September 13 Start Date Anyone?


    Peeps... I think we did the same exact workout this morning!! HA! I was too scared to look like an idiot on the cables. My husband is going to the gym with me tomorrow to show me how to use them properly. I am super excited about that. He used to be really big into lifting before I met him.

    Also... Peeps.. the exercise your talking about (triceps over the head thing) is called Skull Crushers by lifters. Funny story about that.... Husband asked me one day what I was doing for triceps... so I called them head bonkers, he thought I was nuts, but  I'm not crushing my head with a measly 15 pounds... just bonking it. :)

    Highbeams... thanks for that BFLMike post. I know I've seen it before, but I couldn't remember where. Last couple of days I have been so hungry and so tired. I know it passes, but wow. I crashed out again yesterday at 7:45 on the dot.

    Travelgirl... waiting to hear about your night...

    Oh... and for all my wine drinking buddies. I have to double check for myself... but husband swears he read in the book you are allowed three glasses of dry red wine a week. I am going to look for myself tonight, but just maybe I should lay off the wine until free day anyway... *sigh*

  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for asking about last night - knowing I was going to "report" back to you all made me behave better!  I didn't do great, but not too too bad either.  I had a glass and a half of wine and then 2 small portions of dessert.  I made chocolate peanut butter brownies (OMG - sooo good - first time making them) and so I had to try them.  I also made no-bake cookies, which aren't terribly bad for you except the sugar, but I cut down the sugar content significantly (and they are made with oats, and oats are authorized - LOL ;)  

    I never had meals 5 and 6 yesterday so I am counting my wine and desserts as such - I know I can't really do that, but it makes it easier for me to think I wasn't horrible (at least from a calorie perspective) if I think of it that way.   Oh, and about the wine, I SWEAR I read in the book too that if you want a beer/glass of wine on occasion that it's ok to have 1-2 with your meal - just not every day.    I was just looking through the book trying to find it because I KNOW I read it in there too.  OK - I just found it - page 124 under the Q&A's.  It says that an occasional glass or two of wine is fine, but you must use moderation.  

    Can't believe week 3 is almost over!  I have a question for those of you who have done a challenge before.  I have two different weeks that are going to be really hard for me to follow.   One is a conference that I am attending - not sure if I will have enough energy to get up in the mornings and work-out.  The days look long and the conference is several time zones away from me (as in 7!), so I am likely going to be jet-lagged already.    Also, I am having my wisdom teeth taken out on November 5th and was told no exercising for a week.  What should I do?  Should I just stick with the eating plan and start exercising the following week?    

    Thanks, everyone - woo-hoo - we are almost 25% done with our challenge!!!  Oh, does anyone have anything fun planned for their free day?  

  • hey there - just a quick post before I take off for the night - my hubby and I are going to do a sunset hike, hoping the rain stays away and we can actually see something when we get there.  

    I had read, and had also enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner in my last challenge, skipping 6th meal on the days that I did.  I never had an issue as long as it was 1 -2 evenings during the week, and was really only a glass (knowing I had to get up the next day to workout usually kept me in check).  However, I haven't done that yet in this challenge, but like I said before, i do enjoy an ocassional glass of wine and on free days a few, so if its going to be body for life, it needs to suit my life too, I've got to make it work for me, forever, or I will fail.

    This weekend we are planning to go to the Big E with some friends (this will probably be my free day, how could I resist all those temptations) and weather permitting, we are going to take a stab at rock rapelling on Sunday, ropes and all.  Wish me luck that I dont fall and break something, LOL

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm sure I will check in at some point.  :)

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hi everyone! Looks like we all had a great week 3!! I had a bit of a slip-up on my first UBWO for the week and for some reason started my shoulder exercises first instead of my chest, and with the heavier chest weights.  That threw me off big time. I finally realized what I'd done and finished the rest of the workout strong and to the letter. I had never done that before and it really threw me off. Well, my free day is today instead of Sunday, it just works out best for me so I'm sticking with it.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Peeps.  It sounds like you have a fun one planned!! Oh and don't break an arm out there!! I will weigh in with you on Friday morning of this week - OK, I will do it.

