Guts and Butts Crew

  • Hi Gutts and Butt Crew:

    I DID IT!!!  

    My BIG adventure - I did a triathlon. I was trying to post it, but I  had trouble, so you guys are getting it hot off the presses.

    Won my first Triathlon!

    Any serious competitors out there, this story is NOT for you. I truly admire and respect the dedication, perseverance, endurance and determination it takes to be an athlete.

    I am NOT one of them.

    Here is my story:

    Being 75 pounds overweight and almost 50, I started this past spring to "get serious" about my  health and fitness. While in the car with my husband, we were listening to a report about the "Ironman". Not really realizing I said out loud, Hey I'm gonna try that. My very  humorous husband replied, "IRONMAN?" More like a "TIN MAN!"  And that's where the idea started.

    Having a backyard pool (swim), a nice bike trail by my house (bike), and ending at a favorite spot, the library (run),  and that was going to be my "Tin man" course.

    So all summer I have been thinking about it. But that's all I did was think about it. I HAD to stop thinking and just do it. But Summer ended. I was bummed that I did not do my "Tinman". So with that, not having closed my pool yet, I made the decision to do it on October 8th, 2010.  I am in the Chicago area and it has been upper 70's, low 80's in the 'burbs all week. Today was a  PERFECT DAY.

    My pool was so cold, my dog would not go in the second time to retrieve her ball. After wards I did take my cooking thermometer and it registered 66 degrees. (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). I also can't swim, and I panic when my head is underwater, so with my trusty noodle under my arms I paddled for 5 minutes, then realized I could do my goal of 10 minutes. 10 minutes of continual paddling without touching the bottom. That was a first for me.

    I then got out, went to the garage and changed out of my capri's,socks and tee (what a sight, huh?) put on dry clothes, socks and gym shoes. Hopped on my bike and didn't go anywhere. The chain was off my bike. Thankfully hubby and daughter was joining me on the trail for that part, and he put the chain on. ( well that added to my time - but who cares! ). I paced myself for a round trip of 5 miles in the woods.(I must have rode over a million acorns! ).

    Upon returning home, I forgot my water (not good) but off I go jigging. (I did not spell that wrong - I was too tired to jog, so I walked and "jigged"). My daughter drove and found me at the halfway mark to give me water, then she met me at the library. (I was at the library earlier that day for the annual book sale and that is  when I told the librarian what I was planing to do. She loved the idea. (So NOW I was committed to do it. I sort of thought it might me a hokey idea )

    So thus I made it to the library 1 mile away.  

    Yep, I won the "Tinman". I set a goal and I did it.  

    My own special rules for a "Tinman" Triathlon. Everyone comes in first. You determine your  own course. Plan, Precede, Succeed. And have fun.

    And I can not stop smiling!!!


  • Ohhhhhhh Melissa !!!!!! I cried when I read this!!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!! You made up your mind and you made it happen, you made it your reality! You are quite simply remakable!!!!  So have every right to be smiling!!! Just awesome!!!

    Well I made a great puchase today!!! I went to our local thrift store and got a Nordic track for $ 50 and I was sooooo happy, it works great and my husband got on it and worked out with me. he did 20 mins on it was was so tired when he got done!!! LOL then I did it! Heck yeah!!!!

    LOL well Have a great night all!


  • Sherry....I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! Sounds like it is going to be awesome!!! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

    I too have been working out with a kettleball, but I have not been doing what you guys have.. I guess I need to step it up a bit !!!LOL!!! I have to say you all are serious inspiration to me!!! I really enjoy reading all you are sharing!!

    I do my workouts in the afternoon/evening I get up very early already and just can see getting up at 3am  I think that would make me an angry person.LOL

    Well, sherry I hope you do well with your online class!

    Please everyone have a great great weekend. enjoy your freebie day and work hard!!!!


  • Good Morning!

    All is going well here, just plugging along as usual. I really hope all of you are doing good and having great workouts and healthy eating!

    Anything new?? How was everyones weekend??

    Have a great day!


  • Hi B & G's!  I hope everyone is doing great!

    Lonna - happy belated birthday!  I hope you had a great one and enjoyed yourself.  Are you enjoying your Nordic track?  Hope it is coming in handy.

    Melissa - awesome job with the triathlon.  What a great accomplishment.  Go Get em'!

    Everyone else - I hope you are doing well and are still moving forward.  We are on week 7, that is amazing!  Don't Give Up!!!!!  If you have strayed a little bit, turn around and come back.  Keep going.  Before we know it the 12 weeks will be over and we will be saying, wow that went by fast.  We can do it!  Lets do this together!!!!

    I've been pretty sick the last few days but hanging on.  My husband got upset with me that I was still getting up and working out even though I was sick.  I told him I can't stop now.  I've gotten this far, not going to give up.  That is definitely a change for me.  The old me would have turned my alarm clock off and slept a little longer.  I got my cardio in and am so happy I did it.  It wasn't easy but I did it.  

    Have a great day!  Lets get em butts and guts!!!!!


  • hey guys just checking in - i'll write a long post tomorrow but I just wanted to say 'hi' and that I'm still here :) have a great night everyone!!!!


  • Hey B&G's!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  

    My stepmom sent me an article yesterday on Bill Philips new book called "Transformation"- it came out in June of this year.  Has anyone heard/read it?  It is an 18 week step by step process for transformation.  Sounds interesting.  The website is  Watch the success videos, very inspiring!

    Hope all is well.


