Preparing for the Q4 Body for Life Challenge! Care to join the journey?!?!?

  • Frick, I would definitely say building a deck is a major workout! I am in love with diet coke, but try to limit it to one per day. I use it to start my motor as I don't drink coffee. Plus, if I quit cold turkey, it gives me headaches. I can gradually go off it, but feel like a little bit isn't horrible. It's my only bad habit (according to me anyway)!

    I had a great day today, with not one bite of anything off plan! I have to say there were way too many extra bites of things here and there last week. Not having any of that this week. I got my cardio in after work so all is good. I'm going to kick it up a notch this week. I have to say a lot of credit goes to this team! You're a super motivating bunch!

  • Roosed, forgot to answer this in my earlier post. The HD stands for Harley Davidson although I'm really liking your other idea "hot darlin". Maybe when I finish this challenge that's where I'll be! It may take 2 challenges, but I'll get there! The hawk is for my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes (until they screw up...). Just kidding!

  • Pops, that cracked me up about literally 'running" to the store for detergent!  I bet that would be a great workout, lol!

    Rob, I think I missed this, but do you and Jen make your own bars?  

    Jessica, I found your post about BFL not being about perfection very inspiring.  This weekend I went a little crazy and it's nice to know that I can step back in and didn't "screw it all up".  

    Roosed, you're an animal.  Very inspiring workouts!

    AFM:  Well, today went pretty darn good!  I hit my exercise and I ate totally clean!  I wasn't able to break it up into 6 small meals due to the craziness of the day, but I am shooting for that goal tomorrow.  Also, I'm taking all 4 kids (under 7 mind you...) to the grocery store to stock up on some fruits, veggies, chicken and fish.  That should be a workout in itself.  Now, if I can just avoid the donut aisle....:)

    The motivation of checking in with a group has been so great.  Thanks ya'll!


    BFL D8

  • Hello fellow Q4 BFLers!  I had a great start to my week (which started on Sunday for me).  I successfully got in a killer cardio workout on the stairmaster.  Let me tell is no joke to do HIIT on the stairmaster!  

    Had a great LBWO this morning.  My body is slowly getting used to the idea of getting up early and working out.  I have to tell is so much better when you are living it the BFL way.

    So here is my test this week.  I am going to be at regional sales meeting all week in Downtown Seattle (it's only 40 miles from my house, but hey, I'll take a hotel room if it means I don't have to fight the traffic in the mornings!).  I have done everything I can to prep for the week:

    1. I have packed all of my workout gear.

    2. I picked a hotel with a nice workout facility.

    3. I have purchased extra EAS AdvantEDGE drinks for meal replacement. 

    4. I have packed my success journal.

    The biggest thing I am concerned about is Lunch and Dinner...these are a bit out of my control due to catering.  I am bringing low fat cottage cheese and NF Yogurt for breakfast thoough.  I will check in throughout the week so I can stay accountable to you all. 

    Thanks for all of the support; reading your posts gives me great energy and inspiration...and a new outlook on diet drinks:)  You all rock somthin fierce!


  • Good day Q4 team!!!

    You all are smoking hot and a great inspiration!

    Janet and I are busy with our 2nd week, had our Tuesday Cardio this morning, went gr8!!!

    Had a couple of beers on my off day, first beers in 2 months! Now I hope I will keep clean untill new years :-) 

    Other than that we did not miss an exercise, or cheat on any meal. It feels so good. But our off day made us feel bloated (and I am already verrrryyyy bloated ;-)) and unhealthy. Today the "unhealthyness" got sweat out of our systems!

    I struggled to complete my 20 minutes cardio (cycling) last week- today I finished it with a big sprint over the yellow line and definitly deserves the Yellow jersey after this morning's stage :-) Just paddled my cool down period on very easy but my legs jumped and shaked up and down on the paddles like when you go for your car license or almost cr@p yourself as you nearly miss an accident / collision - that feeling afterwards when your legs can't operate- just jumping up and down on the clutch / petrol paddles :-D

    We both lost a few centimetres around our waist and legs, and gained a bit on the biceps :-) 

    I have a question again please guys (& girls)

    The posts about the diet soda and sweetners started a new concern in me.

