Week One Down!!!

  • All those who started on Sept. 3rd...week 1 is down!!! How is everyone feeling??


    I'm feeling pretty good...all workouts on track and with the exception of the 1st day where I didn't get the last meal in, have gotten all meals in!  The Eating for Life Cookbook has been a real lifesaver for me...it has helped give me great ideas for meals (as well as preparing them ahead of time) and helped that I'm not craving anything!!!  My energy levels are up...aside from a little soreness, doing well!  11 weeks left!!!

  • Hi BBrahma,

    I started mid week - Sept 1st!  I'm on day 9 and feeling great!  Good luck with your next 11 weeks!

    "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same."  ~Carlos Castaneda

  • Hi BBrahma,   Feeling great !  is great! I have not felt this energetic in a long time and even though I'm in my second round it is better than before....Have a great journey to Health and Happiness...John