I can't get to a gym...

  • Ok, so I REALLY want to do this program. My health is slowly going downhill and I am only 31! :( I used to go to the gym to get back in shape after having my daughter, now 13 months old. I didn't gain weight during my pregnancy, I gained it all AFTER!! Seriously? I was going almost everyday until my car broke and now I can't afford a membership...What sort of things can I do at home to meet the exercise requirements? I plan on starting this program when we get back from visiting family in Michigan (we live in Colorado) on the 25th of September. I would like to start this minute, but let's be real...Probably not going to want to exercise everyday and eat super strict while there.

  • Get a set of dumbbells and some running shoes. That's all you need to do BFL


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • Brianne,

    I am going to give you a bit of tough love.

    To me the most important aspect of a BFL transformation is a postive mindset. Without that you will not see results. To say "I can't get to the gym" is a self-errected obstacle and a self-placed limitation. It is like saying "I can't lift 50lbs" If you tell yourself you can't then you won't.

    There is always a way. We may not always know what it is but we are much better off believing it.

    You ended your post with "but let's be real...Probably not going to want to exercise everyday and eat super strict while there." There is never a perfect time to start and reasons to delay will constantly arise if we let them. Change is never easy and starting is the hardest part. Once you are in motion it becomes easier and easier to keep going. The good news is you absolutley have the strength and will power within you to change. You just need to tell yourself you can do it (and you can!) and start. Don't worry about everything being perfect. That doesn't happen. Perfection is really a form of procrastination. Just start and focus on progress not perfection.

    If you truly need to wait then set a specific start date. Write it down with your goals and all the reasons you want to change. Then stick to it. You CAN do this!!!

    Stay in touch on the forums for accounability, for inspiration, for support and for ideas and opinions. There is a wealth of experience here and everyone wants to see each other succeed.


  • I'm going to add to BryanL's list.  Get an exercise ball.  You can get these things at most Wal-Mart or Target stores.  Check this website for exercises.  There are a few you can do using your bodyweight.


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • ok. So I see a little 'tough love' posting going on. I'm going to add too if you don't mind. I finished C1 August 29th and started C2 Sept 3rd. I spent the first 6 days of this challenge stuck in airports and flying. I ate myoplex bars and apples(my emergency supply) and baked chicken when the airport kitchen opened at 10.30pm. I did CROSSFIT EVERY DAY outside the terminal (it was small!!).   I'm hoping you don't read this as arrogance but more as clarification of will. If you want this, you WILL find a way to be tunnel visioned and go DO IT. Day 84 is one day less away.

    Sincerely and with MUCH LOVE and support,



  • If you have the book, page 123 provides an answer.  If you need to get equipment other than the stores, try the online auction sites.  I think a few people have found some pretty good deals that way.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I agree with the other posts.

    Might I add a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and a skipping rope to the list of things every home must have. :)

  • Thank you Sharon and Legs :) That's kinda the advice I was looking for. I'm ok with tough love, but I was really looking for ways to work out at home while my little one sleeps. My neighbor just gave me a bike with a baby seat on the back :) Took a ride right away! Yup, got some work ahead of me, but it is going to be worth it!  I have a potentially life threatening health issue and being over weight does NOT help it at all. I have a blood clot in my left femeral vein, which like to cause severe pain. But I've noticed the added weight really bothers it alot! I want to see my baby grow up, so I'm doing this for myself, her, and my husband. I would greatly appreciate any other little exercise advice you have :) Thank you!!

  • Brianne: google "bodyweight excercises" and go from there. You have all the equipment you need just being you. Really.

