• Hey BFL crew,

    I have one simple question-

    Does anyone know whether any shops in Australia actually sell Myoplex Lite? I want to buy some but I have a feeling i'll just have to order it over the internet. Most products you find are from the US, there are some online that actually come from Australia but it'd be so much easier and more convenient if I could actually go to a store and buy some.. to avoid the hassles of not knowing when its going to come in the mail, being lost etc.


  • I don't know if there are any in Australia or not...  If you end up purchasing from the internet, the best prices I have found so far are at  Usually it is 50-60% off retail.

  • Hi, Aussiebel.  

    Right now we don't have distributor for Australia right now, but when we do we'll post an announcement in the Did You Know section.  


    The BFL Team