Guts and Butts Crew

  • Hey B&G's - Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  

    Lonna - great job on the 10 pounds.  Keep it up!

    Banana - don't get down with the scale.  Try to remind yourself how you feel after a workout and how you have been feeling these last 4 weeks.  Remember, a lot of women haven't really seen results until 8 weeks.  So don't get down. And if you do, write on the blog and we will be sure to be here to keep you going :)

    I had a great week after my 3 days off last week.  Completed all my workouts (which I haven't put on the spreadsheet yet) and ate what I had planned all week.  I didn't take pics yet.  I wanted to but ran out of time and today was my day off so won't be taking them after today :)  I will take them next week.

    Lonna I am right there with you.  Had my day off and ENJOYED it :)  I will say though, tonight i couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat.  I really wasn't craving junk food.  I somehow managed to eat some anyway :) but it was a good feeling to think that healthy food could have been an option.  I try to get all of my cravings out on my free day so I don't want it for the rest of the week.  I have to say I did a good job of that  today :)

    I hope everyone enjoys there day off and has a great week 5!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi everyone!  It's hard to believe we're at the end of week 4...well, technically after tomorrow's free day (which wil be a rest day from exercise for me, but I'll be following the Eating Plan because of my dinner with friends earlier this week.)  I can't believe I made it this far without missing a workout!  (knock wood)

    For those of you who are worried about not seeing any, or seeing very little weight loss on the scale, I'm in the same boat as well.  In the past, that would have really got me down.  But I know when you are building muscle at the same time, it can often happen that the scale shows very little loss or slow loss.  Also, I am losing inches (taking measurements can be more accurate than weighing yourself on this type of program) and I can see positive changes in my body.  There is one in particular I have seen this past week that I am particularly excited about, but I"m not going to get too detailed with that because it would involved discussing my

    But all that aside, I recently read a page in the Success Journal where Bill speaks about focusing NOT on what you are losing, but rather on what you are gaining.  Gaining strength, health, a positive outlook, increased self confidence, and the list goes on.  I found this page to be really helpful in helping me let go of the scale.

    That being said, I will continue to tweak my eating as I go along on this journey.  I think I am following the plan pretty well, except for the occasional lite frappiccino or bite of my son's cookie, but I still think I can do better (like NO occasional frappiccinos or cookie bites!).  As Bill pointed out in the book, eating the right foods in the right amounts (which also means NOT undereating either) is very important in nourishing, building and rebuilding a strong and healthy body.

    At this point I "finally" feel lilke, "I don't care what the scale says! I am not giving up!!  Because I have a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, I know enough to know that the Body-For-Life program makes sense!  There is no way that we can fail if we just keep chipping away at it!  Always remember to focus on progress, not perfection, especially after the tough days that keep you wondering if you're going to make it through to the end.  

    Lonna, I used to have mad chocolate cravings, but haven't had the one since I've been eating the Mypolex Lite chocolate chololate crisp bars...those things are awesome!  Have you tried them yet?

    Well,  I have to go sleep before I pass out.  Hope you all had a great week!


  • Hola ;)

    Thanks for all of the support guys!  I am measuring as well as weighing...I'm loosing SOME in inches but not like I did at first (total: -4 waist, -3.25 belly button, -2.5 hips, -1.5 thighs, -.75 calves, -1 arms), and according to the Army's method of measuring body fat I've lost 6% so far (started at 47%, which sounds a little high but I'm going with it).  I know I was suuuppper unhealthy (like, the unhealthiest person I know) and a lot of that initial loss was water, but still, it's hard to bust your butt all week and weigh in and still be the same or down just a little.  I'm kinda waiting for for that week when I really 'see' the losses.  I mean I do see my body changing, but it's kinda hard to imagine being anything but fat. Not to be harsh lol.  

    Anyway, thanks for all the 'pump me ups'! I'm glad people are enjoying their free days :) I am too:)  

    Sherry - that's so awesome that you are feeling great and adapting the mindset! awesome!!!


  • Happy Sunday Gutts and Butts!!!!!!!!

    Mel thank you so much I am happy and funny people are starting to notice and that makes me feel good!!! I do so enjoy my "freebie day" but then I feel guilty about it and it takes me to a bad place so I am really not sure if its worth it or not but I am working on it!! I can say I did enjoy everythin while I was eating it but then it was over...funny how I look forward to something that lasts minutes.  LOL! I am sooo glad you are doing good Mel! You just jumped right back on it!!! That is AWESOME!

    Sherry,   Your positive attitude is great!!! It really makes me feel so good reading about how you are not going to give up. I have been on other diets and have lost weight faster but.. here I am again so really how succsesful was it? I just know you are going to have that big loss soon! I know you are working hard! And you are right we should be focusing on what we are gaining, not what we have not lost. That hit home for me!