    Well, you need your head too - and if it's loose, MO can tighten it. If you believe with your mind, your body will follow. Simple as that. :)

  • Again, thank you legs! :) I have to say something to the "tough love" people...Your posts bothered me, and actually kind of offended me. I came here looking for advice, I posted thinking that's what I would get, not a lecture on how I am procrastinating, and all that. I LOVED going to the gym when I was able to get there and afford it. I would LOVE to go there every day, even now! I can't get there because it is very far away, I have no car, I have a 1 year old, and I can't afford it anymore :( I WANT to do this program desperately! You have no idea. I was just giving a bit of background as to why I needed exercise advice. There was no excuse in my explanation, at all. I also have to wait until we get back from our trip, so that I can afford buying the food. Again, NOT an excuse, reality. Not all of us can hop in our car, drive to the gym, have personal trainers, and buy all the healthy food...You ever noticed how the food that is oh-so-not-healthy is cheaper than the healthy stuff? That's one reason I have my own veggie garden...now if only I could raise free-range, organic chickens...hmmmm... :)

  • I have 2 sets of hand weights, 8lbs and 12 lbs. Will that do?

  • A-hem...! Brianne2679. I am probably one of the few that has always and WILL always be able to only work from my tiny...hmmm lets see..... 25 by 20 "bedroom/computer/workout room and make BFL work. Having said that, I probably could have had better results with machines and trainers and money for all the fabulous supplements....but I dont. I am living the dream just doing it as I can and you can to my dear. :)

    8 lbs and 12 is great to start with - maybe even too much. You may have to dig out some old wine bottles (shhh!) and fill them with water for your lesser weights.

    Have you read the book yet?

    Do you understand the pyramid workout of increasing weights to get to your "10"?

  • BFLMike gave me tough love. It hurt my feelings at first. I dont like conflict...but learned fast that he said what he did because he cared.

    I have learned to care too for all that are here....we all took different paths, but we all are here for the same reason.

    To love ourselves again.

    Let BFL  help ya Bri!

  • Brianne2679,

    My intention was not to offend. I truly care for each and every person who takes the time to post their questions and concerns and reach out for help and support. I desire to see everyone be successful and acheive their goals. And eveyone can acheive their goals because each of us has the strength to change and there is always a way. Those who truly want it find a way to do it. There is a saying I keep close and hold myself accountable to and that is this: How you do anything is how you do eveything. I understand you were asking for some at home work out ideas, but laced in your post were a string of negative comments. "I can't". I am telling that you can. Somehow, someway you can. It is a myth, one I think BFL has set out to debunk, that a person needs supplements, a fancy gym, a personal trianer or new work out clothes to loose weight and get healthly.  I would also argue that healthy food is not more expensive. What it does take is some re-learning and re-thinking about the way we eat. I have been living on chicken breats, broccoli, cottage cheese and yogurt almost entirley. Is it expensive? No more then buying any other food. Is it boring? It sure is some days, but I have a goal. And I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

    There are a lot of great ideas above for working out at home. Legs -  wine bottles filled with water! genius! My mother wants to tighten up her ticeps but she is small. I recommended using soup cans for kick backs. She couldn't move her arms the next day. Skipping rope is amazing cardio and is also quiet if your little one is sleeping.

    I want to see you succeed. I want to see you be healthy for yourself and for your child and for your husband. I really do. I understand you have obstacles, you are not alone. I want you to know that I truly believe you have the strength inside you to overcome every single obstacle in existence and totaly transform your life.

    I wish you all the best


  • Brianne,

    Where there is a will there is a way. Just on Monday me and my wife went to the gym only to find it closed for the Labor Day holiday. I ended up doing squats and calf raises at home with my wife slug across my shoulders in a fireman's carry for weight.

    My sister-in-law seeing what we have accomplished in the last 7 weeks is looking to start BFL. Like you she does not have the financial means for all the supplements or a gym membership. I went over to her house with a bunch of empty pop bottles and milk jugs. Took awhile, but with those pop bottles, some water and a scale I made her a set of weights from 1lb to 15lbs in .5lb increments.

    Then we went shopping with an approved food list. It is actually not nearly as expensive as one would think. The grocery bill was no more than she was spending for the week normally. When you stop buying pre-made and packaged food like chips, pop,cookies etc etc whole food is really a bargain.

    I'm pulling for ya. Don't be a stranger, lots of great people here to help with the motivation and advice.