I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Hi LauraD,

    Loved the encouraging words to said to Wulff. I will take that same encouragement myself. I think its called "pay it forward". :c)


    ps love to see all the posts!!!

  • Hi Everyone! I am hoping I can join your group.  I started on Saturday the 26th so I am close to the 28th start date.  So far things have been going really well but I feel like i should join a group so that I can stay motivated.  This is about the time I start to head in the wrong direction.  So I hope you don't mind if I join you.  After reading your posts it seems like you would be a great group for me to help keep me going!

  • Hello melmcb22, Butts and gutts is the bomb digity. Please join us. Since Laura says I can't lipo, I am trying CLR. Forgot I even ordered it - but at $2.00 a day I would have thought I would remember. So 90 capsules is a 15 day supply. Be cool if it works.

    I forgot who was asking about cardio but I am all about interval training. It is amazing. I used to run for 2 hours and barely sweat. Starting with Bill's intervals go me going. Doing easy, med, hard, harder, easy med, hard, harder makes me drip in 20 minutes no matter what i am doing. Then if you throw in weights in between. Well I dissolve. And I am so busy dying that I work out harder with the weights with less mental stress. I took a basic interval workout from some women's mag and now basically cardio for 10 minutes and then do a round of weight training, then cardio and so on. Not how Bill does it but I get a better workout that way.

    Workout tapes are not bad for variety either. There are a bazillion 20 minute ones and you might find one you love.  I use beach body sometimes and I love her ab routine so much I do it separate. Try the library. They usually have 10 or more at any library.

  • Melissa and Wulff, Thanks for the Ideas! I have a few DVD's and I will have to put them into rotation. I forgot that I bought a few DVD's from that very popular weight loss show on TV, I bet I can work that in! THanks!

    melmcb22, we would love to have you! feel free to join in! I think we are a lucky group, we have people who need to lose a lot of weight and a few that need to lose only a lillt and then ones who just want to tone up. I love all the encouragement we have here.

    I personally had a very hard day was VERY tired because I just HAD to stay up to watch Sons of Anarchy, and then a bad day on top of it. All I really wanted to do was come home from work and nap. But I knew if I did I would never work out. So I got my draggin Butt up and did UBW and now I feel better I fixed a smart dinner and feel much better. I just couldn't get on here and tell everyone I didn't work out!

    I had to be able to put that " X" in the box!!! So thank you everyone for being out there!!!

    SO How is everyone else doing this week?

    Thank you Butts and Gutts for being there for me!!


  • I feel you there, Lonna - I myself feel very tired today.  My hubby is leaving tomorrow morning to go to England until Christmas and I've been up late with him almost every night for the past week.  He usually has had stuff to after work and supper to get ready for his trip, but then would want to sit and chill with me for a while before bed.  That's sweet, of course, but all the late nights and early mornings are starting to catch up with me.  I rrreeeeaaallly didn't want to get out of bed early this morning to workout, but I did it!  I had to get my X in too.  I suspect I'll be doing my cardio later tomorrow, since he's leaving early, but I'm sure I'll get it in.

    For cardio I've just been doing the exercise bike.  Sounds like it would be boring day in and day out, but I go at it like I have a mission to complete, and if I focus on what I'm doing and use the intensity index and high point technique outlined in the program I find it's not too bad.  That way I don't have to think about it too much and am less likely to come up with excuses not to do it.  Any other cardio I do after that during the day (like walking with my son or biking) is just gravy. (hmmm..do I sound like a boring creature if habit there?)

    Who was it who asked for tips for vacationing again?  Sorry I forgot who it was...I'm afraid to look back now that I'm in the middle of writing, since I already lost a big post I wrote yesterday.  Anyhow, for vacationing weight workouts, resistance tubes are lightweight and easy to travel with.  They may not be quite as good as weights but they work in a pinch.  

    As for food, if you find yourself eating at restaurants a lot, remember that most menus will have BFL friendly dishes.  The trick is that most restaurant servings are 2 or 3 times what a portion should be (if not more).  You could always ask for a take-away container when you order your meal so that you can keep a portion on your plate and put the rest away right away so you're not as tempted.  Also, I have been told that restaurants can't really refuse you if you want to order from a seniors menu, for example, which usually has smaller serving sizes.  But I guess that also depends on where you're travelling.  Of course, as I believe someone else might have mentioned, travelling with some single-serving shake packets and Myoplex bars (or whatever ones you want to use) is a good idea too.