    It sounds like you made the best of the dessert situation, Travelgirl. YAY, I'm proud of you! Do you have any resistance bands you can take with you on your trip? Maybe you could use something in the hotel room for weights. You may not have the energy to do your workouts though so rest might your only option.   I really don't feel qualified to answer those questions but, I will try to help. You might have to make lots of soups (puree them in the blender) to get you through after having the wisdom teeth extracted. Boy, that is going to be tough too. I would definitely stick with shakes and soups for my meals and take the week off with no exercise. I can imagine it would make my entire head throb for hours if you do the exercises. I would go for some long walks instead.

    Bay, I hope you had a great day at the gym!! Sometimes I wish I had a gym close by, but I don't.  The closest one for me is 1.5 hrs. one way, so I live with it and have put together my own home gym over the last few years.

    Everyone have a great weekend!!

  • I do have resistance bands, but I just looked at the website for the hotel and it looks like they have a GREAT facility!  So, if I can make myself get up early enough then I should be able to get some work-outs in!  The eating is going to be more challenging since A LOT of our meals are provided.  I am going to keep some protein bars with me and also some cottage cheese, yogurt and other healthy goodies in my room (I have a refrigerator).  

    Walking is a great idea for exercise - I just hope the weather cooperates!  BTW, highbeams - what do you have (as in equipment) in your home gym?  Right now I pretty much have enough stuff to do an UBWO from home, but I'd like to get a few more things to have a little more flexibility to get a work-out in on those days where's it tough to get to the gym.  

  • Travelgirl: WOOT WOOT for a great workout room at the hotel! That is super exciting! Hope you get some healthy choices for eating.

    Highbeams: I don't know how people without a gym nearby can workout. I really don't put out nearly the same effort at home as the gym. Good for you! I might just crash and burn.

    Peeps: How was repelling?! That is SOO much fun. We used to have this climbing gym about an hour away. You could climb sixty feet up and repel down. I used to love going there.

    Weekend Check: How did every one do?

    I didn't eat as often as I should have and I certainly didnt drink enough water. Free day was pizza and wine :) I think that just might end up being a free day staple (until Thanksgiving).

    Welcome to week FOUR! It's official weigh in week!!!

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    So my weekend definitely didn't go as planned, but I think for the better.  No Big E  - last minute I decided not to do it, it would have been a setback to eat all that fried food.  Instead I went to the gym then my husband and I took our bikes out to a really nice trail, it was perfect weather for a ride.

    Yesterday ended up being my cheat day, we missed the hike up the mountain for the rapelling, I totally messed up on the times, thinking we were meeting at 930 and not 9, so that was a bummer, but I am definitely going to do it soon!  I didn't eat terrible, had a protein bar in the morning, protein shake mid-morning, bfl salsa and eggs for lunch (which was really good, I highly recommend it! but my belly wasn't feeling well due to the cottage cheese in the salsa. I can finally say that after several tries I cannot do cottage cheese - I definitely have a lactose issue), salad for dinner -  but the 3 glasses of wine really did me in at the gym this morning but I pushed through, thank god it wasn't a cardio day!

    Highbeams I cant believe the gym is an hour and a half away, thats crazy, and I thought I was in the country, LOL - that 40 min round trip to the convenience store that I have sounds like a piece of cake.  

    Travelgirl good luck, I would say the best thing to do while your traveling and eating whats given to you is to make the best of it in the gym - I would probably concentrate mostly on cardio since thats gonna burn the extras off.  I am sure with your mentality and already planning you'll do fine!  As far as the wisdom teeth go, dr's orders prevail - you probably wont even eat much anyways.

    For our first challenge my husband and I worked out at home, we have the following equipment:

    Free weight bench

    Golds gym resistance gym

    olympic bar and weights from 5-45lbs that go on it

    and dumb bells from 5-35lbs, we use to go out and buy the next set of dumb bells as a little treat when we would surpass the last weight set that we had, kind of silly but it was fun

    resistance bike

    Yay to week 4! It should be interesting to weigh in and see what the scale says. Good Luck Everyone!!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hi everyone!

    Does anyone drink coffee? I do and I find that I'm having to drink more water because of it. I also feel like I spend too much time in the bathroom when I'm home.  At work it's not so bad but I don't have much time to drink water there. Also, does anyone have to get up through the night for pee breaks? It's driving me crazy and I'm hoping it won't continue being so"often".

