1st Day

  • Hello all.  My name is Marcie, and today is my first day starting Body For Life.  My worst downfall is anything sweet!  I am pretty consistent with running, I love to run.  I am currently about 30 lbs over weight.   I have to lose weight as this can ultimately affect my military career.  Just looking for support and others just starting out!

  • Welcome Marcie, take a look around and learn lots from these folks.  Ask lots of questions too.  I just finished week 2 and I feel great.  I am former Army myself and I know that keeping on an eating schedule can be a challenge.  Plan your meals and make up as much in advance as you can, and then just take it with you.

  • Hey Marcie,

    Welcome to BFL.  This is my first challenge and I am in week 9.  I love it and feel so much better.  Clothes are fitting like they are suppose to.  Life is GREAT!!!  As far as the sweet tooth goes, you are going to have push through the temptations.  You will get use to it.  there are some good protein powders that you can have for the sweetness.  Your candy is my alcohol and I have not had 1 sip since I have started this.  It has been hard, but it makes me feel so good that I have done it.  You can do it.  Don't let you mind make you think you really need it.  Also, come hang out in the faitful GBer's room.  We don't bite and you can get to know a lot of fun people there too.Ask many questions.  Have a good one.

  • Hi Marcie,

    Welcome!  I am new at this also.  I am on week 2 day 4.  Sugar is my weakness also and I have 3 kids at home so it is here to tempt me.   I found the first week really hard but kept looking at my free day as my goal to get through the week.  I had my Whopper fix on Sunday and believe it or not I am not really craving it as much this week.  It is funny b/c I know I am not supposed to feel guilty about my free day but I did.  I am going to try and turn my free day into a free meal instead (except for this Sunday b/c it is Easter and well enough said).  When I have the sugar cravings I eat cottage cheese and strawberries and/or pineapple which tends to do the trick.  There is so much info on this site and so many great recommendations for variation.  Good luck!!


  • Hey Genarena,

    Thanks for the response.  I also have kids and 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son.  I have noticed that  I eat out of boredom, so I am trying to go to bed with the kids so I can avoid that temptation.  I don't think I am going to take my cheat day, because I don't know how to stop after one......!  Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes did abs (p90X) for 30 minutes and 5 push ups.  today I am not sure what work out plans I have!

  • Hi Marcie - just responed to a post you put up on the Newbies thread. Just to add to that, If sweets are "your thing", the very best thing you can do to competeley KICK THE CRAVINGS, is to completely abstain for 2 weeks - free day as well.  What Gina said she does - CC and strawberries is a great way to look at it.

    I wish you well, I really do, but by reading your last post and now this one, I dont' think you have really "crossed the abyss".  Your workouts are "hybrid" workouts, this will only confuse you and not give you a true all over body training from week to week. You should be planning your weeks workouts and meals in advance so you know EXACTLY what you are doing from day to day - winging it won't cut it and you won't get the great results that probably pulled you here in the first place.  I'm sorry to be harsh, but those of us who have been around here for a long time can see the "writing on the wall" from the getgo.  Please do some planning and re-thinking about what you really want to achieve.  All the best to you - whatever you chose to do.

    GINA; Good for you, firstly for taking your free day - it has to be ghilt free, you've earn't it haven't you? Yes, but you are also recognising that the "bad food" doesn't have the same lure as you thought it may.....  Most people go all out on the first 2-4 weeks on free day and then realise how damn hard they have to work through the week to get their results, they then realise that it just aint worth it, and seeing as though you aren't "craving" it anyway, why bother.....  adapting to one free meal or more of the good food with a few extra condiments and maybe a desert is a good way to move forward for a lot of people.  Well done to you and all the best Debs


  • Hi Aussie-Debs,

    Thanks so much for the advice.  Another one of my shortcommings is being unorganized when it comes to myself.  I have not read this great book that everyone is talking about, but if you give me the name I will go to Amazon right now and order it.  I haven't eaten anything sweet for the past two days, that is a great accomplishment for me.  What exactly do you mean by "hybrid"?

    I know I need to make a schedule of what my workout will include daily, which will be a disc from P90X.

    Any and all advice is welcome I really want to get the best results possible and commit to this program for life.

    Thanks again.

  • leejad-

    This amazing book is "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips...yes Amazon.com has them.  Trust me, if you go by the book and you PLAN, you will see results. This program takes a lot of discipline and dedication so you need to know what your goals are.

    I did my first challenge pre-Christmas and finished 3/14-lost 25# and 20 inches...that's from not missing one workout and getting all my meals in...

    If you have questions, just holler!  Now go order the book!! :0)

    You can also go to the Newbies thread for a checklist and they Faithful GBer's thread to get a question answered!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...