the meal plans?

  • I was eating 6 meals a day and most of them were recipes from the eating for life book. I got discouraged  2 weeks in and called the body for life number. They suggested that the meals were follow up meals like a maintenance plan. They suggested I just follow the carb + protein - added ingredients. Any comments on this? sample meal for me is lean ground turkey with salsa and brown rice... 

  • Hi Laurie, that is good advice. The EFL book is promoted on Bill Phillips new website and new "modified" program -  It is more liberal than the original BFL book that he wrote that we refer to as the "bible", even the list on this website varies slightly to the strict original book.

    The meal you have put ups is fine as long as the salsa is home made or you have checked the label for the "sugar aka: carb content".  If you could make it yourself so there is no added sugar, use it liberaly (onions, garlic, tomatoes, zuchinni, spices), if its a bought product, read the label, use some for flavouring and add your 1 cup of veggies - greens (brocoli, beans etc) to it for bulk and fibre content also.   There is a thread on here called "newbies - quick check list" - that gives a summary to help you out.  Also, please go to one of the main threads to ask further questions, that way you get more respones and it will benefit others along the way.  "Gather Here Faithful GB'rs" or "Coffee Crew" if you are an early riser, or "newbies introduce yourself.  All the best. Debs


  • Laurie here's some info from Mike Harris that can help you if you want to use the book.  "Most of the mixed recipes are fine, too, but to avoid the conflict between portion sizes and serving sizes you really need to just adjust the recipes a bit. That's not as hard as it might seem. For most recipes, you can get YOUR portion size by using 70% of the amounts called for in the recipe, and that should make two servings for YOU. Otherwise, the recipes will [be] too large."

    Remember there is a difference between serving size and portions size.  See page 73 for the info.

    Here are page numbers where I found the meals easy to use for when in the challenge phase:


    131 (without the mayo)


    144 (without the yogurt, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese)

    180 (without the white wine)

    235 (without the peanut butter)



    301 (without 3 egg yolks)


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks, new at this and trying to find the thread...where do I go for that?