September 13 Start Date Anyone?

  • Hi everyone!! I hope you don't mind if I jump in here.   I also started my 12 week challenge on the 13th and can you believe it's already WEEK 3?

    I didn't realize there was a Sept. 13 thread so I joined up last night on the Sept. 3rd thread. I'll try to check into both and see how everyone's doing and try to keep my own butt in gear.

    My husband is on the eating plan with if only I could get him to do the workouts..  

    I had a great cardio workout on the treadmill this morning and I'm loving the cooler weather we're getting this week.

    Here's a recipe I found the other day: I'd think we'd need a couple more egg whites in this though, or perhaps one whole egg? 2 egg whites wouldn't be much protein?

    Banana Oatmeal "bars":

    1/2 cup old fashioned oats

    2 egg whites

    1/2 small mashed banana

    cinnamon, splenda

    Mix all ingredients into a mini loa pan. Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes. SO YUMMY and portable! The recipe goes onto say if you'd like more protein to scramble a side of egg whites also.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hi HighBeams,

    that does sound Yum!  welcome and so glad to have you, week 3 Go!  

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Welcome to our little group HighBeams!

    Thanks for sharing that recipe... now I've got two to try. That sounds great!

    Yea... I've totally got my husband eating right when I can, but there comes a point when they have to kick their own butt in gear. You can't do it for them. (I wish though!) There came a point when I just gave up, and did my own thing. I get up at 4:45 everyday and go to the gym. It's actually a really nice way to start the day.

    I am kind of amazed that it's week three AND I am still here AND not miserable! I really think it's being accountable to a couple of threads on this forum that keeps me going, this and the coffee crew!

  • I am here too!  Week 3 - can't believe it either as someone said.  I honestly didn't weigh myself at the beginning of this, but my weight had been the same for months and months.  I hopped on the scale last Fri and found that I was down 3 pounds!  That's definitely motivating!  Thanks to everyone for the protein bar recipes- I definitely think I will try them out as the bars are very expensive!  Still having a few issues figuring out portions and also was wondering if anyone else was doing this --- I haven't had a full free day yet, but instead have had a free meal 2-3 times during a week.  I know this is probably bad, but I figured one day of binge eating is probably the same if I spread it out.  My parents were visiting this weekend and they are the world's worst eaters, so it was hard to stay on track, but I did for the most part except a bad meal here and there.    Can't wait to keep hearing motivating stories to keep me going!!

  • HEY Travelgirl! YEA!!! We have more!!!!

    Congrats on the scale weight. I know we're supposed to ignore it... but,, pffff... I can't. I just can't. I've regulated myself to ONLY weigh in on Saturday after cardio.

    Anyway.... related to free day. My personal feelings are that I have the option of three free meals a week. BUT I've noticed I don't really stray that far from eating clean. Truth is I dont want to. My only downfall is pizza and wine. I partake of my guilty pleasure only once a week. I've also started buying the cheapo wine package in a four individual servings (Sutter Home and Barefoot wine have these) That way I'm not tempted to drink the WHOLE bottle.

  • Good Morning Gals ~

    Congrats travelgirl2010 on your weight loss, a great achievement! you are a brave soul to take on the scale, u too Bay!  I am not so brave.  I weighed in right before I started and will weigh in week 4.  I use to weigh everyday and that would set the pace for my day - good or awful.  I am a bit disappointed that I didnt measure, what was I thinking?  I was talking to my husband this morning that I needed to get those measurements done before any great changes take place.  So that's what the evening will be for us. :|

    Bay I was up late making enough protein pancakes for the week, I found a banana rendition and made those.  They are quite good! I had them for dinner and have some packed for one of my meals today.  I also attempted the protein bars, but haven't tried them yet.  Even though they are homemade I am still dreading them.  I cant wait to try highbeams bars, perhaps for next week.

    Travelgirl, as far as the free day is concerned, my motto is its best to keep it to one day, though sometimes you have no choice.  I think a meal here and there can lead to another and another, you know what I mean.  I am sure once week 13 comes along, we will have all the knowledge we need about ourselves to do 'maintenance' and have a free meal here and there.  I know for me that if I do end up with an extra free meal NOT on my free day I work it off in the gym a little extra for those calories.

