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  • Bad 3rd week for me, but I am NOT starting over. I am going to "continue". I need to follow through and finish strong. Starting to get my eating down better,  have really no weigh loss to report, was not eating enough. But some how I had a SEVERE leg cramp Sunday morning while sleeping. So painful I thought I was going to pass out, had to get hubby up for help.  Now my right calf hurts and am not looking forward to LBWO, I will try to get to it later and see if it feels better, or should I just bite the bullet and do it, I am afraid I will do more damage than good.  Any suggestions?



  • @ Getndown - I've had those in my legs before, especially my right calf which seems to suffer the most.  Just try to drink a lot of water and make sure that all of your meals are balanced.  Whenever I get cramps like that I also soak my body in the hottest water I can stand, but eventually I am able to workout...usually doesn't prevent me from that, but it feels kind of weird.  Stretch out your leg and try to workout, but if you feel straining ease back.

  • Hey Melissa, I am so sorry you had a bad 3rd week. You are right tho, don't start over just continue what you sared we are all human and we have slipped. Just gotta shake off the bad and start over with the good. I sometimes get leg cramps too and l talked to the Dr about it and he said make sure you are eating bananas. Also Calcium has natural muscle relaxing qualities in it so maybe try and incorporate those things into your new eating plan.

    Cwords and Queen,

    welcome to the group! Most of us here started in the last week in August, but not all of us.

    We try very hard to be inspiring and motivating to each other ... Some of us here only have a few Lbs to lose others of us know we will be doing the challange more than once. LOL That would be ME!

    i really hope everyone has a great week !!!

    Keep up the good work Gutts and Butts!!!


  • Sharon,

    I think it would be great to put the spread heet on here, I have no problem with that!

    And if we could also put the workout sheet up that would be good too... I don't know how to do that kind of stuff...

    If I can I would like to see who all is still in our group..  I know a few people have fallen off.. :(

    Go Team!!!!


  • Melissa, My friends :) You are sooo right - dont start over. You will finish strong, I'm sure of it. You need future vision now - Haven't read book enough times to quote yet but basically, think of what you want to look like - really see it... Can you see it!  and forget last week- last week was last week.

    Leg cramps can be painful. Use to get them alot when I was pregnant with my daughter. bananas, water and stretch - warm up your legs alittle before weights and see how it feels. If just alittle tender - go for it just listen to your body. and dont continue if it starts hurting. you don't want to injury it more. If the warm up is no good - I would give that muscle a break today - but thats me. I am not an expert.

    Lonna - Not sure how to do that either - :)


  • Hey Lonna,

    Just too funny! I woke up and the first thing I did was eat a banana. And then asked myself WHY? ( not a normal thing I do) I must have been listening to my body (not a normal thing either) . But I have to say, when you start bfl, and eat better, you want better. Some people have posted that they do not like to go overboard on their free day, cause they FEEL it on Monday.



  • Hi all!  I have been MIA for a few days.  I have had a HORRIBLE 4 days and am really upset with myself that I let it all go.  It all started Thursday when I couldn't get my treadmill to work in the morning.  After that it all went downhill from there.  Pretty much Friday, Saturday and Sunday I ate bad and didn't workout at all.  So it has not been good, and of course it all happened right before I hit day 21 when things are supposed to become a habit.  The one thing I didn't do though was say I am done and giving up.  I got up this morning, and got my cardio in.  I planned my meals and feel good.  I'm not giving up and reading the blog definitely helped get me motivated again.  Thanks to all of you.  I am mad at myself that I pretty much wasted 3 days of the challenge.  A few things I learned about me though:

    1.  I HAVE to workout in the mornings or it won't get done

    2.  I HATED the way I felt the last few days without working out and eating well

    3.  This is a great group and I need to stay on the blog, even when things aren't going well because it definitely helps to motivate me and helps to see that others are going through similar things also.

    So I am BACK!  

    Hope everyone has a great week!


  • I was reading some other blogs in the forum and thought this would be a great motivator for us all.  Someone who finished the challenge.

  • Hey B&G's!

    WOWZA it sounds like a few people had it rough last week - which makes me feel better I thought it was just me!  I stuck to the eating and exercising but I have hypothyroidism (side effects of hT = weight gain/inability to loose weight, extreme fatigue, inability to focus...all super great when trying to do bfl!) and soooo didn't take my pills last week for like 4 days which always leaves me with a 'hung-over' feeling.  Then being at my moms all week (so I could use her car as mine was in the shop), with 4 kids under 15 (i.e. plenty of junk food), one of which plays the drums when he gets home from school (i.e. when I'm sleeping - work 3rd shift - so 3-5 hours of sleep/day max)...ya it was a hard week mentally and emotionally.  And so much more depressing when I weighed in the SAME as the week before.  UGH. I felt like I overcame so much and didn't really see progress for it.  So frustrating.  But I made myself have a kick-a$$ LBWO today so hopefully I can use that to really pump it up this week (instead of well I do well so screw it)...