    Banana, I am so happy for your measurments!!!! I did not do the body fat test so I am not sure where I am there..LOL Look at how good you are doing!! AMAZING!!! Your messages on here always make me laugh and cheer me up!

    I have had a great day today! O got to sleep in a bit cleaned house a bit my husband came back from his overnight trip, I did my cardio had a great dinner and now I think I am going to be jumping in the hot tub and relaxing for the rest of the night. I even got my breafast and lunch ready for tomorrow.

    I am so very thankful to have all of you to share this transformation with! It makes my day so much better to know I have people going throught the same things I am.

    I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful start to week 5!!


  • Good Morning Everyone. WOW - I sooo need your positive thoughts. I have been in the funk the last two days. Think it actually started last week but the weekend stucked. I did do a Cardio on Sat. but I know in my heart I didn't give it my all. I am just really  down in the dumps and can't seem to shake the feelings. I cheated both days - Sat and Sun - which didn't make me feel better at all. Probably eat 4000 calories on Sat. Yuck!  Anyways, I feel very off balance and not my happy self. My sweet husband is trying to encourage me to push through it. But today is a new day and the weekend is in the past. YOu all are doing sooo good and your spirits are up - Just reading your posts makes me feel more positive. I have a lunch date with my husband, got my meals set for today, UBWO Here I come.  I actually think the switching up my routine messed with my mind. Made me feel weak but at the end of each WO I felt like I didn't give my 10. Today, I am determined - I will not rush, I will make every movement count, and I will High my 10s.

    Hope everyone has a great day - Thanks for letting me vent - Feeling better already


  • Good Morning Sharon!

    Sounds like you are having a rough time. Sorry I know in my head and heart I get mad and think why me?? and then I feel like quiting but..I am  never gonna change unless I make myself change. I know you can do this and it sounds like your husband is good at helping. You are in the right direction!

    Just try to do the best you can and shake off those bad feelings. Maybe you should try and go do something nice  for yourself. That always cheers me up. For me buying a new purse or workout outfit or makeup.. Just something to maybe get you back in a happy frame of mind.

    I have faith in you!

    Hope you have a good day! You are doing good!!


  • Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!

    I have done UBWO, Today is a tired day. But the new show Mike and Molly is on tonight so I know where I will be at 9:30. Funny enough that show is as close to me and my husband as it could be! LOL Last week was the first show and my husband was laughing so hard because Molly was on the eliptcal singing Brick House... I have done that...I do that...LOL and he is a retired cop, he was still a Sarg when we met.LOL

    Is anyone else having problems with night hunger???  I am so hungry right now its terrible.I think I am having a hungry hungry hippo night...

    Sharon, I hope your day got better!!!

    Have a good night all!

    be strong now and your future will be brighter and lighter!


  • Good Morning Butts and Gutts! Guess what everyone we are in week 5 - 5 weeks and it seems like it flew by. Last night I had a much better UBWO than I have been and ran this morning for cardio. I am feeling better - THANK YOU Lonna and all the positive post on this forum. I am feeling better - I do get hungry around 7:30-8pm but I have been eating my last meal at that time. Normally I just doing protein unless I have a sweet tooth and than I have cottage cheese and yogurt. I am passed out by 8:30-9pm don't know how good that is. Any thoughts, ideas or comments on eating that close to bed?

    Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!



  • Good Morning as well Guts and Butts Crew!!

    I finally got to work out and had a GREAT UBWO!  I even increased weights. I did mine late (10pm) and had to get up early this morning and was wondering if I did work out within 12 hours of my last, would it be like working out twice in one day? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Pondering, then it got so late I was not able to work out in the am anyway.

    Sharon, glad to hear you are on the mend.  I can't go to bed hungry, it keeps me up, and thats when I make really bad choices. ( might be a lifetime of habit - that I am trying to conquer) but after my late workout I was  hungry, and I drank a RTD AdvanEDGE chocolate shake.  It did the trick and I went to bed about half hour later, and slept good. And I woke up good, not like I had eaten something that did not get digested in my sleep.


  • Hello alll Gutts and butts people!

    Sharon I am so glad you are feeling better!I guess somedays are just harder than others.

    Keep it up Girl!!!

    Melissa,  way to go !!! that is so wonderful doesn't it make you feel so good when you have a good workout?

    I have been trying not to eat after 7:00  But we eat dinner around 5. but around 7:30-8:00 I get into hungry hungry hippo mode and want to eat the house.

    I will try so save a protien shake or bar for later. Thanks for the help!

