Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

  • Kahoona- Couldn't afford it even if I wanted it, LOL!

    GADawg- I was looking up glycemic index stuff and read that wine has a GI of zero, if that help any. And the common notion that all alcohol breaks down to sugar is a myth...though I am not sure of calories.

  • Kahoona- Thanks for the other site :) Guess I went to the wrong part of the original address.

  • hey guys! so my internet explorer is giving me an error message so i havent been on in a few days. i have to get that fixed...

    i love the way i'm feeling already. i had taken about 2 weeks off of my regular exercise program and had been eating pretty crappy. due to that, i had gained back 7 lbs!! i knew it was mostly water because of how quick i packed it on and i was bloated, but it was still depressing. IT'S ALL GONE! crazy how just a few days of being completely healthy and drinking water does that. anyway, i'm down about 3/4 of a lb from where i was so i'm going to assume that's my actual fat loss.

    brianne, i really dont wanna put these #s in print either. i feel like i must for here is the ugly truth..i even gave in and bought a pair of jeans cause i realized i was lying to myself and those maternity jeans weren't as cute as i thought, lol. so i got that # now too :-(

    started monday at 186.6 now 179

    size 15 jeans (b4 i was preggo i was a 9)

    first goal back to pre preggo weight of 155...then back to pre knee surgery weight of 145...then normal skinny weight for me of 132......then last time i did body for life weight of 123

    yes, i know i have alot of work ahead of me.....  :-)

    kahoona: let us know right away if the eating carbs help w/ the headache. are you still taking the 2 week break?

    brianne: i thought i was fat in high school too....silly us.

    are you guys eating whole foods all the time or using meal replacements?

  • i forgot to say that i'm going for a hida scan to ck the function of my gallbladder this am. BUT i havent had any problems since i started this program!! when i took my 2-3 wks off eating healthy i was starting to have pain every single was terrible. it all started about 3 wks after having my baby and was orginally suspected to be an ulcer.

    i am praying i do not have to have it removed. hopefully, this healthy clean diet will be enough! i've really only had SERIOUS pain after eating high fat, really spicy, or just overeating.

    my metabolism has def picked way up. i dont know how i'm gonna make it to 10 am w/o eating but i cant eat before this test.

    have a great day!!!!

  • Hi Ambri - congrats on the loss.  I don't think the headaches have anything to do with the carbs.  My diet hasn't really changed much in the past ) 6 months.  It has something to do with increased blood flow to my head.  I don't think I have any choice but to take 2 weeks off - although I am hoping I can continue with HIIT cardio.  

    Has everyone taken their before / week 1 pictures?  I think I am going to do that today for the first time.  I have seen a lot of change Over the past year and it is encouraging to look. Ack at old photos and see how big a difference there has been.  Still a way to go, but I expect to see significant progress my January.  

  • Ambri-I started having problems with my gallbladder 5 weeks after having my baby girl. Woke up one morning after falling asleep nursing to the most ungodly pain ever! I could hardly breath it hurt so bad. I ended up writhing in bed and my hubby called the ambulance. The first hospital said it was gastritis. That week I lost 10 lbs because I couldn't eat ANYTHING! Not even crackers! I ended up being sent to another emergency room, had the hida scan, and it was my gallbladder. I had it removed later that day. The surgery and healing is easy, doesn't take long at all. It wasn't till after it was removed that I packed on the pounds :( In fact, after having my baby, I weighed less than before I had her! That was neat, but short lived. Oh well.

    So, it's probably just water weight ( though I'd like to think not), but I am down 2 pounds in 4 days.I know it's only 2 pounds, but hey! It's 2lbs closer to my goal :) My husband says I should throw the scale away and wait to weigh myself when my clothes are falling off me, but I like seeing the little bit of progress, encourages me. What do you guys think? Should I put the scale away?

  • Doing better today and eating clean.  Someone asked about meal replacement in an earlier post.  I am drinking a protein shake for breakfast most days.  Otherwise, I'll have eggs and toast.  

    LBWO tonight then run on Saturday and Sunday.  Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Hi guys!

    My UBWO was quite disjointed this a.m. trying to get kids off to school and get to work early. I did get it all in, but not all at once... though I hit my high points anyway! Eating is proving difficult, have missed a few snacks, but am conscious of it and am trying to get them all in. I've gone through a tub of cottage cheese this week though. . . :-)

    I am also using protein powder shakes with skim milk. And I use a Advocare product called spark that has a lot of B vitamins, some caffeine and lots of amino acids.

    Everyone's admitting where they are... so (gulp) here goes.

    203 start

    37% body fat

    Goal 160

    20% body fat

    Ulitmate goal

    150 body fat in the teens...... this is pie in the sky, but I'm putting it out there anyways.

    I'm so thankful to have a group to talk to! keep up the good work and the chatter. It keeps me focused!

  • Looney, my protein shake is by Advocare and I use spark too.  Can't live without spark.

  • Kahoona,

    Glad you're not taking any chances with your head aches. That's smart. I sort of took pictures... with my iPhone in a mirror... I can't bear to ask anyone to take them, not even my hubby. I'm so absolutely ashamed of it. So, I've got some "not good" photos hidden away on my computer... maybe as I move into a better bod, I'll ask someone to take some more. :-(

    I did also take all the measurements, much to my displeasure... but that's a great way to see progress. I definitely feel stronger, and smaller already.


    I had my gallbladder removed between kids and wish I hadn't. Have seen a few naturopaths who have both said that most of the time it isn't necessary and they can treat you naturally. Just a thought.

    I haven't had to use antacids at night at ALL this week. No reflux. Amazing what eating well will do for you!

  • Looney - same here - looking much better than I did, but plenty of work left!   I have the pictures locked away and will probably never share them.  Just for me.  Will be good to go back after week 12 to see the difference.  I have faith that if we put the work in and stick to the plan we will see great results.  Sometimes without the before pic I think it is hard to notice the gradual changes.  Then you run into someone you haven't seen in 3 months and they are shocked by the changes.  I just looked at pics of me from June and couldn't believe that was me.   My weight is unchanged (still at 240) but much thinner and more defined.  Definitely a lot stronger.  Anyway this is why I decided to take the embarrassing before picture this time around.  Can't wait for the after!

  • Just finished my HIIT - 20 min on the stair master.  Haven't really figured out my new eating plan yet.  Will work on that this weekend.  

  • Hmmm...thinking of trying Tabata Sprints down the beach sometimes for cardio!

  • Ok Best Salad ever!  Baby spinach and romaine, chickenbreast, a dash of McCormicks salad topper, and rice vinegar.

    I pounded the crap out of the chicken, making it very thin, seasoned with salt , pepper, and italian seasoning, then sauteed it with a touch of oil. SO tender and tasty! YUMMY!!!

  • So feeling kinda guilty...I had a couple glasses of wine last night. I just love my merlot! But I will say that instead of using the big wine goblets, I used a champagne flute :) I know, totally not classy, but It was a way to moderate it. For breakfast this morning I had 1.5 scrambled egg with a touch of cheese and 3 little turkey sausage links. I watched my hubby have a bid ol' glass of OJ and was SO jealous! There's obviously no fat in Tropicana OJ, but plenty of sugar, and we're not supposed to have juice :`(