Oct 4th...the beginning of the rest of my life...you coming?

  • So Natalie, What happened today...I have to say I Suck...I did not go to the gym and I only had 5 out of the 6 meals.....I will try again tomorrow morning and Like I said before I will tell you how it went....

    Be good, take care and do better than I am doing right now....I'll catch up!!!!!

  • All the best to you as you begin your challenge. Be encouraged that even those of us over 50 can still look great. Although I'm not doing a challenge currenty I am leaving for a "beach vacation" to Cancun in a couple months so I will in the gym faithfully and eating clean right along wilth you.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Willnunes,

    Yesterday went great! I got all six of my meals in and started the challenge with cardio.  My husband is doing this with me, which is a huge help.  We ran last night and even though our 6 and 10 are so different it is so fun and exciting to workout together.  I saw him in a whole new light last night.  

    We are going to try to do our aerobics in the morning from here on out but I really do not see the weight lifting being an option in the morning.  Any of you seasoned BFLers have any insight or input on this?

    Today has been great and I feel my body cleaning up from all the clean eating.  I am looking forward to my strength training even though it will have to be by myself tonight.  Hubby is working late and I have a specialty training I am doing for a beauty school.  

    Let me know how ya'll are doing!! How did today go? What was positive and what was a struggle! Can't wait to hear from you soon!


  • Hi  I started the same date!  I am up for mutual support.  Can't wait to look Great! I did this years ago and had fab results.  I've gotten soft and lost shape...it happens. I moved countries starting over etc.  Lots of stress did it.  

    I was just wondering  are you using a fat burner?  What vitamins are you taking?

    Keep Pumping:)

  • Las,

    I just picked up a multivitamin last night.  I was gonna get centrum but then I saw some gummie multivitamin for adults and could not resist.  I hate swallowing horse pills plus the taste of vitamins could definitely make me gag so I was excited about my pick.  They trick my mouth into thinking that it is getting a sweet treat. :-)

    I do not use a fat burner but it does not mean that they can't be used.  I just have not thought of using one because this is a lifestyle change and something that my husband and I want to be able to keep up with forever so we are doing things that we will never have to change whether we are on a challenge or not.

    Hope that helps! So excited to hear all about what you are doing and how it is going for you! Welcome to the forum!


  • Good morning to my body for life friends! Welcome to a new and beautiful day!

    Hope you all had a good day yesterday! I did UPWO and my arms are killing me this morning. Surprisingly my legs hurt more this morning then yesterday from my Monday run.  

    My husband and I will be doing our cardio tonight.  We are trying to work on doing it in the morning but are still figuring it out since we are doing this journey together and he has to leave the house at 5.  ANy suggestions?  I am not sure that I will stick with it if I have to get up at 4 am to exercise and fix his lunch while he showers and gets out the door.  We will try it one day but I might have to do night workouts.  Anybody have any experience with this and how it affected your challenge?

    Can't wait to hear from you all!


  • Morning All!

      Was just wondering how things have been going for all of you?  Well today starts day 5 and my scale says Ive lost 4 pounds, but I find that very difficult to believe. i have suck to the eating clean 100% but that seems like a lot of weight loss in only 5 days.  Regardless, I love this program, except it seems I spend a lot of time in the bathroom :-) if you get my drift.  The best part of theprogram is meeting all the wonderful people here on this site and I thank you for your support and encouragement.  Diane and John, my tranining partners are doing well and are also a great motivation, they dont let me cheat.  Wish the best for all of you and thanks for all your help.    

  • Hey everyone-

    I really struggled with the eating yesterday.  I ate more than I should have, but I will say that it was all healthy.  I have not been eating the candy and junk that I would normally been reaching for but eating healthy fruits and whole grains.  I had lost 1.5 lbs on Wednesday but I haven't weighed lately.  I am sure it was mostly water weight but it still feels nice to not be so bloated and drained by "garbage in"... Looking forward to new opportunities today to make the right decision.



  • hi there Newlywed,

    i've started this BFL challenge on 28/09. So well in my 2nd week and i'll have to say i've seen many improvements. At first, like many people,I  was a little sceptical about the whole 6 pack  in 12 weeks program, but i have to say i'm more than convinced now that this is the real deal. i've lost 6 lbs and gained muscle already. In body for life book there was a story of one of  the males saying he noticed changes in first two weeks and i have to say i agree with him.

