I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Sharon - my husband LOVES German Sheperds.  I am sure they are adorable.  One of these days we will get one but with 1 and 3 year old little boys, I think it will be a little while :)  

    Right now my favorite meal is the breakfast burrito (from the Eating for Life cookbook.)  I also eat the BBQ pizza a lot of for lunch (also from the cookbook.)  I have found the cookbook has given me great ideas so I don't get bored.

    THis morning I wasn't as tired as I was yesterday.  I woke up and did my UBWO and it felt good.  I have to ask though, do you sweat a lot when you lift weights?  WHen I do my cardio I am drenched by the end but when I do my weight lifting days, I barely break a sweat.  I am doing the weight suggested in the book where i increase each time.  I am lifting weights as heavy as I can right now (which is not much).  I hope I see a difference soon.  I got on the scale since today before my day off and I am down 3 1/2 pounds.  i was hoping for more after 2 weeks but truthfully, I feel pretty good, so I will take it.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and everyone's energy starts kicking in!


  • I have read that most women do not see big results until weeks 6-8, so hang in there! I have also seen very minimal results, but I feel like my body is changing in a positive way, so I am focusing on staying positive! Tomorrow is my free day and I am definitely looking forward to splurging (but not too much!) Have a great Friday, everyone! :)

    "You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change."

  • Hey Gang! I guess I need to get a BFL cookbook. Sounds like there are alot of great ideas in it.

    Here is a receipe I have made it and it very good - can get spicy. I read Oxygen and Jamie writes in it. She has my dream body . LMAO - She stole it from me. LOL Sorry Crack myself up.

    Jamie Eason2009-05-01 20:30:47   Chicken Meatloaf Muffins

    1/2 tsp. ground cumin

    1/2 tsp. dried thyme, crushed

    2 tsp. dry yellow mustard

    2 tsp. black pepper

    2 tsp. McCormick’s Chipotle Pepper Spice (spicy, but key to the recipe)

    1 tsp. salt

    1 cup quick cooking oats

    2 cloves garlic, minced (or 2 tbsp of garlic powder)

    1 small onion, finely chopped (I get the pre chopped version or even the frozen - thawed)

    2 stalks celery, finely chopped

    3 egg whites

    1 1/2 - 2 lbs. ground chicken *** (I use 3 packages)

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

    In a large bowl, add cumin, thyme, yellow mustard, black pepper, McCormick’s Chipotle Pepper Spice, salt, oats, garlic, onions and celery. Mix until well combined. Next add the ground chicken and egg whites and mix with your hands until evenly distributed. Make racquetball size portions and place in muffin tins, sprayed with non-stick spray. Bake for 40 minutes.

    Yields about18 muffins

    Nutrition: 1 muffin

    78 calories

    2 g fat

    4 g carbs

    11 g protein

    Servings are usually 2 for women and 4 for men.

    Check out her website under video's for more. The protein bars are very good. taste like carrot/pumpkin cake/pie. Things.

  • Mel, I usually break a sweat but no where near what I do with cardio. If you are having trouble with the weights - Slow way down, take your full min. if you need to. I was getting frustrated that I wasn't getting sore and didn't want to go up yet in weights. another lady on here told me about slowing down and making every move count and then I really started feeling it and started to sweat at that point also. I'm doing LBWO this afternoon. I have really had to play with my weights (didn't know what I could handle) but thing I have it other than Leg Press. Tonight I am starting at 115 - Cause last time was way to low and by the time I got to 115 I did 25reps to get to my 10. Didn't realize how strong my lower body way.

    As far as seeing results - I feel better and am enjoying that. I know I wont lose like I wish I would. We are going to gain muscle as we loss our fat. So I am messureing my success by what goal I acomplish as far as what I am doing instead of what the scale and mirror say. I stay positive that it will eventually tell me what I have been telling myself all along.

    I am a Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Women that CAN take on the world. If I want to do it... I WILL SUCEED! and eventually that scale and mirror will be saying it back to me.

  • For all you german shepherd lovers:


    Hope the link works - Sharon

  • OMG Sharon they are sooooooooo soooooo cute!!!!!


  • Your pups are so cute! I wanted to also mention their are books and magazines with "Clean Eating" reciepes in them. So you dont have to punish yourself with the same old stuff!

    I know I am not going to cheat as badly as I did last weekend, I will take it a bit easier. I am hoping for faster results. My body doest usually even start to respond until some time has gone by. My husband is joining me and we both are very tired. We also go to school and each of us studies each night so the week is the same routine every day and by the weekend we are tired people.

    I wanted to mention that i have found supplements like shakes and portien bars cheaper at The Vitamin shoppe and on line at Wholesale SUpplements. I love Gold Standard Whey protein. NAd the EAS chocloate crunch bars are the bomb. The EAS shakes are pricey here but  I the best price at Costco. I have been loading up on those for vacation and to have at work in case the hungries start to take over. I like vanilla and the GOdl Standard in Vanilla becasue you can cook with it. I put it in my cereal my oatmeal and my homemade protein bars.

    You can find alotof reciepes on line by googling clean eating adn Cleaning Eating has its own magazine as does Oxygen has reciepes. You can order Clean eating cook books at Amazon and Ialso liked the Squeaky clean cook book. All found on Amazon.

    Happy Friday everyone, now kick some ASS!

  • Hey Crew! I keep trying different starts - Trying to find one I like.

