Starting this coming week!!! Does anyone wants to join me and go through this with me and get into our best bodies together.

  • So today is sunday night  September 26th and I had one of those life changing moments. At least, a body changing for sure....

    I vouch to myself and to the community at BFL that I will start and finish the 12 weeks. Anyone wants to join me so that we can exchange ideas and cheer each other up, and kick each other's butt?

    Let's do it...


    Someone Help!!!!!!

  • I'm in with you WillNunes!

    I have done BFL once before (about 2 years ago) and I had good results.  But life changes and some big stresses brought back some of my terrible habits.

    I'm ready to start again.  I actually started the new 12 weeks on Sept 13th, but with a move to a new city and a new job (I know, excuses excuses) my 1st two weeks on the challenge have been anything but perfect.  I'm done with that.  I'm ready to start afresh.  I have decided to take the leap of faith and join this Body for Life community (till now I've been too embarrassed to share my story) and hopefully with the help of others I can make it through the rest of these 10 weeks respecting myself and my goals and following through with a plan!

    In other words, I'll share in this challenge with you!  Here's to a new way of living and a new perspective on life!

  • Hajami...Let's do it!!!!

    Now that I got your support I will start monday the 5th then.....I will re-read the book between today and tomorrow and we'll keeping sharing notes and our progress....Good luck than on your efforts.....

  • Good Luck tomorrow WillNunes!!!

  • Hey Will.. I am starting week 2 on monday...  is that too far along to join in with you?

  • CG...come along let's do this thing...just finished shoopoing this afternoon and I'm hitting the gym tomorrow at 5:30. I'll keep you posted on the progress...Thanks for the help...


    My first day was horrible, It;s raining and I feel crazy lazy...I did okay on the eating part, even though I only had 4 out of the 6 meals, I guess  I can catch another one before down time. But I did not go to the gym....I suck....I'll do it tomorrow...early....I'll tell you guys how it went...

  • I've been horrible this week as well... I did manage to get to the gym Mon and Tues and got some great workouts in.  I haven't followed the eating plan very well and cheated a little bit Tues night.  Getting back after it this morning though. NO MORE sucking.    lol.   Just keep after it Will, the first few weeks are definitely the hardest just learning to get in the swing of things.  We are changing bad habits that took years to build, we can't do it in an afternoon, it will take a little hard work and persistence.