    Make sure you're eating plenty and regulary. I never was a big eater but 3 unhealthy meals and no exercise made sure I was 13 st (180lbs). Now I'm eating alot more in 6 small meals and i have to say I feel great and have loads of energy to burn. Can't wait to get to my 12 weeks under my belt,can only imagine how i'll feel then.

    First week is always the toughest (with muscle aches)but does get alot easier. My wife starts BFL challenge today, since she's seen the diff in me.

    good luck.

    riaz and yasmin

  • Pops- I totally get your drift about spending tons of time in the bathroom. Yikes! I think our bodies are cleaning themselves out.  I guess when I began my BFL I also hired a maid service for my body!

    Ramona- That is awesome that you "feel" better.  Pay more attention to how you feel and your clothes fit then to the scale and you will find more succes!

    Riaz and Yasmin- Welcome!!  So glad to have you! My husband and I are doing this together and it is such a bonding and fun experience.  I want to raise a healthy and happy family, though we have not started ours yet, I know this will be a good place to start.

    Can't wait to hear from you all! Thank you for all your honesty and openness. I am looking forward to running with hubby tonight!

    Have a great successful weekend and enjoy your "free" days!


  • I started on the 5th! I'm with you guys too! NO TURNING BACK!

  • Welcome raharper1!!! Have not heard from people in a bit...miss you all! How is it going? Any difficultys? What about your successes and triumphs? I am loving this program and have already started getting compliments! Best decision of my life!

  • Thanks! I'm sticking with it, in my 3rd week of BFL 'thinking'. Although, I am a work in progress, because I have not had a 'BFL' week yet with both diet and exercise successfully.

    I'm still at it though, and look forward to getting my excercise every day. I am concerned about the amount of muscle I am packing on. I'm obese, and my muscle is pushing my fat out further.

    I feel really bulky, and my clothes feel tighter, but, I understand that my body has to transform, so the hardest part is being patient with myself to get to a successful result. That and ignoring all the 'advice' from other gym members who are killing themselves while I rest one minute between reps!! LOL!

    I haven't tried fat burners yet, so I am putting in an order to Abbott today to get the CLA supplements to see if that helps.

    Thanks for sticking with me! I feel so strong, and capable! Just waiting for all this fat to melt off! Thanks!

  • I think all of us must be so busy adding in the workouts and the shoppping and cooking that we are spending less time on line.  I know that is the case with me.  I also love this program!  I love eating smaller meals throughout the day and more often.  This has controlled any cravings.  Having one Myoplex Lite (double fudge) a day makes me feel like I am having dessert every day.   I love those ready  made shakes.  Also, by allowing one free day a week makes this such a great program and I never feel deprived.  This program is so adaptable into everyday life that it is really starting to become a habit already.  It did take a couple of weeks to get the whole program down but now it is really pretty simple.  I have lost 5 pounds already and haven't missed a workout.  I  now make my workouts and food prep a priority and I'm glad I do.  Just had Chicken Pomodoro last night and I loved it!  I love the Eating for Life recipes.  My 7 year-old son now knows about eating enough protein with his meals as well!  They are like little sponges.

    What are some of your favorite food combinations?


  • Hello bfl friends,

    How's everyone coping?getting easier?I'm midway in my 4th week.not missed single meal or workout.seeing big difference in toning and muscle building. Weight loss is slow last couple of weeks-lost only 3 lbs. Total loss 9 lbs in 31/2 weeks so not bad. There's bigger difference in the way my clothes now fit me ( or shall I say too big for me now) much more than the scales are stating. I've also noticed fat loss is increasing every week. I've read also post workout nutrition Increases muscle gain and have started using some( for info google hussman fitness-explains many things). Yasmin is doing better than me. As she is in her 3rd week and loss 7 lbs,and she's toning up very well. Feel so guilty sometimes on dayoff. So started having 2 healthy meals in there also, or having 1/2 burger and chips instead of full- makes me feel a little better. Chat to you guys soon. Riaz and Yasmin