Weight Training - HELP!!!

  • I need some help. I started my second BFL challenge yesterday. I don't think I did the weight training portion right the first go round. Can anyone please make it easier for me to understand? 2 exercises for each muscle group...so that means 2 for chest, 2 for triceps...so on and so forth. Today is an upper body day for me. I work out at home with hand weights. Any help is greatly appreciated. I want to do this 100%.

  • Congratulations on starting BFL again!  You are correct that it is two exercises for each muscle group.  So let's say you start out with chest.  You can start with dumbbell chest presses for sets 12,10,8, 6. and 12.  Increase your weight with each set and challenge yourself however on the last set of 12 reps, decrease your weight but keep it higher than your first set of 12. Make sense? Then on the next 12 reps (the super set, your bonus set or coming to Jesus set or whatever you want to call it) do something else like dumbbell flys and you'll feel the burn.  The last 12 of doing something different really shocks the muscle and that's what you want to do so go for it - try to go beyond a 10 at this point.  So yes, it's true, two exercises per muscle group, but you only do the second exercise during your last set of 12.

    If I'm off, can someone please correct and clarify? Thanks!!!

  • Use this during your workouts.


    There should be 6 sets for each muscle groups

    5 sets of the first exercise and 1 set of a second exercise.

    For example:

    This moring for Biceps I did

    Preacher Curls 5 sets.

    12 reps

    10 reps

    8 reps

    6 reps

    12 reps

    Dumbbell Curls 1 set

    12 reps

    Make sure you are doing 6 sets gor each muscle group.

    Some people read the instruction wrong and do 10 sets.


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