• Hello All -

    I'm in the middle of week 1 and I am so tired!  I have found that I am so tired in the mornings I cannot physically get out of bed to work out before work.  Then after work (I am in the office 8-5)  I go home to make dinner and still feel like I have no energy!  I've been going to bed around 9 or 9:30 and waking up at 7, but I definitely do not feel rested!

    I am following a meal plan, getting my 6 meals in - though it is a struggle - I feel like I push myself to stay awake just to get that last "dessert" meal in!  I've also done my UB workout and Cardio.  Today I was supposed to wake up early to get my LB workout in and I just couldn't do it!  I'm also drinking PLENTY of water.  I usually have my 10 glasses before I get home from work.

    Before BFL, I would exercise a few times a week, mainly cardio at the gym or a 4 mile run, so I did not expect the transition into this plan to be so difficult!

    Any thoughts?  Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • RunCourtneyRun,

    In my opinion, feeling tired in the first few weeks is normal. Your body is adjusting to a new way of eating and increased physical, and mental, demands.

    My tendancy, in the begining, was to not eat. I was taking in way too few carbs and I suffered greatly for it. I had no energy, I couldn't think clearly and I was ready for bed very early in the evening. It is a difficult concept to wrap the brain around, but you need to feed your body (properly) in order to turn it into a fat burning muscle building machine.

    If you want to, post your average daily meal plan there are many great people here who can offer some opinione and adivce and make sure it is on track.

    hope this helps and congratulations on starting the BFL challenge!!! You can do it!


  • Thank you for the response!  Here is an example of the last three days.


    Vanilla shake with strawberries and milk

    2 hardboiled eggs and an orange

    Turkey Sandwich

    Protein Shake

    Chicken, pasta and veggies

    [Ran out of time for last meal]


    Chocolate & PB Shake w/Water*

    Watermelon and String Cheese

    Chicken and pasta w/Veggies

    Cottage Cheese and Yogurt

    Taco Pasta Salad*

    [Upper Body Workout]

    Protein Bar


    Protein Shake with Milk

    Apple and String Cheese

    (left over) Taco Pasta*


    Orange and String Cheese

    Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich*

    Double Chocolate pudding*

    *All from the Eating for Life book.

  • One thing that works for me is going straight to the gym after work...if I get to the couch before a workout...it just might not happen. :D

    I was pretty sore in the legs after a hard cardio session, so I just took it a little easy on the leg workout. I then promised myself to make sure I keep the intensity up in the upcoming weeks.

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!

  • RunCourtneyRun: I had to kinda giggle actually. :) A good kind giggle. I remember SO well my first challenge where my body actually felt like it was vibrating when I sat still to watch tv. And when I would lay down for bed - same thing. It took my body awhile to get used to what I was doing to it. Keep up the great work and know that there are great things happening inside!!

    I wont comment on the food choices as I personally follow the Original BFL food list.

  • RunCourtneyRun ,

    I agree with Legs and I should have said it first. Being tired is also a good thing. You are working hard and doing something right. Keep up the great work!!

    As for the food. I too follow the original BFL authorized food list. I will say - and this is merely my personal opinion - each of the 6 meals sould be roughly the same size and contain equal amounts of protein and carbs and at least two of them should have lots of veggies. For my size and goals I aim for 30-40g of protein and 30-40g of carbs for each meal. The common guideline for women is 20g of each for each meal.

    You may want to experiment a little. I have eaten too much and not felt great and I have eaten too little and felt worse. There is a bit of an individual learning curve. For me an hour after cardio I need food and it is the perfect time to have a great meal. My body and muscles are primed and ready for a healthy dose of carbs and protien. An orange and string cheese might not be enough, for example. Chicken, pasta and veggies - great meal. Cottage cheese and yogurt - a staple in my diet. For your protein shakes, are there enough carbs with that? Do you add fruit? Please double check, or someone can correct me, but I don't think milk counts as enough carbs when used in a protein shake. For me not enough carbs equals being tired.

    You are on the right track and doing great!!! It took me over two months to really get BFL eating figured out. Keep Going!!!! You will be successful!!!

    All the best


  • Thank you for all of the input!  I guess I didn't realize that food can make you soooo tired (when you're not overeating that is!)

    I will work on adjusting my carbs and see if that helps!  

    And, it is nice to know I'm not going crazy and that this tiredness is all in my head!