Preparing for the Q4 Body for Life Challenge! Care to join the journey?!?!?

  • Martuc - good job staying focused on the road.  I am still paying from last week's business trip to Atlanta.  The tip to eating out is looking for key words like "crispy, cream sauce", and "Krispy-Kreme".

    Rob - thanks for the feedback on creatine.  I am thinking about supplementing with this stuff to help bulk up.

    Janet - as for the Avo fruit (isn't that what they call it in ZA?), everything in moderation.  30 grams of fat seems like a lot for one food item, but as long as you do not excede your target intake, go for it.

    As for my journey, I have a new exercise routine that is kicking my @$$.  I'm calling it the "Heavy construction boot camp".  My deck is almost complete, but I have been so wiped out that I literally do not have the energy to even consider cardio or weights.  I should be done by Monday, so I will be back on the straight and narrow then.  The good news is that I hit an ALL TIME LOW on the scales this morning - tipping the scale at 184,4 lbs  That's 7.8 lbs less than three weeks ago!  The trick will be to maintain that number and focus on adding muscle.  Thats my biggest challenge now.

    Rock on team.

  • Hey Team!

    Hope everyone's have a great week! I have so far! I have been doing my HIIT workout videos and they are killer! I've been doing a 25 minute one because there's about 5 minutes of stretching. I think they are going to be a good addition to the elliptical workouts. I got a little discouraged this week because I definitely was very free with my free day and I made the mistake of stepping on the scale. I was a little curious and I was a little disappointed. I just have to visualiaze my muscle growing and getting ready to kick out the fat LOL! I had a great lower body workout on my lunch break yesterday and I am feeling it today which I love ♥. I also started taking some CLA and some Kre-alkalyn and I am hoping it will really maximize my results. I am loving BFL! Why didn't I do this 5 years ago? Let's finish out our last two workouts of the week strong! GO TEAM!

  • Wow, today was the first day I've found really, really tough. Focussed hard on the UBWO yesterday, and finally feel like I got something out of those lazy biceps, but I went to bed way too late, and just felt exhausted this morning. Work has been hard this week, looking after a new team, so not been able to get to the gym until after 8Pm. Meaning, for me, I was just drained before I even got on the cross trainer today. Still feel like I pushed hard, but can barely type now.

    One thing I've noticed is that I'm just not that sore in the mornings any more. Weak, maybe, but I don't feel the burn all that much. Feel like my weight sessions work my muscles to exhaustion when I do them, but shouldn't it hurt more the Koenig after? Or am I just feeling the benefits of a better diet?

    On Creatine, I'm using it at the moment too, think it's helped move things along for me so far, but too soon to tell really. I've also started taking CLA with my larger meals too- on top of a few other supplements, but surely it can't hurt!

    You guys all sound amazing, though I'm a little worried for Rob - if you feel anything like I do now, a 2 year old might well be able to take you down!!!

    Well done on the road Marcus, know how tough that an be.

    Take care guys!!!

  • OMG! I’m in LOVE!!!

    Rob & Jen listed that link to a place in CA where you can login & define your own natural protein bars. First you pick the bar size then they have all sorts of foundations, 3 different protein sources, several different sweetener options (I chose natural clover honey) fruits, nuts, etc, you chose from & as you add / subtract things it constantly updates the nutritional info until you get it just the way you want then you can add infusions of fiber, super multi-vitamins, greens, etc to further enhance them.

    The last thing you do is “name” the bar, as they print the wrappers custom as well, so you can tell which ones are which! They come 13 to a box (my favorite number BTW) & I just had my very first one…OMG!!! It’s like a peanut butter jelly protein bar with nuts & berries!

    18 Gr of Protein, 18 Gr of carbs, 4 Gr of fiber, 15 Gr of fat, 279 calories. I know it’s a little heavy on the fats but they all come from the natural peanut butter base & the added nuts!

