Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

  • Is wine off limits?  A bottle of wine or a few cocktails are part of my routine. I don't want to feel guilty for living life while getting fit.  How important Is it to abstain from alcohol?  

  • Brianne--the champagne glasses are a great idea!  

    Kahoona--when I did BFL about 9 years ago my friend and I would allow ourselves a glass of red wine a couple of times a week at dinner and on free day drink whatever we wanted--usually beer.  I think the book  says a glass of red wine with dinner is OK.  I tend to go out with friends during the week but really trying to cut back and indulge on free day.   I think the alcohol is the main reason why I've gained so much weight.  Red wine is my downfall.

    I had too much wine last week and didn't have a great first week but did get in my workouts.  On to week 2.

  • Thanks GAdawg.  I think Saturday is going to be my free day and Sundays Cardio.  Upped my stairmaster to level 5.  I think I hit 10 today.  Going to have to take tomorrow off and hold off on the weight lifting for the week.  Still getting headaches during strenuous activity (even my favorite kind if you know what I mean ...). Really sucks.  Guess I get a free pass on M,W,F.  

  • Reading a book by Tom Venuto called The Body Fat Solution.  Downloaded it on my iPad for $10.  So far it is a good read and I think it is consistent with the BFL program (Tom is a body builder).  Good motivational and informative - at least based on what I have read so far.  Trying to get my head around the BFL eating plan and 6 meals per day

  • Going to head to the gym tonight even though yesterday was cardio and need to skip my UBWO.  Going to run a few miles on the treadmill and then hit the pool.  Will stick to low intensitity cardio and save the HIIT for Sun, Tues, and Thurs.  I hope to see some movement on the weight - last time I checked was Wednesday.  I am hoping all this cardio and 6 meals a day eating plan starts to pay off.  Wish me luck!

  • Visited a lifelong friend this weekend who's got less than a year and who has ALS. (Lou Goehrig's disease). . . brutal. She's 47 with a 10 year old kid. Tough, stressful and painful weekend. Took a little bit more than a day off, but didn't do too bad. Still did Cardio Saturday morning. A good reminder that even though I'm chunky, I'm still healthy and am not trapped in my body... saying a very slow goodbye (like she is to her son and husband..) Please whatever your religion, think of Lisa for me.

    LBWO at lunch today. Kids's birthday todnight at Japanese restaurant...gonna be tough to be good, but will perservere.

    Wasn't going to get on the scale until 4 weeks had passed. But got on anyway and had lost about 3 i the first week. Not too bad. I feel great though. Legs already looking more toned.

    Be a blessing today.

  • Looney, I am so sorry to hear about your friend :( My grampa died of ALS, and it was incredibly sad. Sending positive energy to your friend...

  • Looney sorry about your friend.  Sounds like you had a tough weekend.

  • Thanks for the support... both on the program and otherwise.

    The good news is, that every day we're getting stronger and fitter!

  • Looney, will definitely remember Lisa in my prayers.

    I didn't run yesterday but ate well.  I ran this morning and did upper body workout this evening.  I don't think I ate enough today but at least what I did eat was healthy.

    Just trying to take this one day at a time and not think in terms of 12 weeks.

  • So, yesterday I let myself have a couple pieces of pizza, the frozen store bought, not one of the greasy deliveries. It was my free meal, as opposed to a free day. Then today started off ok, till my cousin came and took me and my daughter to Popeyes! ACK!!! I had a thigh and it was soooo yummy, but I haven't had anything greasy like that since we started the BFL, and it made my tummy feel yucky! Whether it was mental or physical, I'll take it as a message to not eat that crap! After Emmy's nap, I decided to go on a long power walk. There's a trail here that's all up and down hill. Whenever it goes up I try to go even faster, to rev up my heart. I still have to work on the downhill too cuz I have a 28lb lil girl in a big 25lb jogging stroller, and have to not let it get away or drag me down :) I get that extra work pushin it uphill as well, obviously. I haven't really been able to get into the weight lifting due to a very bad back lately, so I'm trying to do more cario. I am hoping once the weight starts coming off that my back will ease up on me. I had a lumbar fusion back in '03, and it's been giving me heck the last few months. I'm hoping it's just cuz I got fat. It's one of the reasons I'm doing the challange. Not being able to really pick up my baby girl too often is SO sad! :(

  • Ok here is some thing that I just learned from the book I am reading (and also read in the BFL book).  Somewhere we shoiuld write down the top 5 reasons we are doiqng BFL.  I did this about a year ago and still refer to it.  Second we need to write down our specific measurable goals for the year and for the 12 weeks.  Since I started in January, this next 12 weeks is also approaching my one hear mark.  So far I have lost 30 lbs and increased my strength ~70%.

    For the next 11 weeks my goal is to lose as least 17 lbs getting me to 225 or less.  My goal each week is to lose at least 1 -2 lbs per week.  Only looking to maintain my current strength.  Goal to run 5 miles on the treadmill in 1 hour.

    Do you have goals?  Any one up for a weekly weigh loss challenge?

  • I keep forgetting to eat something in my in between meals at 10:30 and 3:00.  I keep feeling like I am force feeding myself.  Seems counter intuitive.  Trying to make sure I don't eat more, just mroe often.  Yesterday I ate half my sandwich at 12:00 and the other half at 3:30.  Seems better than eating the whole sandwich at noon and eating again at 3.  Especially since I am trying to lose weight.

  • Did you all know there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat?  So to lose 2 lbs / week you need a deficit of 1000 calories / day.  I just started tracking my meals / calories on

    Going below 1000 calorie deficit is apparently no good - slow metabolism, burn lean muscle mass, etc. 2 lbs / week is about the max we should shoot for.

  • I need to get more meals in too.  Work is just so busy right now that I'm finding it hard.  Guess I need to go to the grocer store and get some fruit and veggies.  I also need to hard boil some eggs so I'll have a source of protein in the afternoon.

    I did the run this morning.  It is so hard to get up and workout in the mornings (at least for me because I'm not a morning person) but I'm alwasy so glad to get it out of the way.