Guts and Butts Crew

  • That sounds like a great idea! I think everyone should chime in with their ideal date and we will do this again and hopefully pick up a few more newbies ready for Round 2

    And girl you are still here so you did not give up! Life is hard and sometimes it gets in the way of our work but as long as you are still with us and ready to give it a go again, I, we are here for you and we know you can do it!!

    Well I got a great suprise today I was not expecting, as of today I have lost 21 lbs! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    feel great my only worry is for somereason my BP has been creeping back up again, I am not sure why but it is and I very carefully keepin an eye on it!

    But thats my report for today I am going to have my measurements done again to and see where I am at there. It makes me feel great!.

    Have a great day all!


  • Ok this is gonna sound really stupid however, what week are we on?? Are we on week 12 really??? I am kinds thinking we are on 11 but not sure .. HELP!

    Have a great day yall!


  • Hi Lonna,

    We are on week 11.  Only this week and next left for challenge 1...I have to step up my game for the last 2 weeks.

    Have you decided yet when you want to start your second challenge?  My husband will be home in 6 weeks, and so far I have only lost about 1/2 of what I was hoping to lose, so I'm going to keep following the program, and hopefully start doing better thatn I've been doing these past few weeks!  But I'll make my "official" start date the same as everyone else if we all want to be on the same schedule.

    Are you sending in your official challenge kits?  I didn't do as well as I'd hoped and still have probably another 3 challenges to go to get to my goal, so I'm not sure I want to send the one in for this round.  Don't get me wrong, I still think of this challenge as a success...the fact that I have lost weight and am still losing (albeit very slowly) makes me happy, and I know I'm going to redouble my efforts for the next challenges, especially after my courses end.


  • It's WEEK 11!  Wow.

    Hey Everyone, I came up with a date to start round  2.  How is this?

    November 29,2010.

    The reason I picked that date was that the week finishes during the week of Valentines Day.

    And personally, I want a sexy nighty from Vickies!!!

    Any other ideas, or do you want to wait till after the holidays and start at the beginning of the year.  That way we will be done by Spring. Also, does anyone know the "official" start date for round 1 for the Body for Life Challenge? is it posted yet? haven't checked it out yet.

    Oh, well, working out this very minute!



  • Good Morning Gutts and Butts!!!!

    Sherry, Thank you so much for setting me straight on what week we are on..LOL I for some strange reason could not get it figured out! And I need to step it up too for the last 2 weeks, I am sooo with you! But look how good we are doing! We are slmost done with 12 weeks! How awesome!!!

    I will be doing the same thing I am going to keep it up and then set my official start day as everyone elses.. I know i will be doing several more challenges! I will be sending in my challenge kits, regardless if I win or not I am still proud of what I have done and heck its just a bit of paperwork for maybe some money! I can do that!!!! So Sherry my workout BFL buddy I am here for you!!! We can do this!!!

    Melissa, Any date sounds good to me!!!! I will be on it anyway!LOL Yeah I am hopeing to get something cute and sext for Valentines too!!!  Awesome working out and posting.. multitasking.. I am not so good at that!  LOL!!!! Way to go!!!

    Well, Igot my Bowflex and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight will be the real first night of using it for the entire workout. I am excited! I had such a great cardio last night I walked fast and ran and it felt so good I just felt awesome! and I really needed that after the day I had at work!. Well here I am at work again hoping for a better day but doubting it will happen.. I will try to stay positive!!!

    Have a wonderful and healthy day everyone, we are almost there I know everyone of you can finish like a champion!!!


  • Hello All,

    Melissa, November 29th sounds like a good date to me.  That leaves only a week in between the end of the first and the start of the second.  Is that good for you Lonna?  And anyone else who's planning on doing the next challenge with there anyone else??

    Melissa, you asked me in your friend request how I put my personal info in...It was a while ago.  I'm not sure if I remember.  Once you sign into this site, you get a "Welcome!" at the top right hand side of the page.  Directly under that it says "click here to edit your profile."  I think I did it through there.  I'd have to go in again to be sure.  

    Hang in there gals!  Just over one week to the end of this challenge, then we get to start again!  Woo!


  • Melissa,

    I just went to check.  It wasn't under the "click here to edit your profile" thing.  When you are signed in and on the forum here, your name appears in bold just under the search box on the right hand side not too far from the top.  Click on your name.  Then there are 2 tabs, one for profile and the other for blog.  That's where I put my info in.


  • Hello all!!!!

    I think Nov 29th sounds great!!!!

    I have aq busy day ahead of me but managed a weigh in and I am so happy! still losin!!! and feeling great!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Bowflex and my hubbie is using it too so life is great!!!

    I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the holidays commin up, I have about 16 peeps coming over! Yea!!!!

    What does everyone else have planned??

    Have a great healthy day yall!!


  • Hi Everyone...I'm looking for a new group...mine is kind of 'petering out', if you know what I mean. I've written the last two days (hoping to get encouragement and advice for an injury) and no one has been on... :(  Love your name and would love to be a daily encouragement and support to the Butts and Guts crew!


  • Well Hi Leggs!!!!