    In case you’re interested  or missed it previously the link is:

    OH!!! They’re sooooooo evil!!! I ordered 1 box with super multi-vitamins & 1 box with “greens”, but both to the exact same “recipe”. It’s going to be soooooo hard not to gobble these babies down LOL! The plan was 1 “greens” mid morning & one “Multi-Vit” mid afternoon but that’s going to require some SERIOUS willpower!

    Good thing I brought them into work! A couple nights around the house, or over the weekend, they’d go POOF for sure!!!

    Martuc, congrats on the road workout success man! It is certainly tough when you’re out of your routine!

    Ondier, I use creatine regularly but one thing to watch out for is bloat. Some cheaper, lesser sources cause serious water retention and blot so read up before you chose one specifically.

    KellyW, banana cake??? I dearly love banana bread but luckily the Mrs hasn’t ever figured out banana cake. LOL! You’ll burn that off in no time young lady! Just use those calories to kick start your next cardio fest and leave’em in the dust!

    Frick, 7.8 LBs?!?!? Outstanding! Enjoy that deck once it’s done man! You’ll have to smoke some chicken out there and we’ll join you for a cyber party!

    JMS, it does require a lot of discipline to ignore that EVIL scale number…trust me! I know!!! That number is just one of many that make up this journey. Don’t sweat it!!! A couple extra pounds are probably just thigh muscles waiting for you to feed’em some flab during your next cardio blast!

    Asaldo, I’ve recently found myself burning the candle at both ends while everybody else passes underneath melting the middle too and running on an empty tank makes this deal double tough! The body needs rest to recover from working out otherwise it’ll turn in on the muscle you’re trying to build for energy and you don’t want that!

    Regarding today for me…I ran into a few little problems LOL!

    Problem (1) I’m a guy & for some reason we, like Tim Taylor on tool time, just have to have “more power!!!” Crank it up! Wear it out! Stoke & stroke the ego! So, each day I’ve been upping the treadmill MPH by a measly 0.1 MPH because how slow my stride is on this thing drives me CRAZY (I know, I know, short trip)!!!

    Problem (2) Since some weasel Johaan decided he / she needed my schnazy purple protein shake shaker, that I’d rinsed out & placed on the shelf in the break room yesterday morning, worse than I did, 2 of my afternoon feedings were tiny tuna cups & 20 Gr protein bars instead of tuna & 60 Gr protein shakes.

    Problem (3) My wife works “4th shift” now & therefore doesn’t work weeknight evenings anymore so, being the wonderful lady she is, she has been making a fairly concerted effort to have a fairly home made dinner ready when I get home most nights & last night she made an old favorite that isn’t very compliant (smoked sausage, mashed potatoes & sauerkraut) that doesn’t have the worlds best macro ratios at all. Now when I tried, in my nicest / most gentlemanly way, to explain this to her I could see the hurt in her face as she said, “Well, I used turkey sausage for you!” INTERNAL SIGH…“COOL! THANKS!!! When do we eat?” Smiles all around!!! (Grrr!)

    SO! Combining those 3 problems this morning, by the time I got ½ way through UBWO the gravity well was set on “uber black hole” mode & every station was kicking my butt…UGH!!!

    Luckily I had gotten to the gym 10 minutes early today & slipped in while the lights were warming up but today’s grindfest effort still put me at my desk 07:55! Grrr! I sooo hate being rushed!

    Today’s efforts managed to total up a nice, even, tidy, (couldn’t have planned this on purpose had I tried) 88,000 LBs @ .90 tons / minute wrapped in between my crazy cardio trotting of 260 calories @ 13.0 cal / minute, including a vertical climb of 182 feet averaging 9.1 ft / min ascension rate!

    Rock on crew!!! This is Body for LIFE & life throws us speed bumps! Improvise, adapt & overcome (to borrow a phrase from the awesome folks in the USMC!) so Murphy moves on to an easier target!!! Santa better have the Mrs. Working on a camo suit for this year!!!

    Take care y'all & keep grinding it out!!!