    Bay I have to tell you I enjoy wine also.  I could never give it up completely, and since its body for life, I've got to be able to have it on my free day :)

    Hope everyone's having a great week. Don't look back look forward! Tomorrows already hump day :)

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • I am excited that we are all wine lovers - I love wine too but have been abstaining for the most part.    I know I shouldn't pay attention to the scale, but like Bay, I have to just check-in every once in a while.  Plus, since I didn't weigh before I started (though my weight hadn't budged for months!), I needed to have some sort of starting point.  I do tend to go by how my clothes fit more than anything else though.   Oh, and by people mentioning that I have lost weight - I go by that too - especially if more than one person comments then I think I must have lost *something*.    I have been pretty good about my free day/meals.  The thing is - I don't necessarily feel like I need a whole day - I can usually do really well during breakfast and lunch time, but at dinner, especially if I have a night out or company over or whatever, it's harder for me to go be good, but I will have to do my best overall to make sure I don't get out of control and end up with a free meal 4-5x/week ;)

    My triceps are super sore from my work-out yesterday - anyone else?   But, it feels so good to get back to the gym on a regular basis - I am looking forward to going tomorrow for lower body!  (at least I am telling myself that!).

  • Hi you guys, I've been missing posting here the last TWO days, Oh man did I feel out of whack.  I could read all of your messages, but couldn't reply or post a message from my computer.

    No time to post right now, I'm posting between fixing todays meals, just got hubby off to work, I'm getting ready for work...and now I'm off to hit my 10's on my LBWO!!

    Have a great day all!!! :-)

  • Morning all!

    Hope week three is going strong!!!!!

    I have got to admit, I had a tiring day yesterday and CRASHED out at 7:45 pm. I think my poor body was just tired! Anyway... this morning at the gym my car was broken into, window smashed, but the theif stole my diaper bag (I use a big purse) and NOT the purse I have my wallet in. Whew... As far as I know the only thing in my diaper bag was my checkbook. I don't think there was anything else in there that could do damage. I think there were seven cars that got smashed. Not the worst thing to ever happen.

    So... I'm looking to change up my routine tomorrow. What are your absolute favorite excerises for UB?

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Week 3 is almost over.  I am nervous about week 4 because that's going to be my first weigh in.  I hope i'm not disappointed.  positive thinking yields positive results right.  I am going to use that for my motto next week.  

    Bay ~ how awful, I can't believe someone would do that at the gym.  What an awful way to start the day.  Be sure to double check that nothing else is missing.  I'm sorry that that happened to you, chin up - you're strong and can handle whatever comes your way.  :)

    So your ready to switch up the routine already, good for you.  What are you using at the gym? Free weights, bench, nautilus?  

    HighBeams glad you're still with us - tell that gym who's boss!!!

    TravelGirl it does feel good to get back to the gym and workout.  Makes you feel like your doing something good.   My free days are usually pretty normal in the morning/afternoon - around 3-4 I start the snacking and munching and then a yummy free meal dinner.  (and some wine)! then I pay for it the next day at the gym and thats ok with me. I am very sore today - no pain no gain, ha ha!!

    Have a great day everyone!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • I can't believe that happened to you, Bay.  I am glad it was just your diaper bag though and not your actual wallet.  

    I am looking to change up my routines for next week.  I thought I read to change them every 2-3 weeks - I am going with the 3 week plan ;)  My favorite upper body exercises are cable straight arm pull-downs (not sure if this is the formal name or not) for back and also using a cable and a rope to work-out my triceps - I wish I knew the real names for these exercises so I could give you better info!  

    I am trying to be good tonight.  We have a friend stopping by and I made two different desserts <gulp> - I am going to just have a VERY small portion and I am going to somehow get rid of the rest - I will send them home with our friend or something!

  • Highbeams: So you could read the post and not post? That had to be super frusterating. Glad you're back online!

    Peeps: I hope, really hope you are pleasantly suprised on weigh in day. Do you feel any different? Are your clothes fitting different? I can't remember... did you take before pcitures? will you be taking "in progress pictures" for motivation?

    Travel: Becareful with that DESSERT!@!! Did you make a healthy dessert? Have you ever heard of the BFL everyday sunday? I think its more for maintenance. BUT you freeze bananas throw them in a blender with a tiny bit of milk and you've got ice cream. Top with some nuts. It's pretty wonderful... if you like bananas!!