    I am drinking my coffee with skimmed milk and Canderel sweetner- Is that wrong?

    Thanks again for great sportmanship and great motivation!






  • Martuc,

    I've been away too, during week 2, and being away from home, especially so early in the 12 weeks, is a real banana skin that ca throw you right off track. Then again, with a little effort and motivation, I think it really is possible to keep it together, and still eat out. In my experience, in Belgium (a country that is notoriously unhealthy!), there's always something on the menu that is allowed, just ask them to not give you any fries (extra salad?), to remove the temptation from the side of your plate! It's tough, when you're out of your comfort zone though.

    Pops, roosed et al, thanks for the great info on the diet soda. Going to cut back on it, in a big way from now on - shouldn't be too tough, I love the stuff, but don't really crave it too much. Otherwise, think I'm pretty much on track now. I've downloaded the Daily Burn app for my iPhone, which I think could be a massive help - keeping track of my workouts in the gym will become really easy, as will maintaining my food choices. I know we're not supposed to be calorie counting, but it's so easy to use this thing to help you make the right meal choices. It tells me I'm running a calorie deficit of around 1,300-1,500 daily though, which seems high. Apart from cutting carbs out of meal 6, I'm following the BFL plan pretty much exactly, but still a little woried about starving myself and not getting the muscle growth I want?

    Still, anything to get rid of that spare tyre!!!

  • Good morning Q4 crew! What a beautiful day to ROCK the BFL challenge!!!

    I am so impressed and blessed at all the positive energy and support with the Q4 crew. I think at the end of this year we are going to look back at ALL the amazing challenges we have accomplished together and be totally astonished…we may have to start holding an annual summit to get-together and celebrate our shared success! : ) And…out of this group I KNOW we will have some champions!!! I’m sooo pumped and excited!!!


    No, Jen and I don’t make our own bars…have tried a couple of times, but not very tasty : ( We found this site where you can create your own and they will ship them to you and even put your name on the package…they are completely healthy/organic and taste AMAZING!!! Roosed just ordered some so he can let us all know how they turned out for him, but we entirely enjoyed ours! 


    Seems like you have planned for success…I’m sure you are going to do awesome!


    I’m glad to hear you’re taking on the dreaded treadmill…I think you will see some really good results from the change and challenge!


    You and Janet are truly rocking this thing!!! As for the soda and coffee…I personally stay completely away from any soda, diet or non! I know that there is possibly some misinformation mixed in with all the correct information, but out of ALL the articles and studies I’ve ever read I have never seen any positive or healthful benefits coming from soda.  At worse it is dreadful and destroying our bodies with ‘artificial sweeteners’ and ‘high fructose corn syrup’. At best it has no adverse health effect…

    STILL there is NO beneficial health effects. I stay away mainly because it’s a processed product…if it’s not a natural, ‘whole food’ then I try and steer clear. As for coffee, I drink about two cups every morning; I use whole, RAW milk or organic and local RAW honey. Honey is a natural sweetener and I would prefer to use this than an artificial one.

    This is just my opinion, but I feel if I’m going to work this hard to have a health body then forgoing something like soda or processed foods is worth it to me. That being said, if one soda a day or on free day is your only hang up than your already doing better than most : ) My weakness has always been the beer…I have to completely abstain while doing a challenge or it will derail me EVERYTIME!!! I hope this helps…

    Alright guys and gals… I have 4 kids buying for my attention and school work to get started and workouts to get completed!!!

    Rock on!


  • Happy Tuesday.  Still had a bit of sugar last night.  UGH.  I don't even REALLY crave it -- I just give in.  And then once I taste it, that's it -- I want more!  I just need to toss out ANY candy in my house or tell my husband to take it to work.   I just don't trust myself.

