday.  I will keep the 6th meal in for now, since I feel like I need it.  I am up at 4:30 am. everyday, and don't get to bed until 9:30-10:00...

    Have a great day!!!!

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  • Thanks so much for sending those meals!  I am really excited to try those yamcakes!  They sound delicious.  All this info. has been great to read.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share.  I am about to finish my 9th week of my first Challenge.  This post has definately motivated me even more to finish strong.


  • Thank you Emily for all of this information!  Thank you also to BDMom for showing up the way here!  It is really appreciated!  

  • Emily,

    Thank you for the meal ideas and including a section for men.  It is greatly appreciated!


  • Em ~ great site with lots of info.  I am especially excited to incorporate the meal plan for the next 4 weeks, and its perfect timing as this is the end of my first 4 weeks.  I will need to tweak it a little since I cannot eat most milk products (especially cottage cheese) and have a shellfish and fish allergy, but i'm sure I can just use another lean protein from the list.  

    Thanks so much for posting this, its always easier to just have a meal plan laid out for you.  btw - I love the la tortilla wraps too, they are very filling!!

    Thanks again!!

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  • Thanks, Emily!  Can't wait to try your Souper Easy Lentils recipe!


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