Guts and Butts Crew

  • Hi Lonna,   I just subscribed to this website today.  I am an avid BFL believer.  It's been a couple of years since I've followed the program and have gained 25 lbs.  After trying to get motivated, I told myself today that tomorrow I am starting the program again.  I've never used the BFL website, but am looking forward to reading the blogs and participating in the chats to stay motivated.     I've never subscribed to a Community or blog before.  What do I do?

  • Good MOOORRRRNNNINGGG Guts and Butts! Are we ready for another awesome day!

    Really enjoyed My LBWO last ngiht but overslept this morning and didn't get my cardio in before work. My husband and I are going to do it this afternoon on our bikes. Sweet! Sounds like a race. He He He Bet I win. Lol

    Think I'm going to sink into the print shop and start those sit-ups before anyone gets here. Okay maybe not. KNow what I might. BBBYYYYEEEE BBBYYYEEE Guts!

    I am thankful that I have found friends like all of you to lend on - I really appreciate it guys. Okay enough of the mushy talk.

    Welcome SusieQue Welcome... This is a wonderful positive very commented group. Hope you join us and share your knowledge. Love to have you.

    OKay gang - Gotta get to work now. GOOOOO Guts and Butts! Have a great day everyone - Sharon

  • Oh I didn't get too do my training on swats - HUbby didn't make it to gym with me.

    Lonna - any tips on doing them

    Does anyone else do swats.

    I made an appointment with a personal trainer for next wednesday LBWO day to get some tips on doing swats and other exercises correctly. I get 3 free sessions with my gym membership and this is my last so he better give me some good tips. Ha ha

    Ok really back to work - Sharon

  • Hiiiddeeee Hoooooo Gutts and Butts!!!!

    SusieQue, there really isn't much to do to join our group, in fact if you like yuo are already a member of the infamous Gutts and Butts Crew! LOL Most of us here have started BFL in August and we are on week 5. We would love to have you join our group we have all had hard times and great times and we share it all! we have a couple of spreadsheet that we us to keep us on track if someone would be so nice to put up those links that would be great!!!!  I will be doing several rounds of BFL to get my weight down to an acceptable area. So Good luck to you I think you are off to a great start! If you have any questions always feel free to ask goodness knows someone in here will have an answer or can help you get and answer.

    Sharon, I must have missread what you wrote, I thought you meant squats and those I love but I don't know what a swat is.. If you want to knowwhat a sumo squat is I will tel you but you gotta promise not to laugh!!!! I did some of the sumo squats last night and I am feeling it today. Oh and heck yeah I would be asking all sorts of questions to the trainer! Get all the info you can!! HaveFun!!!

    Oh and I bet you do win that race with your hubbie!!!!

    So I got on Craigslist and have been checking out workout equipment and stationary bikes.. Looks like I will be able to get some good buys!!! and Since my birthday is next week we may just call it birthday gifts and have fun with it!!

    Ok I did not get my situps tarted this morning so when I get home at 3:00 it is on!!! anyone else up for that challange??? Think I might try out a DVD for cardio tonight! something different.. Talk to you all later!!! Have a great day!!!


  • First of all, welcome Susie Que!  This is a fun, supportive and encouraging group, so I'm sure you'll enjoy!

    Well, Lonna (and anyone else who is doing the ab challenge), I generally do not do regular sit-ups because they aggravate some problems I have with my tailbone and hips.  But after my cardio this morning, I did 3 sets of 30 crunches (90 total), 35 oblique crunches per side (set of 15 and set of 20).  Then I did 2 sets of 20 straight leg raises (40 total).  Full sit-ups do tend to be harder, so I don't think I would have done as many if I'd been doing the full sit-ups.  I think I will not be such a scaredy cat next time and try the full sit-ups just to see what I can do these days.  I can always stop if I start to have any issues.

    Is the plan to do this ab challenge every day?  I'd be interested in doing the push-ups challenge too, but after I've given my elbow some time to heal.

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Sherry, You are awesome!!!  You make me laugh! I have to tell what just happened to me.. Since I have been on BFL my husband has been working out with me a little and I told him about the 75 sit up challenge. As a man of course he has to one up me, (you women all know what I mean right?) So while I was doing my cardio he started with the situps. and he sai well I am going to do 100..(of course) so had already doen 40 regular sit ups or crunches on my balance ball when I got done with cardio I did 61 more just because I could.LOL I am so competitive.. I did not tell him I did one more than him or we will be up all night trying to out do oneanother!LOL

    What do you think about the challanges? Maybe start out once a week and see how it goes?? or everyday?? what are your ideas?? I just wanted to try to keep everyone interested and motivated.

    I am so excited about getting some new equipment to work out with !!!

    Have a wonderful healthy night!!!


  • Hey G B BFL'ers:

    What day is this?  That's what I have been saying to myself ALL week. I just can't seem to get my "rear in gear"!  But I have been working out, I did a cardio from my free on demand cable, and I did Jillian Michaels. SHE IS TOUGH. I am still singing the blues from Tuesday. I was just too sore to do LBWO, and I did a step aerobic today. Still plan to do Upper tomorrow and Lower on Saturday, (before I go hiking at Starved Rock of course).

    Hi Susie Que welcome to our group. I have enjoyed chatting with everyone and you will too. This is my first experience with blogging or anything too.  I found if I just respond to whats going on, I feel apart of a community and then I add my two cents.

    Sherry, I agree, as long as I get my workouts in, who cares what order or how its done.  At least I am sticking to it.