    Lower body still sore, but it is a good sore.  Got my Cardio in.  Not sure I hit my 10s, but I did get the HR up.

    Dinner is up in the air since I didn't get my Crockpot on this morning so I will have to improvise.  Tuna sandwiches may be in the cards!

    Have a great day!

  • Happy hump day Q4 Crew!!! Can you believe we’ve only got 9.5 week’s to go?!?!?

    Martuc, AM workouts ROCK! It’s the only way I can make sure “Murphy” doesn’t screw me out of’em!!!

    Ondier, congrats on the yellow jersey jumpy legs! Keep Janet in your sights man, don’t let her leave you in her dust! A couple beers shouldn’t be an issue BUT those heavy Euro beers certainly add to the bloat WAY more than our Yankee juice! Y’all may want to consider Mr. Phillips latest adaptation of replacing the bloated free day with 3-4 free meals spread across the week. It’s just a thought! Sorry, but I’ve never heard of Canderel so you’d have to do some homework but basically like Rob said, if it’s a chemical sweetener, it’s bound to have some sort of side effects, even if they haven’t been discovered yet LOL!

    Rob & Jen, I totally agree, this is an AWESOME group of motivators rocking towards Christmas, you 2 included!!! I think Santa is in WAY over his head this year!!!

    KellyW, sorry for that sugar avalanche young lady! For me, it’s peanut butter! Once the lid comes off…the genie’s out of the bottle & my wife, although well meaning, drives me NUTS bringing “goodies” (a.k.a. JUNK) home saying it’s my prize for free day. Grrr!!! Stop it LOL!

    This morning was LBWO for me & what a grindfest! Today generated 95,580 LBs of LBWO @ 1.20 tons / minute! I’m still adjusting to the monstrosity but I did my HIIT warm up book end on the dreaded treadmill, using the “fat burn” program, then jumped back on the same machine for my cool down / polish off “calorie burn” HIIT book end session totaling 195 calories & climbing 136 vertical feet as well!

    One thing I found encouraging today is my beginning pulse rate! I make sure to use the exact same machine every time for consistency, they have an entire row of’em, so I take the farthest one down to avoid traffic & this morning my pulse was the lowest starting rate I’ve seen in a WHILE! I jumped on @ 99 BPM then cranked it up to 135 during the warm up, then ranged from 124 to 157 during the ending session so maybe all of this work is cranking up the main muscle as well!

    I was also surprised, & just a little bummed, to see my pulse rate back down into the lower 120s after grinding out my LBWO iron but given the decent “tons / minute” I HAVE to assume the pump is becoming more efficient in keeping up with the demand so I guess I’m just going to have to step up the iron pace a bit to stay “in HIIT range” a little better!

    Note to self, when going for 10 treadmill minutes cool down, especially following LBWO, remember to pick up your feet! That zipping rubber band loves to grab lazy / lagging shoe treads!

    Rock on pals & have an OUTSTANDING day!

  • I've had that same issue with lagging feet and nearly flying off the treadmill!

    Didn't get a workout in last night, but think I can get caught up tonight. LBWO for me plus cardio. Tomorrow needs to be  morning workout. We're taking one of my students and her sister to dinner, shopping for Halloween costumes, and to the local zoo for a Halloween/fall thing they do there. Mom is moving to a new apt. so this will give her some time to get unpacked. They were living in some seriously crappy conditions without electricity so although the new place wouldn't be much to us I'm sure, it will be a palace to them. So, that means we'll get home too late for a workout. Count your blessings!

    Nutrition is falling into place nicely and has gotten much easier now that I can say the sugar cravings have gone waaaay down. Feelin' good!

    Make it a happy hump day!

  • 1HDHAWK, just reading your posts it seemed you were a cool person but now you've confirmed you are definitely awesome & with a gold plated heart of iron! Way to take care of the world around you!

    Something tells me that the joy you'll be a part of in their family will take your energy levels through the roof!!!

    Congrats on reigning in the sugar monster too!

