Weight training advise needed

  • Starting BFL tomorrow, 13 Sept (yippie!!!) and am not real sure what weight exercises I should do and how often to change them up.  Please help! Thanks :) joy

  • Joy,

    Sorry for the late reply. I hope your first day went well. Congratulations on starting the BFL Challenge!!

    Do you have the BFL book? I would highly recommend it. Also, if you download the offical entry kit from this site, it contains a lot of great information including pictures and details of some great exercises to get you started.

    Here is a sample of exercises you can do for each muscle group:


    Dumbell Bench Press

    Dumbell Flyes


    Dumbell Shoulder Press

    Side Raises


    Wide-Grip Pulldowns

    One-Arm Dumbell Rows


    Dumbbell Extentions

    Close-Grip Pushdowns


    Seated Dumbell Curl

    Hammer Curl


    Leg Extentions

    Leg Press


    Dumbbell Lunges

    Lying Leg Curls


    Seated Calf Raises

    Standing Calf Raises


    Floor Crunch

    Decline Sit-ups

    I hope this helps.

    There is also a page on this site with animated instuctions for each exercise.

    here is a link:


    All the Best


  • You will want to change up your exercises every 3-4 weeks.

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  • JF,

    Orrin & BDMom have given you a lot of good weight lifting excercises.  Let me add that you should have a traineer at the fitness center demonstrate these properly so you can do them safely.  I also ended up getting a reference book on Dumbbell Training, which gave me insights into how to do them effectively.

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  • Thank you for the guidance!!! I appreciate it. :)

  • Hello! Joy Francis, I would like to say it looks like orrin as covered most everything, Bdmom on the changing and Jacium on the trainer....May I add that if you have the BFL book it has all the exercises and as orrin said you can look at the exercise videos...The one thing I want to stress If you are starting out and going to a gym you might want them to show you a few exercises in the begining and don't rush it. give it time.....The thing that is so great about this site now is back when I had taken the challenge in 2000-2003 we did not have all of this great info...Now you do and you need to use it....And remember check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise...This is very important to your health and well being....John