  • Woke up with a migraine so the workout didn't happen. This ended up being my rest day. If I stay on track I can still get them all in. I weighed in too, and as usual, with BFL, the scale is barely moving. I won't be like Jen and lose 7 lbs. in a week. I'm going to stick with it and see what happens, but I seem to need lots of cardio to burn the flab off. Maybe it's because I'm so much older than the rest of the team :)!

    Our night out ended up just being dinner and then we bought both girls winter coats, an outfit, Halloween costumes, etc. The older one (8 yrs, and my student) cried much of the time. She was pretty scared to leave her mom. Her dad left and mom says he wasn't very nice to them so she has some major trust issues. Her little sister had a blast at least. The mom thanked me and cried when we got there. We're going to help her move beds tomorrow. She has no truck. I'm going to pass the word around school. They'll need most everything as her trailer leaked so a lot of their stuff is moldy. Luckily my mom just moved and so did we so we have lots of extras.

    So, the rest of the week is set to get the rest of my workouts in and keep up with the nutrition. That's been going great. I'm staying right at 1500 cal and 40-40-20 for macros. I wonder if I need to drop carbs lower?

    I think you've convinced me to order some protein bars. I'm going to label them "hot darlin" bars! You made my day!

  • Roosed, totally right on getting the rest, that's something I'm going to have to pay more attention to next week. Working from home today, and it's almost the weekend after all, so that'll help get a few extra hours shut-eye! Can I also just a say, your weight-lifting stats are incredible! I've just worked out what I've been doing in my LBWO's this week (and converting from kgs to lbs!!!), and I'm about half-way to where you are - 40,000 lbs more or less for LBWO, and I thought I had a fairly strong lower body (certainly relative to my UPBWO's, which never fail to make me feel like a total weed in the gym!!!). What sort of reps are you doing to achieve that???

    Stepped on the scales last night, to see where I've got to, and I'm down around about 7lbs since starting, which is great, because it's where my DailyBurn app more or less predicted me to be by this point. Still feel like I have a long way to go though, want to see the same again come off by the end of week 6. I'm not too hung up on weight though, I'm more interested in improving my appearance, and generally feeling healthier, and apart from feeling dead yesterday, I can say that I'm definitely starting to see improvements here. My girlfriend's already told me I look less bloated, and I'm beginning to feel less self-conscious taking my shirt off in the gym too. Comparing myself now to my 'before' pics, I can see that the spare tyre is now more moped than tractor wheel! Those love handles are falling away! I feel like I've worked hard for this much gain though, so I know I'm going to have to keep going at it if I want to hit my targets (which is basically looking a whole lot better than I do now!!!).

    1hdhawk, good luck with the move. I've not been calorie-counting as such, but I've found that eating 100% clean (and dropping the carbs out of meal 6) has made me get to right about the 1500 calorie mark each day, sometimes a little over, sometimes a little under, but that seems like a great target. Sometimes I feel like I should be cutting the carbs lower too (I'm trying not to go too far over the 150g / day mark, and sometimes a bit lower), but they are there in your diet for a reason, and you'll need them to give yourself enough for energy, and to get the most out of your workouts every day. Like others have said, try dropping them in your later meals (6, maybe 5 too, but I can't really do that!). Remember, this isn't Atkins!!! I am a newbie at this, but this advice seems to be working ok for me so far, and it's based on fairly sound principles.

    Good luck today guys.

  • Oh, and one other thing - I've also started wearing a pedometer (step-counter). As I sit down for my job most of the day, I make a point of walking as far as I can when I'm not at work (such as to and from the train station, to the shops, etc), and I try to hit 10,000 steps every single day. It won't replace anything else on the BFL program (yes, you still need your cardio!!!), but it's just another little thing that I'm hoping will help me on the way.

