Preparing for the Q4 Body for Life Challenge! Care to join the journey?!?!?

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    We have had a rough week. My grandpa had a heart attack last week and they did not think he was going to make it. We rushed to Florida and just got back two nights ago. He is doing remarkably well and is actually back at home. He has to wear a defibrillator and can no longer drive, but overall seems to be in good spirits!

    Jen and I got in a couple of workouts while we were gone and tried to keep our nutrition in check the best we could considering the situation. I hope everyone is doing well and I’ll try and catch up when I can!


  • Sorry to hear about your grandpa, but glad to hear he's doing so well. It's pretty tough to stay on plan when those things happen. I think you do pretty darn good considering.

    You'll get back on track this week, I'm sure.

    We had out 2nd huge dinner today with more family. I'm hoping to just stay even this week on the scale.

    I'm going to keep this plan going until Dec. 31 and then start again when the 2nd challenge starts. I'm having laser surgery Jan. 5 on one leg (varicose veins) and can't lift for 2 weeks or run on the treadmill. All I can do is walk. Guess it's better than nothing. :( I'll just do the best I can.

  • Hey there Q4 crew!!! I realize that I’ve turned into a horrible facilitator but life is what it is! We’ve almost attained full global launch on my projects at work so hopefully I’ll be back in gear with y’all soon!!!

    As expected, I was locked out of the workplace gym Thursday & of course, cooked too much & ate too much BUT been back at it everyday since, grinding out the iron & working in extra cardio! I’ll put this is bulleted form today. Maybe that’ll make the numbers easier to digest LOL!

    Sleep has been “better” getting 5ish hours nightly too! I think my eyelids & my middle aged bladder have decided it’s just time to screw with the ol’man!

    FRI: 67,200 LBs LBWO, 558 Cardio Calories climbing 227 Vertical Feet. Pulse 53% - 93%

    SAT: 59,600 LBs UBWO, 422 Cardio Calories climbing 219 Vertical Feet. Pulse 58% - 92%

    SUN: 75,600 LBs LBWO, 708 Cardio Calories climbing 300 Vertical Feet. Pulse 55% - 95%

    TOTALs: 202,400 LBs of iron ground to dust, 1688 Cardio Calories smoked while climbing 746 Vertical Feet! I’ll take it!

    Rock on crew & have a GREAT week!!!

  • Roosed - the numbers you post are amazing! I cant even imagine lifting that much. YOU ROCK. I havent seen you post about your cardio or meals in while - have you been able to continue with HIIT and the palm and fist method still or are you finding you need to adjust to keep your energy levels steady?

    I ask that only because on my leg days for sure, I tend to have meal 2 and 3 a bit closer together.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Legs, the HIIT is getting done 3 days weekly and abbreviated versions for warm up and wind down the other 3, except for this past week…most Saturdays I’m just plain lazy LOL! Since I do all my work upon rising, in a fasting state, it’s all good nutrition wise and I’m running 2000-2400 calories daily.

    Well crew, we made it through another Monday but it sure had lingering effects this AM! We had horrendous rain, lightening & thunder here in the delta last evening / night and that, combined with a blah Monday in general, led to about 5 interrupted hours of bad sleep, bad dreams & a generally bad attitude this AM but unfortunately it wasn’t an angry kind of bad I could even harness…just blah LOL!

    Luckily today was LBWO or I would have been totally screwed LMAO! But since it WAS lower day, even without the grizzly heart or mindset fully engaged, the work got done! 75,600 LBs of iron got moved @ 0.94 Tons / Minute in between cardio sets totaling 447 calories & 237 vertical feet climbed, cranking the pulse rate from 61% MHR up to 90% MHR so the results should be there anyhow!!!

    We’ve only got 26 days left to get ready to kick Santa’s chubby butt when he slides down the chimney so I guess I’d better work on sharpening the claws and getting the grizzly spirit re-awakened!

    Rock on pals & have a GREAT day!

  • Hi all! What a week it's started out to be....

    I did great on my first Thanksgiving dinner, but not so good on the 2nd one. I was pretty lazy this weekend with not much working out happening.

    I had  a little "encounter" yesterday with a student which resulted in a sprained thumb (luckily nothing is torn), which means a brace for 10 days and no lifting. I've been so busy with this kid that I'm not getting all my food in which may make up for all I ate last weekend! I've been up early for cardio both mornings this week so that's something.

    Roosed, we're in crummy weather season here too. It's windy and really cold today, plus dark at 4:30. Makes you want to curl up in front of the fireplace! Breaking out the sweaters!

    Keep pushing strong kids!