    On Changing it UP~ I usually use free weights. I am scared to use the cable bar. Don't ask me why. In the ten years I've been going to a gym on and off and I have never used that thing. Maybe I'm afraid of whacking myself in the head. My husband swears by it. I don't know what my deal is... maybe I'll try it out tomorrow. I need a change!!

  • Bay ~ That is so ridiculous that someone broke into your car. I'm really sorry this happened to you and the others too. How frustrating!! :(  On being tired, you deserve to go to bed early, if you need to.  I hear our bodies get better adjusted and we rest much better through weeks 4-6. Something about more restful, deep sleep.  I will see where I read this and post the info. here.  I've been going to bed around 8:00 most nights, but I have to get up at 4:00 each morning.

    Yes, my computer does this from time to time, the whole forum was weird (as were some other websites) and when I wanted to reply .. a BIG, blank box covered my monitor screen and I would type my message but it wouldn/t post. Oh, you don't know how happy I am to be able to post here with you all again.

    Peeps ~ Are you going to weigh in at the end of week 4? I'm thinking I will hop on there at the end each 4 weeks. I have to admit I avoid the scales like the plaque since my dieting days.  I did get on there the first week, my first free day, so that I'd have a starting point. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised Peeps!!

    travelgirl2010 ~ Yes, send the goodies home with your friend!! Time to test that willpower...stay strong!!  Good luck on changing your lifting routine. I'm also getting anxious for this.  I think I changed mine every three- four weeks for my challenge in 2003 but, I will double-check to be sure. I too could use the change.

  • This was posted in the "Sept. 3 BFL - Start...Who's with me?" thread by the wonderful lady  KatSiouxCityIA:


    4. WEEK FOUR TO SIX: Weeks 4 through 6 are the golden weeks. You’ll find yourself feeling great–even exhilarated–which is a welcome change from the sleeplessness, aches and pains and sluggishness from weeks 1 through 3. The guys will see quickening weight loss and a visible change in the size of the old beer gut or love handles. Women will see some changes, but usually more modest in nature than the guy. So, if you are doing a couple’s challenge, be prepared for the uneven (don’t say "unfair" just yet) nature of your changes versus your husband’s situation.

    Both men and women will see significant changes in strength and stamina. Sleep habits will settle down. The diet will begin to become almost second nature and the exercise and multiple meal events will become a regular and comfortable part of your life. Especially for women it is extremely important to continue to advance in your weight training goals, lifting to failure rather than simply walking through the exercise. Unless you strain to lift, and really do hit it hard, you are essentially wasting your time doing the strength training.

    If you measure them at this point, you’ll likely see that blood pressure is lower; cholesterol and triglycerides are lower, and that resting pulse is lower. This is also the time, though, that small nagging injury or pain can gets worse. Be extremely careful about working sore joints such as knees and especially shoulders. If the shoulder joints are sore, don’t lift weights overhead. It is not worth it to develop a rotator cuff or neck problem at this point.

    Be of good cheer! Stay the course. There are good things coming! Patience is needed, especially for women.

  • Good Morning All,

    TGIF! and week 3 down! Highbeams, thanks for the note on weeks 4-6, something to look forward to.  Got my UBWO in today and was thinking about Bays question on what do I like.  I really like the preacher curls for biceps, to me it seems a little easier  to have that pad in front of you to get the max lift in.  chest presses are great, and the triceps over the head with a dumbbell and drop it behind your shoulders, not sure what that ones called.  maybe tricep dumbbell extensions?? LOL :) I'll get the jargon someday.  

    Bay, I did take before pics but they were modest and didn't really show anything, I was in shorts and a tank, I just took another set for progress, how do you load them to your profile, I cant seem to figure that out yet (and I'm not sure if I'll leave them up depending on how bad they are but it's a nice thought)

    Highbeams, I am planning the weigh in on Friday morning, lets do it together ( I am still petrified but I am looking forward to a great week 4)!  I am also planning to switch my routine after the weigh ins, so every 4 weeks.

    TravelGirl how'd last night go?

    Hope everyone has a great Friday!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"