    We are more than happy to encourage and inspire!!!!! We have lost a lot of our group too but we have a few "core" members that would love to help!!! I know i would!

    We are on our last wek of the 1st challenge and several of us are ging to be doing a round 2 soon... as for me I will be doing a round 2,3,4,5,6 and so on...LOL.

    Here in our group we have all ben up and down and hard and good times.. this last week for me has been a bit rough but keeping it going and staying with the workouts. Eating has been a challenge all on its own!!!!!!!!

    I think it is safe to say here we are all human not at all perfect in our BFL but we fall and get back up and keep going and that sounds like what you are doing!!!!

    I believe we are going to start up round2 on Nov 29 2010, where are you at in your challenge??

    Today is my hubby's birthday and we celebrated all weekend so I have got to get my BFL on!!!! LOL

    have a great day GUTTS AND BUTTS!!!!


  • Hi Lonna...Thanks for the welcome!

    I am starting week 10 this week, and recovering from an injury...or maybe just an aggravated long term problem. I have had an irritated right hip (ball and socket area is where the pain always comes from) since having my first of three children. I have continuous problems with my sacroiliac joint, and the muscle underneath the butt, so to speak. These problems have been an issue since starting the challenge...tight and sore right hamstring, not to mention shin splints, but have been getting stronger with lower body workouts, being really careful with my form, and all was going well. ! Last week Tuesday while running (treadmill is my cardio of choice...I do all my working out at home) my hip was sore, my leg felt numb from knee to calf, and it took a lot of focus to get my foot to work properly. I have been in pain since...have not worked lower body out since and have not done cardio. Even walking irritates my hip...half hour at Costco last week got me sore and numb all over again. It's very frustrating knowing that I'm in week 10 when I want to finish my last few weeks as strong as I can, and now I have to baby my leg?? I do plan to do my lower body workout today and see how it goes.

    I have been finding journaling and sticking to the eating plan difficult during the last few weeks...emotional eating creeps back in, especially of free days. That scares me...will I be doing the challenge the rest of my life, and never moving on to maintenance? Anyways, today is the start of a new week! Stay strong new friend!


  • Hello Leggs, and welcome!

    I have had similar issues to you since my pregnancy as well (my son is almost 2 now).  My hips and pelvis, and the sacroiliac have been sore as well.  The key for me is stretching.  The Body for Life books don't talk much about stretching, but it is very important...for everyone, but especially people like us with previous injuries.  And it's important to stretch with the weight workouts as much as with cardio.

    When I'm doing weights, I stretch the muscles I am working between sets, or at least between muscle groups if I am too busy switching weights between sets.  I stretch all the muscles worked again right after the workout.  Then I stretch again a during the day (depending on when the workout was) and before going to bed.  I always do extra stretches for my injured areas as well.  On cardio days, I pause after the 2 mins at level 5 warm-up to stretch my legs a bit, then add another minute at level 5 and carry on from there.  I find it helps a lot.  

    I luckily have a large reperatoire of stretches because of my background in fitness and martial arts.  But if you are not sure about stretching, I'm sure you can find lots of information on stretching exercises online.

    I read your profile, and you and I have some things in common.  Staying focused and disciplined can be difficult for me so I always try, as Bill Phillips repeatedly says in his books, to "focus on progress, not perfection."  This group has been very encouraging and motivating as well.  There doesn't seem to be many of our original group left, but I'm sure you'll find us to be supportive and helpful.  I know I have!  Thanks Lonna, Melissa, Banana, and any one else who is still around!


  • Good morning Friends! I did my lower body workout last night and I must say I feel pretty good. I am hoping to do my cardio (run) today, but am leery.

    Sherry, thanks for the encouraging words. I always helps when someone knows exactly what I'm talking about! (what the 'H' is a sacroiliac joint anyways??)  I can actually crack mine myself, sometimes when I get up and walk by leaning a certain way. My Chiropractor said that is fine, and is impressed as I do stretch a lot, and I discovered a really good one last night that really got the muscle good! I suffer from RLS also and need to do about 10 minutes of yoga stretches before bed every night or else I don't sleep.

    Thanks again Friends, and have a great Tuesday!!


  • Goood Mooorning Gutts and Butts!!!!!!!!!!

    How is everyone today???

    Leggs how did the jogging go? I sure hope your back and pelvis and hip problems get better or at least ease up so you can workout.. I have had back and ankle issure since I have started to workout routine but nothing I can live with, I know I am bad I am not a good stretcher.. I know I need to incororate that in to the workouts but my laziness gets the better of me.Could be a good resone why my back and ankle hurts me.

    I have not really weighed myself this week and I am not going to weigh myself again untill this challenge is over.. I can't wait to see the # LOL!!

    The rest of this week and next will be hard for me as well as all of you I am sure, I hope you all have a wonderful time and Try to do your best over the Thanksgiving week. I really need to get it into my head that I do not need to taste everything I make over and over again....LOL

    Have a great day and workout everyone!!



  • I did not do my run yesterday...I am feeling pretty good and didn't want to push it and be back to where I was last week. I am doing upper body today, and look forward to my run tomorrow!

    Happy Hump Day everyone!! Make it a Strong one!!