    Anyway - Back to the sweating thing. I complete broke into a full sweat today. I did lunges first because someone was on the leg press and that got my heart rate up and my legs burning. Had a fantastic WO - Only problem was getting home. I really pushed myself and the last set on the press I keep going because I had more did 16 instead of the 12. I parked in the back of the parking lot - you know burn more calories walking to the vehicle. Picture this, I walk to the dressing room, legs like rubber - okay I got this- that was a good WO sharon. Do my thing get my stuff and head out the door. walk down the sidewalk to oh 4 small steps. Oh SXXX- grab the ralling. Legs shaking- WOW! hope I didn't over do it. Look at my STANDARD JEEP in the back of the parking lot. I starting laughing- no not to myself LMAO laughing. Thinking you Dumb AXX - you have to drive home. But another challenge, I accomplished shaking legs and all. I am still laughing about it.

    Hope everyone had a great day and sweet dreams! Sharon

  • Hey!

    You are not alone. I am 49 and never have been thin or healthy. I just started the BFL and I am having a hard time doing everything at once. I keep forgetting to journel and I never have planned my meals before. I need support. I feel I am allready falling of the wagon.A little scared and  sceptical.

    Youi know it works, keep positive,


    Sharon, You crack me up!!!! I completely understand! I have a Jeep too! but mine is an automatic!! It is sooo nice, I have just had a hard week and reading about your puppies and now your work out, THANK YOU!  You are doing sooo good! Pat pat pat!


    I can totally understand, And I think everyone in this group has good days and bad. Feel free to join our group we are great motivators. I will be honest, I have not journeled, Don't let it overwhelm you, do what you can . I have found planning my meals is my best friend. It makes my "clean eating" life much easier.

    Before I go to bed I get my breakfast set up or ready and I do the same for my lunch.I don't have time to take a lunch break at work so its a grab and go situation. Don't be scared we are all here to help each other out! and If I do say so myself we really are a wonderful and funny (Sharon) group!

    Lisa, You are so full of good info! I will be really busy this weekend, but I am going to get some mags for clean eating! When I have a chance I will be getting some of the books you reccommended.

    Well wish me luck, Disney all weeknd, great for cardio, BAD for eating!,  I will do my very bestest!!!

    Keep fighting the good fight Gutts and Butts!!!


  • Ok Butts and Gutts I was just checking the Work Out sheet, we have some slackers.......

    Don't be discouraged , Get moving!!!!! You CAN do this!!!!


  • Crap, it just happened again!  I lost the big long post I was just writing!  ggrrrr!  I copied it part way through just in case, but forgot to copy again before I hit "reply."  Anyway, I'll paste what I copied and see if I can remember the rest.

    Hi grammekim,

    What do you use for your journal and where do you keep it?  I bought the Body for Life Success Journal, but if you don't want to spend the money you can download the same pages on this website.  The Success Journal has pages for your eating plan and workout plan for every day of the 12 weeks (except the free days, of course).  It also has lots of before and after pictures to keep you motivated and lots of success stories, some of which are truly inspirational.  Whenever I'm feeling "weak" I make a point of reading a couple, and then I think, "if these people can do it, so can I!"

    This is not my first time doing this program.  I've done it a couple of times in the past, once successfully (I lost 40 lbs), but I've also had a couple of false starts.  This time I seem to have some steam going, and I feel really positive that I can do this...even for the rest of my life.  I swear one of the things that is really helping me this time is the journalling.  Of course, you can still do it without it, but a little planning ahead really goes a long way.

    If you have never planned your meals before and you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about failing, I seriously suggest you just take a half an hour to sit and plan your meals and workouts a few days in advance.  Just the process of doing that can seem daunting at first, but it will take the guesswork out of the program for the days you planned for.  You can keep your meals very simple at first.  Then as you get more comfortable with it, you can find more interesting recipes to try.  Plus, by journalling and planning in advance you can make sure you have the groceries you need on hand so you are less likely to resort to eating whatever you have around, healthy or not.

    Often the IDEA of sitting and planning can seem more daunting than actually doing it.  In the BFL book Bill Phillips says, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  For me, this has so far proven to be true.  I plan my meals a few days in advance and get the groceries I need.  Then I keep my journal near where I eat (I take it to my workouts too of course) so I can refer to it if I need to and I can fill in the "actual" column as I go.  

    Whether or not you decide to stick to the journalling (which includes meal planning), there is a lot of imformation between us here in this group, lots of positive attitudes and lots of support and encouragement.  So stay strong and keep it going!  It will get easier as the new, healthy things you are doing start to become habits for you, and we are all here to support you when you need it.

  • Hi Mel

    Thanks, for your willingness to go by "Mel".  I just hate being called "Missy".


  • Hey! I ain't no slacker. BUT, I went on vacation to visit a friend who has all the exercise equipment (she did when I came this March, But due to life threatening allergies ie. mcs and latex. they were all gone,) so not workouts till TUESDAY. Bummer, cause I really was getting into this daily thing. I know I will get back to it when I come home.  We did 3 different hikes here in Minn/Wisc. Just Gorgeous!

  • Woo hoo!  Second week successfully under my belt (and under OUR belt!)!  I just finished my Day 13 cardio workout...pushed really hard...thought I might pass out, but I did it!

    Yesterday was my LBWO.  I tried new ab exercises because I'd been feeling like I wasn't getting enough out of what I was doing before.  So this was the scene this morning when I went grocery store hungry because I forgot to take a Myoplex bar with me: (thinking to myself) "hmmm, maybe it wouldn't hurt if I had one little bag of chips...aarrggghhh!" (the sound I made when I moved a certain way and and my abs reminded me of all the hard work I've been doing).  Then I thought to myself, "forget it, cheating ain't worth it.  What's the point of working on building strong, firm muscles if I won't ever get to see them because they're covered with layers of fat?"  So sore muscles are good in more than one way!  lol  Of course, knowing my free day was just a day away helped too.

    Looking forward to my free day tomorrow.  I don't think I'll overdo it too much food wise, but I am looking forward to a day of relaxing.  Hope you all had a good day and a good week.  Enjoy your free day!