  • Confession time. Why? I have been asking myself this for 5 days now. I read threads where people fell apart in the last weeks and I thought "are you kidding? That's when the results really come...why would you crash and burn then?" I'm singing a different tune now. I actually ate really well on Thanksgiving. Filled up first and turkey then ate a few bites of the other things and only had 1 piece of pie. The plan was to use Thanksgiving as my free day. Well lets just say I've had a free day from Thanksgiving to Tuesday. I fell apart totally. I did get my workouts in except my HIIT yesterday (tuesday). So that's the first workout I've missed. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. Just get back on the wagon I guess. I just really hope that I can still see some decent results in these last weeks. On the bright side I know that I'm still increasing my weight in my lifting and so building more muscle/increasing my metabolism so hopefully my body can recover more efficiently from my binge than it would have before I started BFL.

    I posted this thought in another thread but I thought I'd get everbody's input on this thread. It makes sense to me that in my second challenge I will continue to see great results the whole time (assuming I am hitting 10's/eating clean) since I "laid the foundation" in C1. Would you agree or do you think it will be the same as C1 (slower results at first then it picks up in the end).

    Anywho, I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!

  • Since I've never made it through one challenge, let alone 2 I can't really answer that. I wouldn't think a few days would hurt you that much. It sounds like you've done great the rest of the time. You can't undo it now anyway (I had the same problem with Tgiving) so just keep moving forward.

    I've not done well on this challenge at all. A few good days and then a few bad so I've only lost a few pounds. I don't expect much at all in the way of results and that's because of my choices. I still have a little time to drop a few pounds so that's my goal at this point. There's always C2!

  • 1HDHawk, sorry to hear about the injury but since keeping the diet clean is better than half of this deal, when combined with your continued cardio…you’ll do just fine…I’m SURE! Great attitude regarding the next challenge too young lady! It'll be stellar since we wont have the Holidays to battle...well except for the Valentine's day chocolate fest LOL!

    JMS, confessions clear the soul! The beauty of this whole deal is that it truly is “for life” so when speed bumps come along (and they will!), swerve or hit’em head on…important thing is to just dust ytourself off and keep going!!!

    Q4 crew, I’ve pretty much let y’all slide yet again and for that I truly apologize. Work has continued to be nucking futs as we’ve finally launched 1 project and are nearing lift off on the 2nd one I’m responsible for! Also been battling some real personal home life stressors the past few weeks as well that just aren’t getting any better but are going to have to come to a head one way or another really soon. I tried to catch up with y’all a couple evenings ago but the forum wouldn’t load so I don’t know what was up with that.

    Yesterday when I got up my lower back felt on fire and tweaked too so I just focused on cardio, arms & shoulders. Anyhow, after 5 hours of sleep last night, since there just wasn’t anything giving me that burning desire to be home this morning, I got around to hit the gym again for another rare Saturday blitz. It started off a gray gloomy Memphis morning anyhow so I figured that I might as well spend it grinding some surplus iron for the week. Gotta get ready to kick Santa’s chubby butt ya know LOL!

    WARNING! Further content COMPLETELY NOT BfL compliant LOL!!!

    I decided that since yesterday I half @zz’d bailed on UBWO because of my lower back aching like mad I’d just make today a marathon FULL BODY destruction so I just whipped out BOTH spreadsheets & had at it, alternating LBWO & UBWO sets with 7 minute HIIT cardio humps mixed in for good clean, albeit sweaty, fun!

    For any fellow number freaks on land or at sea, who might care, today went like this:

    (1) Fat Burn Cardio Hill Climb #1; 112 Calories, 92 Vertical Feet, Pulse 109-142

    (2) Core & LBWO Circuit #1; 36,800 LBs or iron @ 1.31 Tons per Minute

    (3) Calorie Burn Cardio Hill Climb #1; 114 Calories, 81 Vertical Feet, Pulse 128-157

    (4) Core & UBWO Circuit; 28,480 LBs of iron @ 1.10 Tons per Minute

    (5) Fat Burn Cardio Hill Climb #2; 115 Calories, 77 Vertical Feet, Pulse 138-169

    (6) Core & LBWO Circuit, #2; 36,800 LBs of iron @1.23 Tons per Minute

    (7) Calorie Burn Cardio Hill Climb #2; 112 Calories, 92 Vertical Feet, Pulse 109-142

    (8) Core & Dumbbell BI/TRI/Shoulder-fest; 21,440 LBs of iron @ .83 Tons per Minute

    (9) Cardio Flat Track Speed Intervals; 102 Calories, Pulse 129-154

    (10) (SATURDAY SUMMARY) 90 Minutes Total Time Spent In Effort:

    123,520 LBs of FULL BODY Iron Lifted @ 1.12 Tons per Minute

    560 Cardio calories smoked while climbing 331 vertical dreadmill feet

    Cardio heart rate ranging from a beginning 61% to 94% maximum overall!

    All in all, I’m calling it one @zz kicking morning that I’m SURE I’ll be feeling most of the rest of the weekend! Don’t know for sure if I’ll get into the gym tomorrow or not but if I do…something tells me it’ll just be cardio LOL!

