Questions - 1st day 4 October

  • Hi All

    I just need some advice about the food side of things. I'm pretty comfortable about the workouts but just wanted some help around the food.

    I've read the book and have been reading alot of the blogs and have got some really good info from it but the thing I'm a little confused about is the portion size of things.

    For example, I've read that for carbs you use your fist for a portion and others say that to work out your carbs you divide your body weight by your 6 meals and you get the amount of carbs/protein you should eat for each meal. So which do you use if in reality the fist protion and the body weight potion are different.

    For example, for breakfast I usally have rolled oats (I think it's called oatmeal in the US).  If I was to have a fist size portion of this it would put me way over my carb allowance for that meal if I used the weight formula and I've also read that if you don't see any progress by the end of the 12 weeks it's either because you didn't workout with enough intensity or you have eaten more than you should have - I just don't to find myself in that situation.

    Anyway any advice in relation to this would be really appreciated.



  • Hi Anthony

    I would use the fist method as it says in the bookhoever to explain what others have been getting at regarding diving your weight by 6 let me explain


    For fatloss the advised calorie recommendations is bodyweight in lbs x10 so for example a 200lb man would eat 200x10=2000 cals further to this the bodyforlife program is a 40/40/20 split between protein/carbs/fats so of that 2000 calories 40% would be protein,40% would be carbs and 20% would be fat

    40% of 2000 calories is 800,and since there are 4 calories  per 1g of protein,800/4=200g of both protein and carbs


    However this forumal is flawed for very overweight people a 300lb man at over 50% bodyfat would end up overeating


    The portion method is much simplier,regarding the oatmeal serving  this should be measured after cooking it

  • Thanks 6pack - makes sense - I'm just a bit conscious about eating too much I guess

  • Anthony, It seems you have the answers already, but may I suggest you go to and on the home page and click on nutrition...then scroll down to tools....You will see Nutrition Calculators Article....Pick your needs such as ----How many carbs do I need? or How much protein should I consume?  This site is free and I believe it to be one of the most informative sites on the Internet...You can also look up BFL and how it works and principles behind it...You can also make up your own work out logs using the BFL exercises.....It is a great tool we all can use...John

  • Great advice 6pack......John

  • Thanks for the advice John

    I'm still feeling my way through - on day 3 of my first ever cycle so getting there slowly.

    I really appreciate all the help from everyone.



  • Biz - I find it difficult to gauge how much to eat too, but usually my rule of thumb is that I should start feeling hungry every two and a half to three hours throughout the day.  Also, I think it is important that the portions be about the size of your palm, not your fist.  The size of my fist is a heck of a lot larger than the size of my palm, so that was kind of confusing when I read it in the book.  Here is an example of what I eat on a  daily basis

    Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal mixed with 2/3's of a cup of milk.  I mix some raspberries with it too.  I then have a whey protein shake mixed with just water.  I know whey protein shake with just water is not the best tasting, but it's quick and easy.

    In between breakfast and lunch:  Piece of fruit (orange or apple) and lowfat cottage cheese (about a  cup).

    Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on a whole wheat Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onions, and mustard on it.  Sometimes I eat a few celery sticks with that to get enough veggies for the day.

    In between Lunch and Dinner:  Piece of fruit (orange or apple) with a protein shake (mixed with water).

    Dinner:  Chicken *** with 2 red potatoes and broccoli.  

    * Sometimes I have a protein shake at night.  Honestly, I have a hard time fitting six meals into one day.

  • Thanks for the info Focus

    You're right about the protein with water doesn't taste the best.

    I'm still trying to get the right amount of food - like you said to feel hungry every 2-3 hours.

    Also trying to get variety with my meals that fit the BFL program.

    In my 2nd week now so trying to focus more on everything.

    Thanks again