    Rock on 1 Hot Darlin Hawk!

  • Hi Everyone!  I wanted to do a quick check in to let you all know that I am two days into my meeting and I am going strong with BFL.  I have had great workouts in the hotel gym facility and I have managed to pick  my way through the menu that has been provided for me.  Over all, it has been good, and I plan to finish this week strong!

    Thanks so much to you all that have offerred support and encouragement to me...I really appreciate it.  This group has been helping me to stay on task, and that really means a lot to me.  

    Have a great Thursday Q4 Crew!

  • Good morning Q4 team!

    Thanks for all the feedback and positive answers, especially with the effort you (Rob & Roosed) are adding by your huge feedbacks :-)

    I can't feel my arms, so I can't do so much typing :-)

    Some questions again please.........

    To creatine or not, that is the question.....

    I read only positive things about creatine- building of lean muscle that replaces / burn fat etc. Any comments will be welcomed please.

    I have a 31 pdf file (The Creatine Report from Will Brink) that explains alot and even doses required when taking creatine- and it seems like I am "loosing" out when I don't use it?

    I will mail the file happily to anyone- you can send me personal mail erich(at) and I will forward it to you (700kb)

    2ndly we [Janet ;-)] wants to know about avocados (again). We are in South Africa, so Avos are all over- but we grew up learning that they are fattening- and as Janet is not a big chick or fish person- she wants to eat Avos with everything. We eat the Avo clean, just a bit of salt and pepper, and sometimes a squeeze of lemon juice. We use it like guacamole, but without all the other fancy stuff.

    So we easily eat an avo a day.

    What we want to know is: Will an Avo a day keep the fat away..............? Or is it too much?

    Thanks again for all your gr8 responses!

  • Good morning!  Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

    Got a great upper body workout in yesterday and did really well with food until my mom brought some banana cake over (I gave in....).  UGH.

    Looking forward to a great cardio session today.  And, wondering if my arms are going to experience that "second-day sore" tomorrow because I honestly expected them to hurt A LOT more than what they do this morning!

    GO team!

  • Roosed,

    You crack me up…yeap, make sure to keep those feet up : ) Awesome progress you are making!!!


    Way to go dude…I knew you could do it! That’s what I love about the ‘BFL lifestyle’ the principles and basic guidelines are sustainable and easy to incorporate into everyday life. You are showing that right now!


    To creatine or not…

    I use to take creatine while working out, but I was so on and off and had read that you should take a couple of weeks off after every 8-12 week steady use. I stopped and just never restarted…that being said, I think it’s been well over the 2 week mark and I’m going to order me some : ) Honestly, EVERYTHING I have ever read about creatine has been positive! I’m not sure if there are any negative studies or comments to be said about creatine. Also, Will Brink is a very well respected man in the field of fitness and supplements. EAS has this product which should do the trick

    I personally feel that an avocado a day is the perfect food to keep the fat away! And…there are so many ways to serve/consume them. Here are a few links I found with references…while they seem to go light on the suggested serving size, I would disagree because most so called experts still try and push a low fat diet which has been shown to not necessarily be the best approach, especially for those of us who are working out and exercising vigorously.


    A little slip now and then want kill no one, you’ll be fine! You’ll burn it all up with cardio today anyway  : )

    We had a great workout yesterday…or rather last night. By the time we made it to the YMCA it was later than I would normally like to have gone, but we pushed through! Jen’s trying to get home earlier today so we can get to the Y sooner. I am still one BIG sore muscle!!! Our whole family are huge UFC –MMA fans and our two oldest actually train brazilian jiu jitsu on Saturdays. They have been using Daddy as their test dummy. I’ve had an 11 and 6 year old trying to do flying arm bars on me all week! I can’t count the times I’ve choked out with a rear naked choke…even our 2 year old came up behind me last night and what I thought was going to be one of those special moments and wonderful hug turned out to be her trying to lock in the choke hold…everyone was rolling on the floor!


    Have great day!!!