    Mel - did you get your treadmill working?  that is SOOO frustrating when you go to work out and there's a problem (gym closed, you forgot your music, treadmill doesn't work, etc.) I totally see how that can lead to a downward spiral and you are SO kick a$$ to have a couple of bad days and be like 'you know what screw that I can so do this' - and thanks for posting too, the next time I fall off the wagon I'm going to remember this!!!! So Motivational (yes, with a capital M). Oh and thanks for the blog for us to read - I haven't yet but I will!  

    Melissa - way to stick with it - ditto on what I told Mel: your decision to keep going instead of scrapping it and starting over is awesome and TOTALLY inspirational - thanks for posting!!!! This week you will be amazing and I completely agree with Sharon - learn from it and move on!!!!

    Lonna - AWESOME!!! way to go you!  I am ever caught up in your positivity, it's insane and so totally appreciated!! You are definitely the group leader as you manage to stay involved in everyone's posts lol I love it!

    Sharon - I'm glad you're still here and still giving good advice!

    Michelle, Sharon (SMMS), Sherry, Lisa, Laura - WHERE ARE YOU???? I hope all is well and week three was good for you guys!!!

    here's a stab at seeing if this makes a link...not sure if it will or not...

    Stats Spreadsheet:

    Workouts Spreadsheet:

  • OK Just Kidding -

    Stats Spreadsheet:

    Workouts Spreadsheet:

  • hehe I think that worked!!!! I have the 2 docs bookmarked so I usually just get there that way but you guys are right, we needed them on here!


  • HIII ALLL!!!!!!!

    Melissa... Great minds think alike even if they don't know it! LOL

    Mel... I AM SOOO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes a HUGE amount of will power and strength to get back up dust your self off and say Ok, I messed up but I am back Baby!!! We missed you! And we are all so happy to have you here! ANd thank you for the post I can always use something more inspiring and uplifting! I too feel bad after splurging on the "cheat day" so I try not to over over do it..LOL

    Anna Banana... I think WOWZA is right! I got tired just reading about all you have going on! OMG I am amazed you have time to be on BFL and be on here to post!

    I also had 2 weeks of the same weight and then BOOM! I had a big drop and I also had my measurements done again and another big change.

    And how are you functioning on 3-5 hrs of sleep? You are amazing!

    I am sooooo glad you are back on here too!!!! How awesome are we?? sticking it out!!!

    I think the best we can do is just keep supporting each other.. we are all gonna have rough patches.. we just need help keeping going!

    Well I am off to torture my self on LBWO.. If I am really good maybe I can get a real good burn on and make it hard for me to sit and stand tomorrow!LOL!!

    Have a great night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Okay, I'm here, I'm here!  I wondered why I didn't get notifications to my e-mail all weekend, then I realized I hadn't been on the new thread yet!

    Awesome, Anna!  Thanks for adding the spreadsheet links here.

    I'lll keep this short tonight, unlike my usual posts, because I'm pretty tired and need some sleep.

    Started my 4th week today.  Weighed myself this morninng and was kind of annoyed because my weight on the scale has been all over the place.  Logically, I know all the reasons why that could be, but I just haven't been able to help myself and I keep checking the scale.  So I decided to hide the scale in my closet, and to only weigh myself once every 4 weeks, as suggested.  

    I also pulled out my tape and did my measurements just out of curiosity.  I lost a couple inches off my waist and hips, and about an inch or so each thigh, and off my calves as well.  So I'm pretty happy about that.  I am going to tweek my eating somewhat this week too because I think it could be better.

    I just started CLA today.  I know some people here use it because I heard it mentioned before.  for those if you who use it, how have you found it?  Any positives and/or negatives I should be aware of?

    We're still going strong B&G's!


  • Oh lordy, I am still here and back in force- hehe. Melissa I also had a rough 3rd week. Teacher conference did me in.  Day 1 I did great. Day 2 and 3 and 4 oh my. Ummm I cannot believe how off track I feel. But I too am getting back on that horse. Now I know I can never go to New Orleans and stay a tea teetotaller .  Sigh. My stalwart determination only goes so deep.

    But this is Michelle singing back in.

    Go Banana! Great work on posting the spreadsheets! Love, Michelle

  • Just wanted to say good morning everyone - and I am soo glad everyone is kicking butts and staying ALL IN! I got a busy day, alot to do at work before a big meeting- still doing research too. :( so I gotta run just wanted to say HI - Have a Butts and Gutts Day!