  • Hey everyone, I'm glad to read everyone is doing sooo good. I had a Huge Bump in my road. Had to go to TN to be with my family last week. I haven't WO in a couple of weeks it seems now. I will get back to it. Just got back to FLorida yesterday but will be making another trip up in a few weeks. My dad had hip surgery last monday and then Thursday he had a heart attack. My husband and I are seriously considering moving back. So I am going to continue with the BFL just not be sooo hard on myself when other things come up. I am really feeling guilty for not going to visit more offen. I always had another reason, something was more important. He is 65 now - and My daughter didn't even remember them. That's sad. and I am ashamed of it. Good LucK everyone with the challenge and making your changes.

    Hope everyone had a great Butts and Gutts Day! GOOOOO butts and gutts -


  • I am so glad to har from everyone!!! Go Gutts and Butts!!!!!!

    mel, I am so sorry you are still sick! working out even when you are sick, You are a trooper!!! I sure hope you feel better very soon! I love my Nordic Track! and best of all so does my husband! and the fact it was only $50.00 not bad! Its nice havng more than one way to get my cardio in!

    Hey Banana!! Hi!!!! Hope you are doing good just sound busy as always!!! I am glad you are still with us!!!

    Mel, I am so sorry about your dad! I am sure that can't be easy. Good luck with what ever you decide, to stay or move. And remember life happens.. Don't be so hard on yourself.I think we all get wrapped up in our own lives, maybe this might be the thing to bring you closer again. Good Luck and way to go getting back to the program and us!  If there is anything I can do say the word!

    As for me I am still pluggin along, I am up to 16 lbs lost now I am still working out hard and eating clean.. I am soooo tired this week I just am having such a hard time keeping my eyes open. I am working out and eating.. Maybe its just me this week.. or maybe cuz I am now 39..UGH! LOL

    Have a great day everyone!


  • I'm so lonely...sniff sniff..... I hope that the reason it is so quite in here now is because everyone is doing soooo good!

    This week has been so hard on me. I am hungry and want to eat everything in site and I am sooo very tired. I don't know why. Oh well maybe hormonal maybe just life. I know I will get past it I am gonna slllleeeeep in tomorrow!!! have done all the work outs and kept to the clean eating.. just drained.

    Have a great day all do great gutts and butts!


  • Hi Lonna

    Me too.  I am reliving week 3.  I could NOT stop eating all day on Wednesday, and had a migraine. Curse is coming Monday. I can't seem to get into sinc.  One week good workout bad food. the other week bad workout, great food.  I am gaining and losing that same 1 (one) pound since week 1. I am very frustrated!!! Clothes are fitting the same. So, I am aiming for week 8 that everyone seems to talk about that change finally occurs (in women).  When I was "dieting" and floundering in my workouts, at least I steadily lost 1.5 pounds per week.  I am so deflated.  I see others succeed, and I feel yes it does work, but how come I can't get a grip?

    I do see now that I won't bang it out in only one Challenge, so i will need to do it in 2.  But I ask myself this question.  Do I want to go the 2nd round. Right now, no,  but something has to give, so I can get somewhat encouraged to do another round.

    Haven't heard from anyone all week.  Are we all having a bad week together again?  Are we on the same "cycle"? :p


    poor little me :(


    ps EVERYONE  is invited to my pity party!!! BYOG ( bring your own grips)

  • I just typed this super long email and my internet cut out whilst replying and I had just copied and pasted something else cause I hit 'reply' and it's all gone.  i'll have to retype tomorrow... sorry guys!

  • Helloooo Gutts and Butts!!!!!

    Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!  I had one the most restful relaxing weekends ever!!!

    I did workouts and followed with clean eating but had a Wonderful freebie day!!!

    I am now down 17 lbs and ver happy about that!!!   I hope that everyone else that is doing good !!

    miss yall!! I am hoping that my feeling off is over I am sorry  Melissa you are having the same problems. I know you are gonna break through it too!!

    Banana I know how that feels I had that happen several times too I hate that!

    Will be back later!!!


  • Hey guys!  I'm still here!!  I had a bit of a weird week...not a complete write off but not what I would consider a complete success either.  It all started with the trip to my in-laws...6 hours of driving there and back.  Did manage to get a couple of my workouts in while I was there.  Then a couple of "surprises" happened that were good, but threw off my schedule.  Plus I've been very tired from the travelling and from being up too late working on course work, on top of the regular "taking care of a 2 year old and a household while the hubby is away" things.  So, in summary, got in some, but not all of my workouts (probalby half), didn't eat horribly but didn't stick to the plan either.

    Well, tomorrow's a new day and the start of a new week.  I plan to get to bed at a decent hour tonight (depending on how my course work goes), then start off strong tomorrow.  Hope you are all still doing awesome...I know you are, Lonna!  Congrats on the 17 lbs!


  • Hi everyone!

    Lonna - great job on the 17 pounds, that is awesome!!!

    Sherry - I'm right there with you, today was a new day for me and starting back up again.

    Melissa - yes, last week was a bad week for me too!

    Sharon - I am so sorry to hear about your dad.  I hope he is doing better.  Don't be hard on yourself.  Do what you can when you can.  Right now, what is important is to be with your family.

    I have been sick since last week.  Finally went to the doctor on Thursday and basically took a break from working out until this morning.  Not a great thing but I had bronchitis and working out was not helping.  So after a lot of rest, I am now feeling better and getting back on track.  Unfortunately its week 8, when we supposedly start seeing great results, and due to my days off, I don't think that is going to happen for me.  But I am moving forward and going to finish this challenge (and probably start a new 12 week challenge after this one is done.)

    Hope everyone is having a great week!