    That is awesome that your hotel will have a gym, travelgirl! I wouldn't worry about taking along the resistance bands. I've just never lived or worked close enough to a gym to have a membership at one. I've always worked out at home though so a gym would be really foreign to me.

    I have a weight bench with the bar and chest fly attachment and it has the hamstring/quad whatchamacallit.

    I also use dumbells (because these are my favorites) and have a treadmill for cardio.

    I hope everyone has a great workout today!!

  • Oh goodness Highbeams... I am up everynight for a run to the bathroom.

    I am a coffee freak... and I drink a TON of water, especially when I'm at work. I work in an office so it's really easy to just have a bottle of water sitting here and drink it all day long. It's a good thing the bathroom is close.

  • Highbeams I drink coffee for sure, and water all day, I am also in an office all day so i drink about six 20 oz bottles a day and notice that i go to the bathroom after every bottle is finished.  I also have to make a pitt stop on the way home, even though I go right before I leave work.  I hear you, its frustrating!   I occasionally get up in the middle of the night to go, but not always, once I'm home I try not to have any water after 8.  This usually helps out.  

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • OK, thanks girls!! Now I know it's not just me!  I'll try to drink more water at work and on my way to and from work...that's my problem. I cannot function without my coffee. :-)

  • Morning Group!

    Hope everyone's week four is going well... we're halfway done with this week! How are you all feeling?

    I got brave today and worked with the cables at the gym. Woo hoo!

  • Good Morning Bay,

    Thanks for checking up on us! Awesome doing the cables today! I take it your hubby showed you over the weekend? Or did you just go for it?

    I personally am having a tough week 4 - it all started Monday night when I ended up way past my bedtime and again last night, up trying to catch up on cooking for the rest of the week.  So I went to the gym yesterday after work and will have to go again today after work - I soooo rather enjoy doing it first thing in the morning.  Now my meals are all thrown off and my sleep schedule.  Still looking forward to Friday's weigh in though, and scared to death, LOL

    Hows everyone else doing?

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hi Peeps and Bay -

    Week 4 is going well here, but I have to admit that I know on Fri and Sat, it will be hard for me to be good.  I am traveling all day to my conference on Fri and then on Sat, I am going to be getting settled in to my hotel, recovering from jetlag, running errands, and such - plus, a friend is coming to see me that day too, so I know I will not follow my diet.  Fri - I will do the best I can with eating - planning to take a wrap on the plane with me and will hopefully eat something healthy before, and will bring a couple of protein bars on the plane.  I just know I can't work out that day.  

    Anyway, I think I realized what will work well for me for future weeks - is by starting my week on Sun with cardio and ending it on Fri with my free day on Sat.  I can do cardio from home - have a Jillian Michaels DVD that is great as it is 20 min and it's a pretty good work-out too.  

    Bay - YAY for cables!  Once you get used to them, I bet you will love them!

    Peeps- Sorry you have had a rough week 4 - perhaps the weigh-in on Fri will make the week worth its while (at least I am hoping you are happy when you get off the scale!).  

    I have a gym question that I will ask you but I may also post it in the work-out section in the forums.  When I am doing my 6 reps, sometimes my weight that I am using is so high I can only get in 3-4 reps.  Should I lower the weight so that I always get in the 6, or should I just keep that weight and work my way up to the 6 in future work-outs?  Like today, I was doing UB and something from last week that I was only able to get 3 reps on, I got the full 6 today.  But, there was another exercise I only got 4 in out of the 6.  What should I be doing?    I am hitting a 10 on level and so I worry that if I go down in weight, I won't hit the 10 but will get the 6 reps - which is better?

    Stay strong everyone - we are nearing the end of this week (1/3 of the way through)!!!

  • Ohh, that is a very good question, travelgirl!   Personally, what I've been doing is getting all of the reps in, even though I don't always hit my 10.  I have 1lb and 2lb weights that help me tremendously in this area though so I almost always get my 10 even if I have to finish with alternating the reps on my arms/legs.  But I may be going about it all wrong too ...that's a question for the pros, for sure!

    Peeps ~ I hope your week is going better!! Meal planning and cooking is no joke and I sometimes find myself in this situation mid-week. Hang in there!!  I am going to try the protein bar recipe when I get some natural peanut butter.

    Bay ~ Did you conquer those cables? That sounds like fun!!