    Myyonna - I just saw a kettle ball, I am going to have to work up to THAT. I admire you for getting it done, thanks for the encouragement! The competition with your husband makes me smile!!! That's great that you have someone close to keep you on your toes and make if fun.

    Sharon - I just did a sumo squat and didn't even know it!!! (Jillian Michaels). Thats great having a trainer, I was thinking about it too, it seems like I just need to "POP" something to jump start myself.  Keep us posted. My mom is giving me her total gym with pilates attachments, so I will be putting up my Crossbow ( generic bowflex) on craigslist. Didn't know if anyone would  be interested in buying, sothanks for the idea.

    Wow Sherry, all those sit ups inspired me to pullout my 5 day abs video (yeah, V-I-D-E-O) Back from the 90's LOL. Will start on Monday.

    Have a Great Week end everybody!


  • Okay - You all made me laugh this morning - THANK-You.

    Lonna - I did mean squats - Not sure where swat came from. Looking at the keyboard it can't really be  a typo. And I totally promise I wont laugh if you tell me - think I might try goggling it also.

    Wow - Everyone did sooo great on their challenge yesterday. I did P90x Ad CD. Yes... Melissa CD - That was too funny. Altogether it does 300 and something ab/core exerices. They don't do regular sit-ups so it the challenge was for regualar - I missed it but it was fun making those muscles burn.

    Sherry - That is awesome workout - was that all day or one workout?

    Maybe on the challenges we could start on cardio days. Maybe do something special on our free day for us  crazies who don't always take it.

  • Oh everyone have a wonderful day -

    Lonna - I Just sold my treadmil about 2 months ago and have kicked myself in the butt ever since.

    GOO Guts and Buts


  • Gooooood Mmmorning!! gutts and butts!!!

    I just love reading all the posts! everyone just makes me smile and laugh!

    Ok confessions time.. I know we are not supposed to weigh ourselves all the time but..i do. I just can't help myself. And as of today.. I have lost 13 lbs.!!!!! Yipee!!!!  I really felt a difference so I checked!!!  I know I really have been working hard and it is finally starteing to pay off!

    I have had so many good payoffs so far! My bloodpressure being in controll and feeling better clothes getting loose instead of tight, inches comming off! I am so thank full for all of you and your insight and help!

    Sharon, for my sumo squats... spread you feet shoulder width apart, I use 8 lbs weights in my hands I do the squat and then when comming up you kinda come up quick and push the weights up above your head. I look so goofy doing those but I really like them. and another one I really like is the swinging squat with the kettle ball, you do a reglar squat but you area also are swinging the kettleball holding on with both hands swinging it between your lags and as high as you can. I love those they get me out of breath so quick! It sinks you sold your treadmill. I am just not wanting to have the monthly ill for the gym again.. Craigs list has so much where I live I think we found so equipment.!


    I have several Jillian videos and OMG she is tough!!!  I like using her dvds those.. makes me work hard!!!

    Keep up the AWESOME work everyone!!!! I am proud of everyone here!!!!!

    Oh and what would everyone like to do for a challenge on our freebie day??


  • Hi butts and guts people.

    I've been absent from the forums for a month. I'm C2W4D7.

    My question is: are you guys giving each other weekly challenges?  That sounds stupendous if you are and if you are I NEED IN!!

    I have NO access to a gym until my last 4 weeks of this challenge. Grrrrrr.

    Nice to 'read' you all.


  • Hiya everyone!I started Monday Sept 27th, and am already down 2lbs :) It's probably water weight, but hey, I'm ok with that...for now ;)

    I was wondering, where do I get that spreadsheet? I'd like to get it posted to the Sept 27 start group.

  • Hi Lonna,

    My challenge for my freebie day is REST. I am still so sore from Jillian. ;)

    Sunday, I think I will make a Goal list. And put me FIRST. And just see by doing that if everything falls into place verses falling apart.

    Have  a great weekend everybody.

    I think I will start that list now, and take care of me now and workout.


  • Melissa,

    I think that is a great idea, If you aren't taken care of how can you take care of everyone else???

    I hope you heal up from that mean Jillian!! Have a great weekend!

    Jules or Mtnhigh, I tink we are just starting to give weekly or a daily challengejust as an extra little boost.

    You are more than welsome to join our little group! I di not have acess to a gym either but I am doing the best I can with what I have at home.

    Brianne,  I think it was Zach in our group that set up our spreadsheet. umm I don't know exactly how to add or change the sheets but I bet someone on here does and we would love to have you too be a part of our wonderful group here! And hey 2 lbs are 2lbs I think its great you have lost already!!! Be proud, who cares if it is water fat or otherwise, its just not on you anymore!!!LOL!

    I am just having a great day I am looking forward to upper body workout today and plan to make it an awesome workout!!

    Have a great day all!!!


  • Hi all - hope everyone is having a great day!  I am assuming most people are having their day off today.  I actually had mine yesterday.  i won't even tell you how bad I was because it was really bad.  I did get up and got my cardio in today though (and did a little extra).  I struggled but it is DONE.   I really think starting next week I am going to do 1 meal cheat day instead of the whole day.  It can't be helping me in any way.

    Lonna - congrats on the 13 pounds.  That has to be great motivation and motivation for us all too.  Keep it up!

    I haven't had a chance to read all the posts but it sounds like everyone is doing great!  That is awesome.  We are so close to the 1/2 way point.  I can't believe it!!!!  

    I am planning on getting my sit-ups in today.

    My challenge for myself this week is drink my water.  I never get all that I need in for the day.  So I am going to make that my personal challenge for this week.  

    Have a great weekend!