Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

  • Bought a scale last night - also measures body fat %.  Weighed in at 240 this am.  26% body fat.  That's about 60 lbs of body fat.  My goal for this challenge is to get under 20% body fat.  That means I need to lose 15 lbs or get under 225.

    Missed my HIIT last night because I had to go to meet the teacher night at school.  Having dinner with a relative tonight so that's out too.  Looks like I am gong to miss a day this week.  

    GADawg - I'm not a morning person either.  I can't get into the am workouts.  Sticking with the after work routine for me.  Actually look forward to it all day.

  • Kahoona,

    Your goals sound great! Congrats on your success this far!

    My goal is to never miss a workout... for 12 weeks, to just do it and to trust the program. I've hit all my workouts thus far.

    I would love to have specific weekly goals as far as weight loss, but for some reason it doesn't really kick in for about 5 weeks for me.

    I will measure and post progress at 4 weeks.! woohoo! Keep it up folks!

  • I'm planning to do measurements again on the 25th of October... anyone else want to set that day and post progress??? I'm waiting the full 4 weeks from when I first took them.





    Just below breasts for women:


    two inches below belly button




    Did UBWO this a.m. and went to put my hair in a ponytail for tennis... and my arms were shaking. I almost couldn't do it! yay! I was worried about tennis, but it was fine... just a one hour lesson with a client. Tonight I play competitive doubles, so we'll see how I hold up. Hamstrings still tight and sore after the deadlifts on Monday... it feels GREAT! Still probably not eating enough. okay, not probably, I am not getting all the food in properly. Shoveling a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese in for snacks. Not cheating and eating food not on the program, just not getting it all in. Not missing workouts though. I'm half good.

  • Looney, October 25 it is, although I am not measuring as many things as you.  My goal is to lose weight and drop body fat below 20% so that is what I will measure.  Once I get my body fat down, I will work on putting on some more muscle (and increase my calories).

    Still off the wieight lifting this week, but plan to start back up next week.  Going to hit the cardio tonight with 20 min on the stairmaster.  That really kicks my rear!  Painful, but no pain no gain!

    Looking forward to getting back in the gym on Monday.  Hope my headaches stay away.

  • Kahoona, Glad the headaches are away for now... keeping fingers crossed that they don't return for you. I threw a tape measure around my waist today just for grins... not the real measure day and was shocked to see a few inches already gone! Did I measure wrong the first time? NOW i can't wait for measure day! We're on day 11 now! Keep it up!!

  • Kahoona,

    Just wanted to let you know, I am about two weeks ahead of you. During week two and three I had major headaches and they were totally gone by the start of week four. Hope they are gone for good for you too!

  • So yesterday was horrible and I'm going to have to make it my free day.  Today wasn't that great either given that I didn't get lunch until 4pm today but at least I will get a workout in tonight.  Work has been ridiculous.

    I'll get a lower body workout in tonight and do the HIIT run and upperbody workout in the morning.  I'm going out of town for the weekend but will be able to do cardio while I'm away.  I'll just have to really watch what I eat.  Won't be easy.

    I want to stick to this for 12 weeks but I'm frustrated because it's only week 2 and I'm already screwing things up.

    Just needed to vent.  I'll be fine and will keep going.

  • Bay did you get your headaches from lifting?  Mine is strictly work out related.  Something to do with

    blood pressure and constricting blood flow to the brain.  A little scary which is why I am taking a week and 1/2 off from lifting.  Looking forward to getting back into it on Monday.  Really hope the headaches are behind me.  

    Had a great cardio workout on the stairmaster.  Did intervals for 20 min and it really takes everereything out of me.  I am hoping that it I can get used to it.  

  • So....I am a little ahead of you guys, I am on day 39 today and am wondering if people get the 6 week blues because they have been working sooooo hard and nobody outside their immediate family has noticed ANY changes?

    I still have as much drive as I had in the beginning so won't stop long enough to get the blues but....

    It would be damb nice if I saw someone I know and the first thing they said was, "Oh my god, look at you, what have you been doing you look fantastic."

    After all I can now fit in a size smaller pair of pants.

    Not that I am doing this for the sake of other people and their opinions but it would kick things along a bit and give a little boost!


  • Cares don't worry.  Soon enough you will hear it from everyone you see.  Just keep on plugging.  

  • Last time I did this, I wanted to quit a thousand times because it took so long for others to see my results. But when they started to notice, wow.... they reallly noticed. Hang in there Cares. Seriously, I don't expect anyone to notice until week 6-7 or so. Personally, I wish I'D start to notice... I think this is day 14 for most of us! 1/6 of the way there?? It feels like I've been doing this forever! I need to get all my meals in today.

  • Start of week 7 tomorrow...I started on a wednesday after a spur of the moment decision the day before. So anyway I have decided not to even go anywhere near a set of scales until at least week 10 as I think scales are compulsive liars and I will judge by my very honest, trustworthy clothes instead ;-)

    Changed around my routine exercises at the gym today after consulting with my PT so will be pretty sore tomorrow I think...starting to feel like there is a LOT of muscle building under my layers of fat, running is becoming a fair bit easier DH even commented that I look at ease running now.

    I find it amazing how I am never lifting anywhere near my maximum doing this program and yet my maximum has increased through training this way and using good technique.

    I was able to do 6 squats at 60kg (132 Lbs) and could have easily done more reps or probably increased the weight to at least 70kg (154 Lbs)...I only tried it cause DH was doing them and I said hey give me a go at 60kg and see if I can do it.

    Shoulders are definitely getting bigger and more square....hmmmm always shows in my shoulders first.

    Feeling good but still wishing the fat would melt away overnight ;-)

  • Made it to the gym yesterday for UBWO.  Pushed myself pretty hard but never had a headache.  Looks like I am back on track!  

    Made a trip to Sams Club over the weekend and picked up protien bars and whey protien shake mix.  Started making a shake in the am with breakfast and at night post workout.  I read some where that we should get between .8 and 1 gram of protien / lb of body weight (target weight).  That puts me near 200 grams of protien / day!  Even eating protien every meal I was closer to only 100 grams, so I am supplementing the remainder with bars and shakes.  Using an app called to keep track of everthing.  It has been really useful.  

    I saw one of the ladies on this site had an awsome before / after transformation and around 9 empty containters of whey protien that her kids were using for bowling pins.  I figure if it worked for her, why not me?

  • Hi everyone, I also started the challenge on Sep 27th, it was going great but I had a rough weekend (boyfriend dumped me AND failed a uni exam!) I took my free day last Friday and it's continued until today.  I came to the website tonight for two reasons: the first is I wanted a little motivation and love for hitting the gym tomorrow(I AM GOING!) and the second was to share a "lightbulb" moment I had today which shocked me. I'm a total comfort eater! big surprise right? that an overweight woman would have a connection between emotions and food? Ha! I just never had this awareness of myself before, I had always thought of myself as a rather healthy eather...but apparently not. Anyway after the 5th round of sleeping most of the day and eating most of the nightI figure it's time to get back into the challenge - enough self indulgence - back to the gym and clean eating tomorrow - wish me luck!

  • TBlenk, Hang in there. You had a rough weekend... mark it up to a rough weekend. Extend your challenge for two days if that makes you feel better. Emotional eating... ahhhh yes, me too. I eat when I am happy! I eat when I'm depressed. I eat when I'm bored, angry or sometimes just sick and tired. :-)