nutrition shakes with water OR non-fat milk?

  • i have officially started the BFL challenge today! i purchased nutrition powder from a local sports store but im not sure whether i should mix it with water or non fat milk? it says you can mix it with either but my main concern is, if i mix it with water as opposed to milk im not sure whether it counts as a meal, but a snack instead. which obviously is not what i want. but i want to consume as less calories as possible.

    any ideas?

  • It depends on what is in the "nutrition powder" .  If it has a balance  of protein and carbs and a little fat are good to go with just water.

    If it is just protein then adding the milk with give you a little more protein plus some carbs.  It's not ideal to use milk, but some people can't chug it down with just water.  Let us know what's in the powder and someone will help you out more.  The key is having a balanced meal.

    FWIW...i have a little milk with just protein powder once/sometimes 2x per week....and I'm still living ;)  It helps me with my sanity!

    Good luck!!!

  • aussiebel,

    Like PB said, it depends on your protein/carbs ratio in the protein powder. If you use the milk then it needs to count as part of your carbs. When explaining the program to people I tend to steer them to the 20/20 ratio of carbs and protein per meal(really it is about 1g of protein per # of body weight/6 per meal). The 20/20 worked for me though. This is for women. Men I believe are more around 35-40g per meal. I put my husband on about 30/30 because he wasn't working out and he still has lost 25# in the last 12 weeks!

    Let me know if you have other questions! =)

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  • I use the Myoplex Lite and mix with water, since it already has 20g protein & 20g carbs.  I do count it as one of my meals.  At night, I use a lower carb protein powder and mix with almond milk, and also call it a meal.

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  • Thanks for the help guys! well in Australia unfortuantely its really hard to get my hands on Myoplex.

    im using a powder called "body" and its shaping protein for women.. but problem is, its very low carbohydrate. theres only 0.79 in a serve. and protein is 18.2 a serve. what do you think i should do?

  • Mix it up in a blender with some almond milk and some fruit.

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