  • 1HDHawk, so sorry to hear of the migraine. The Mrs was plagued by them for years & years. The docs kept giving her med.s to take “whenever she felt them coming on” but she almost always woke up with hers so none of that helped since she was always so nauseas from them she couldn’t even try to get anything down for them. Regarding your macros, I believe your 40-40-20 split is exactly what BfL recommends, if memory serves, but if you’re lifting heavy at all to build additional lean mass to gobble the flab (what I like to call “BfL heavy”) then up to a 50P-30C-20F may be better to support the lean build BUT as I’ve said before…I won’t recommend anything that goes against “The Book” to y’all! BTW, when you order those “Hot Darlin” bars you will have to find yourself a cabinet with either a timer padlock or a coin slot because they are absolutely evil good (thanks again Rob & Jen)!!!

    Asaldo, from June through last Friday I had been running a routine beginning at 10 reps / set advancing to 16 then upping each station a plate and starting over but, in order to trick up the body avoiding it getting bored & complacent, this week I began running a new routine beginning at 8 reps climbing to 13 reps per set but at considerably higher weights per rep. I’ve been working out approximately 40 minutes a day, plus cardio before and after, 6 days a week alternating back & forth between UBWO & LBWO. If you want, you can shoot me your email addy in a “conversation” and I can email you a copy of my spreadsheet that details every workout.

    That goes for anybody that needs a laugh! I can either shoot you the original MS Excel file that you can tweak to suit yourself or if you don’t have Excel I can send you a PDF of the UBWO & LBWO pages. I have it laid out in formulas so it’s as close to self updating as I can get it but being lazy, I keep finding ways to trick it up a little better each month!

    This week breaking in the new routine has been going fairly well so we’ll see how the results turn out tomorrow morning when I step on the Rhino scale & see what it says! The new routine totals for this week were as follows:

    524,340 LBs of iron rearranged @ an average of 1.07 tons / minute (PR for weekly average!)

    1098 dreadmill calories trotted away & 754 vertical dreadmill feet climbed!

    Speaking of the dreaded treadmill, as I had mentioned earlier in the week I was expecting to see some pretty decent improvements there as I got used to the monstrosity & I wasn’t too disappointed. I wound up improving both the cardio calories per minute and the vertical ascension rate by 20% in the first week of trotting so I’ll take it! I’ll try to keep up with y’all this weekend as everybody chimes in with their weekly results. Since this is an “odd” week I’ll only be reporting LBs myself as I take weight weekly, full body measures bi-weekly and progress pics monthly although I haven’t really found the place where BfL expects us to deposit the pics LOL!

    Here’s wishing you all an AWESOME weekend!!!

  • HI Everyone!

    @ Asaldo: Looks like youre on the right track :)) the new months comin soon and you should take your measurements for experiment sake.

    @1hdhawk:  Ouch bout the migrane, are you drinking all the water you need? Something odd which helps me when i get them is drinking chamomile tea, it supposed to make you sleepy, but for some reason it helps (relaxes muscles? i dunno)

    @ Rob and Jen: I want those bars!! i saw the site and i was like drooling, not like the ones i have, GAG! I have to find someone coming from the states soon!

    @ Roosed: LOOLL, wow man, i mean the poor woman went to trouble of making you dinner and thats how you replay her? :P hehe yeah we can be the irrational type , i admit!

    @ everyone else , i tend to miss a few posts cuz i dont manage to get on much.


    I was SUPER good this week and pushed myself hard, todays Cardio wasnt a 10/10 but the rest of the week was fab, im still sore from my UBWO i did days ago, and my weight numbers are getting better (Roosed no way i can do your calculation, but i just jot down what i managed to carry each time :)) ) I do WAY better when the weigh trainings are in the evening (i had 2 of those this week due to super early work days), food wise i was very good.

    BUT i didnt lose anything this week what a bummer, the MR missed out on a couple of Weight trainings since he was working overtime most of the week, but he still managed to lose 1 kg (2.2 lbs). I will try to take it up a notch in the food area but decreasing the carbs for 3 out of the 6 meals a little bit.

    Does anyone know when do we start building muscle? I want to pacify myself and pretend i didnt lose cuz i gained muscle :)

    I have a long week, LAST WEEK OF OCT yaay! but dont look forward to the shake/bars diet  since ill be on the go, ughhh!

