unsure of whats going on

  • Good morning

    Hope everyone is well. I just started a few days ago. I am coming off the rice diet. I can not belive i gained 8 pounds in 3 days of this plan. my meal plan when like this


    1 light yougurt

    half a cup cottage cheese


    lean cusine chicken greenbeans


    chicken *** with bbq sause (just a little)

    fresh greenbeans and a slice of garlic bread

    so i missed the snacks cuz work was busy and i wasnt hungry anyway. 8 pounds really!!! I dont get it. Im not givin up though. I will give it a few more days i hope I dont gain anymore weigh though. have a great day :)


  • I dont think its a real 8 pounds.. possibly water retention. If your muscles arnt used to the intense exercise they can retain water during repair.

    Anyhow... your diet seems to be off. Not from a calorie standpoint. I would strongly advise looking at the authorized foods list and sticking to it. To include eating 6 times a day. Also... do hang in there it works and it works for life.  

    Do the program right and give it more then a few days. You will get results. I only loose 2 pounds a week. But add that up over several weeks and it becomes significant weight loss.

    Food list:


  • Honey Bee,

    Congratulations on starting!!! You are on your way to a new and better you!!! Gaining some weight is quite normal in the begining. Your body and metabolism need to adjust to the new way of eating. I would suggest you stay away from the scale for awhile. It is a very poor indicator of success. BFL is a 12 week journey and a new lifestyle that will transform you inside and out. It is a trap to jump on the scal every day. If you search this topic on the forum there are some great posts about this.

    Do you have the BFL book? I highly recommend it. It is important to follow the BFL plan as written for all 12 weeks in order to get the amazing BFL results. As for food...I would encourage you to view the times you eat as meals. There are no snacks in BFL. Eating 6 properly portioned, balanced meals 2.5-3 hours apart and combined with weight lifting and HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) and a positive mind set, is essential to BFL.

    Each of the 6 meals has a portion of carbs the size of your clenched fist and a portion of protein the size of the palm of your hand. At least two meals need lots of veggies. As well you need to drink minimum 8-10 8oz glasses of water. The authorized food list is on this site. Here is a link:


    Just pick a protien and a carb, add veggies and you have a meal.

    Visit the forum often and ask any question you have. There are many great people here and lots of support and encouragement.

    You have the strength to transform your life!!!!


  • Honey Bee,

    This is not a lose weight quick diet, so I'm afraid if  you are going to judge things on a couple days you are going to be disappointed. It takes more than a couple days or months or even years to put on excess weight and it takes time to get it off as well.

    BFL is about making lifestyle changes and pursuing a fitness and health goal through proper nutrition and exercise.  The best suggestions I can give is read the BFL book by Bill Phillips, absorb what he is saying and follow the program. Second to that, toss the scale in the closet and don't look at it again for at least a month. More if you live and die by what that scale tells you.

    BFL is not about weight loss. It is about shedding fat, building lean muscle  and being healthier.

    I notice you listed your food, but how were your workouts?