    Ok I have discovered I have inflammation in my hipe flexor and it hurts but I will not quit cardio. any help on something else I can do for cardio that will also let it heal. any ideas would be appreciated!!

    I have an idea. Does anyone feel up to maybe a small challange in our group maybe once a week?? maybe something like try to do 50 situps in a day or 75  pushups in a day.. of course we would all be on the honor system. What do yall think?? any other ideas?

    Just a thought>

    Have a great night everyone!


  • Hey B&Gs!

    Lonna - I LOVE the idea of a weekly challenge.  Count me in!  As far as cardio, have you tried to swim? or bike?

    Sharon - Glad you are feeling better.  Just remember you don't have to be perfect.  I read in the Bill Philips journal that he isn't even perfect on this program.  You are always going to have your days where things just don't go your way, or you aren't feeling good etc.  Right now it seems like we have to be perfect because we are trying the 12 week challenge.  But really our goal should be to change our lifestyle forever, even after the 12 weeks.  So if you have bad days, thats normal.  This is forever and you can't beat yourself up if you don't have "perfect" days everyday.  More than likely you are doing more than you were doing before.  Thats a huge accomplishment right there.

    Melissa - great job on the workout!

    This week has been a good week for me but I have to say, it is the 1st week I have really struggled getting up at 5 am to workout.  I am doing it, but not without a fight.  Once i am done I feel great, so I try to remember that.  Hopefully this too will pass! :)

    Have a great night!!!!! GO BUTTS AND GUTS!


  • Hey guys!  I am just checking in.  I don't want to write too much right now, as I have a headache.  But I do want to respond to some of your posts, so I'll come back on in the morning to write more.

    Day 2 of week 5 down, and I still haven't missed a workout (knock wood), despite having sprained/strained my elbow during Friday's LBWO.  I had to lower my weight somewhat for my UBWO yesterday, but I got it in!  Sounds like you are all doing well too, despite your own challenges.  I think we should all be proud of ourselves!


  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Thanks Everyone for the pick me up.

    Count me in too for the weekly challange - It sounds like fun and will get me to work alittle harder too.

    Today is LBWO - I still feel tender from my UBWO from the other day. So my goal today is to make sure I hit my 10 with every muscle group. Nice and slow and make every moment count. Hubby is going to come with me this afternoon and help me with swats. Anyone doing swats - for some reason I am intimated by them- I guess I am afraid I might do them wrong. Goal today is to over come that.

    Hope everyone is having a great day Gotta go to meeting


  • Hey guys!!!

    Mel thanks for the Ideas.. I think I am just gonna have to suck it up and join the gym again. That is just not another expense I need right now.. I will check out Craigs list for a stationary bike that might work! Thanks again!

    Sherry, I am sorry about your headache, that stinks and wow about your elbow.. I keep telling my husbandthis trying to get healthy stuff is gonna kill me!LOL Good for you getting through it ! Thats determination!!! Way to go!!! And you are right we should be proud of ourselves!!

    Hi Sharon!! After reading your post I feel like I really should have worked harded focusing on every muscle in my workout!! I am just a bit scared of making my hip flexor worse. But you gave me motivation for upper body next!  Thank you!!  And here is a laugh.. I love sumo squats!!! I do mine with a kettle bell (20 lbs) I get to huffin and puffin and I feel great!! I did them tonight!! LOVE EM!! lol But I bet I look like a huge goof when I do them!

    OK EVERYONE anyone who wants a challange.....

    since tomorrow is a cardio day lets see how many of us will take on a challenge of 75 sit ups. for tomorrow. You can take all day doing them or all at one if you can but maybe we can add this to your fitness routine chart??  Or just let us know on here if you did it!! How does that sound Gutt busters????

    I will start me first set early tomorrow morning.

    Have a great night everyone!!!


  • Melissa,  I don't think it matters too much if we do one workout in the evening and then the next in the am since you are never working out the same body parts.  Well, you might find it a little difficult with a morning cardio workout right after a Level 10 leg workout, but I think the most important thing is to get our workouts in.

    Sharon, according to what I've read in this program, it's almost necessary to eat another small "meal" after our dinner meal.  I don't think I'd fit all 6 meals in if I didn't have the last one then.  If it's too close to bedtime though, you can make it light on carbs.  I have the Myoplex Carb Control bars for that purpose.  Although I have to admit that, like Lonna, I get all "hungry, hungry hippo" close to bedtime too.  If I am going to slip this is the time it will happen. I've been trying to make sure I have nothing in the house to tempt me too much, but it is still a work in progress.

    Lonna, and everyone, I am up for the challenge thing, but it'll have to be just situps for now.  The push ups will have to wait until my elbow is healed some.

    Hope you've all had a great day!