    I made the turkey chili, after all that chili talk (was that here or on the other thread,) anyhoo, it was so much it was 2 meals for 2 days with a little extra! AND i made it a little too spicy! Yikes! Then on Thursday i made tandoori chicken breasts, its just a mix i bought but they didnt have the brand im used to and this one turned out to be SUPER SPICY. ouchie again!

    Today is homemade roast and lentil/veggie soup.

    Hope everyone is pushing on!

    See you!

  • Pie, taking your full body measurments will tell you if it's muscle but I'm betting you've added muscle offsetting the fat loss! As I've mentioned before, fat weighs 3X fat by volume so the measurements tell all! One caution I'll give about careful about the carbs &/or alcohol sugar content! Either of those will kill your metabolism, stunting your efforts. During my C1 I was dilligently sticking to shakes & bars then when I found out about the alcohol sugar content and jumped off them my progress definitely improved so be careful and read those labels darlin!

  • Wooo! Made it through week 3 workouts! I've battled some craving issues today but I held strong. I just told myself that I could have it tomorrow on my free day. Something that really works for me is when I have a craving I will write it down so I have a nice little list of things for my free day. 90% of the time I don't even eat it on my free day anyways. For some reason it works for me. I started out a solid size 12 and they are definitely fitting a little looser and I'm hoping to fit into my size 10s by the end of next week *crossing fingers* One of my goals is to lose 3 sizes by the end of the challenge so if I fit into them 1/3 of the way through it would seem I am on track to reaching that goal. Going to have to reign myself in and not go crazy tomorrow for that to happen I think! I've completed 100% of my workouts so far giving it 100% of my effort and not cheated at all during the week. I've never stayed on the wagon for this long EVER. We decided to go ahead and purchase a used bowflex for me to use at home so I don't have to find a babysitter to workout LOL. It is one that will allow me to do squats and alot of other lower body exercises so I hope it will be effective. Nevermind--I will MAKE it be effective LOL! I have no other choice. My hubby has put up with me buying so much exercise stuff that is just collecting dust so this is it. I know that free weights are so beneficial but this is what I'm working with so it just has to work! Well enough rambling from me. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

  • Jms, way to go on the workouts and your strategy for fighting the cravings. I didn't have such a stellar day, but tomorrow is a new day. I've been doing so so and need to kick it up big time.

    Pie, I made the low fat turkey chili and took it for lunch every day this week. I added no chili powder and it had just a little kick. I'm a serious wimp when it comes to spicy food and wouldn't have wanted it any hotter. I'd recommend people adding it to taste depending on how spicy they like their food. I really liked it, but the mexican corn/tomatoes made it hot enough for me!

  • Hey gang!  sorry I haven't posted all week.  Have been sick with the flu.  Haven't been able to exercise at all this past week.  Today I am starting to feel better than I have the past few days.  I weighed in this morning and saw that I had lost 5lbs.  Of course that could be just water weight since I haven't been able to eat properly, mostly soups and other liquids.

  • Just wanted to say "hi" and to give my best wishes to everyone.

  • So today is our 2 week mark and we took photos and weighed in. Jen is down 2.8lbs for the week and 9.8 total lbs for the first 2 weeks of the challenge. I am down 2lbs for the week and 11.8 total lbs for the first 2 weeks of challenge. We are feeling GREAT and really enjoyed our ‘free day’ today! We took the family out for breakfast this morning at a restaurant that uses organic and local food and then headed to a pick-your-own farm where we loaded up own some delicious apples and a few pumpkins. It was a GREAT time and was super nice to just relax. Tomorrow we will back at it and hitting it harder than ever!!!

    We’ll catch up with everyone as soon as time permits! Jen and I both started back to school the last few weeks as well (like we don’t have enough on our plates already) so been REAL busy!

    I'll post the updated pics on our blog later tonight.

    Rock on Q4…