    Have a GOOD one pals!!!

    Your crazy Memphis pal, Dave

  • Dave, sorry to hear about the home stressors. What can I say other than "been there, done that".

    I had a pretty decent week. I'm going to bust it hard until Jan. 5 when I have vein surgery and can't lift for 2 weeks. Since I've been half @zzed (as Dave would say) on this challenge I figure I'll go until then and take my break starting the 5th. I will be able to walk at that point, but no other cardio is allowed.

    Work continued to be crazy all week which makes it really tough to even get a chance to get meals in. Friday was a long day, but I made changes to my kid's program that seemed to help so that's good news. Hopefully the good trend continues.

    I'll do the best I can for the remainder of this challenge and be ready for the 2nd one when it's up and going. I'm hoping I have enough $$ to go to AZ on spring break. I'd like to be looking pretty darn good by then. By summer I want to be at goal and learn how to maintain. Always the toughest part for me!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend team!

  • 1hdhawk: Where do you plan to go on spring break in Arizona?  I live in Arizona....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • My son is attending MMI in Phoenix. I've never been to AZ and want to get there before he finishes in July. Depends on money. I wouldn't mind being there today. It was darn cold here today. Lots of wind and 25 degrees. At least it hasn't snowed yet.

  • 1HDHawk, our 24 year old is SUPPOSED to be starting MMI in Phoenix in January! Doubt we get out there anytime soon but what a SMALL world it is!

    After yesterday’s OMG full body grind of 123,520 LBs this morning’s daily aggravation fired up another 27,700 LBs of Shoulders / BIs / TRIs on top of a tidy 1,000 cardio calories stomped away while climbing 687 vertical feet ranging the cardio pulse from 61% up to 94% today.

    Went through and got caught up on my BfL progress stats, since Oct 3rd and they look like this:

    -7.5” of bad body parts (chest, back, belly, waist)

    +1.0” of good body after shedding flab (legs & arms)

    -14.0 LBs & -1.0% overall body fat

    Nothing stellar here but at least the numbers are all moving in the right direction!

    Rock on pals!!!

  • Morning all!  Week 9 for me.  Trying to push through a general sense of BLAH and dealing with the snowy weather.

    Really want to push it this week and of course to DAY 84.

  • KellyW! You can do it young lady!!! Just think of the heat from your workouts melting both fat & snow!!!

    I know this is going to sound like the pot calling the kettle black but…WHERE’D EVERYBODY GO?!?!? Certainly Thanksgiving didn’t drive this crew away!!!

    BTW, have any of you ever just had “one of those days”???

    Yesterday’s can of tuna at lunch seemed a lil off then had a tablespoon of protein enriched Power Butter peanut butter at about 8PM last night to chase off the nighttime munchies. I actually got to bed at 10PM, feeling a little queasy already. I arose about 2AM burping Power Butter and feeling a bit queasier. I got up for the day at 4AM, (WooHoo!!! 6 whole hours!) still burping Power Butter, 8 hours after ingesting it, and feeling REALLY queasy. That Power Butter has been around for a couple months in the fridge but I’m thinking the egg based protein additive stuff might’ve turned funky.

    Hit the key on the commuter-mobile, 26 chilly degrees this morning, and headed north for the workplace / gym. Knocked out Cardio 1, UBWO circuit 1, Cardio 2, Shoulders / BIs / TRIs Dumbbell circuit, Cardio 3 & still had a little time left so I thought since uppers in general, shoulders especially, have been lagging behind, almost feeling like they’re losing ground rather than improving, I’d throw 1 last “circuit to failure” in for good measure.

    Standing cable rows, 200 LBs x 9 check! Standing cable tricep pushdowns with wrist twists, 200 LBs x 8 ½ check, Pec Deck, 200 LBs x 7 ¾ then WHAM! Partially dislocated my bum right shoulder for the 3rd time in 2 years, shoulder popped, pain stabbed, lost all strength, pec deck weight stack yanked both arms back. Mmmmm…Ouch…that sucked! Exit station. rub the shoulder, stretch it, seated pull down, narrow grip, 200 LBs x ½, NOPE! That’s it for today and probably for the week on uppers. Friday will most likely be cardio and MAYBE dumbbells if the shoulder allows. Last time it took about 2 weeks to get it happy enough to lift again but it should be a lot stronger now than it was then. We shall see!

    Before the injury 66,400 LBs UBWO @ .92 Tons per Minute did get done in between 284 cardio calories smoked @ 13.5 Calories per Minute while climbing 164 vertical feet, cardio pulse beginning at 57% this morning peeking at 86%. Queasy seems to be subsiding this afternoon but what’s left of the Power Butter went in the trash this morning, just in case.

    Rock on crew! Friday is on its way & Santa isn’t TOOOOOO far behind!