    I also believe that lipo is cheating.  My hubby is convinced from looking at some of the before and after pictures that some of the people must have had lipo or tummy tucks or whatnot.  I tried to explain to him that working out with weights can help you to end up looking toned after you've lost a lot of weight, but he doesn't really believe it.  So I figure I won't argue with him about it.  He'll see the proof first hand when I complete the 3 challenges I have to do.  : )  For those who feel tempted, I don't think it's necessary.  Just be patient keep working at it and you'll get where you're going without the pain and expense of surgury.

    I hope you all are doing well this week.  Keep up the good work!!

  • Hello everyone!  I just got done with my UBWO and getting ready for bed!  I'll be lucky if I can sleep with the adrenaline running, but I think I'll manage it!

    I am excited about Butts and Guts!  I just added my name to the spreadsheet.  How exciting!  

    I am 5'8" and weigh 180 lbs according to my scale.  But, those darn doctor scales say 190.  So, we will go with my scale, since this is the one I'll be weighing in on.

    I have tried BFL so many times, my husband and my mom just laugh at me whenever I say I'm starting it again.  Upsetting, but I see their point.  I'm excited because this time I can honestly say it feels different.  I enjoy going down into my basement and lifting.  And, I enjoy only 20 minutes of cardio.

    I haven't really purchased any EAS products as of yet.  Went and got a multi-vitamin active pack from the nutrition store that has CLA in it and some other things.  I'm thinking about just using Myoplex Lite bars or AdvantEdge drinks.  Not sure.  Anyone know where there are some "price breaks" on these products?

    Well, off to bed.  Good night!

    Hope everyone has a great tomorrow!!

  • On eating out and portion size I agree with Sherry. Getting a to-go container before even starting will help stay on track.

    At home I use a smaller plate to trick my mind into thinking that I am having more. I also will drink more water if I am still hungry.

    I am enjoying helping my Dad with his workouts. I do though do my workout before him, so I can help him and not have to worry about the rest time in between each set.

    Yesterday was his first UBWO, I am sore so I am anxious to find out how he feels today!

    I am happy to see so many new posts, this is great!!!

    Butts and Gutts only 11 weeks to go!!!!!


  • I started August 29th! I am in my second week and I have been doing great. I thought that not eating chocolate (my biggest enemy while dieting) would be a problem, but since my Myoplex bars are all chocolate, I don't crave it. Also, last week on my free day, I was still good all day(I just cheated a little for dinner, but that was it)! Keep up the good work! :)

    "You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change."

  • Hi Team, Sorry having been posting - Crazy life right now. Puppies are everywhere and cleaning up after them is a full time job. I been doing good. Getting short with hubby at times - trying to get everything in. I'm house training the puppies so they are waking me up at night to go out. I didn't get cardio in today - Planned on doing it this afternoon after my real job. now I will have to push it back to this evening due to appointment to show puppies. happy and sad. I will get it in today- even if it is 8pm tonight.

    Amy- I too have chocolate issues and that is exactly what I use Myoplex lt. really takes care of that. Thank goodness.

    Hope everyone is doing great - Keep up the good work - Sharon

  • Lonna - I do jog/run around block, Treadmill - I have this workout instead of running on treadmill you increase with the incline and some speed. Good and changes every min so it flyes by and can really push yourself when you know you only have seconds to finish that incline. Two days ago I did P90 cardio DVD. Love it - longer than what we are suppose to do but good. Plan on doing that tonight. I love the elipical when we go to the gym. So far that's what I been doing on cardio -

    It's a great butts and guts day - :)


  • Meredith,

    If you live in the US you can order starter packs based on what your goals are right here on the BFL website (actually it links you to the Abbott Nutrition Store).  The starter packs are a lot less than buying the stuff separately, especially if you were to buy them at a health store.  However, I live in Canada, so I can't order them from here (pout).  I have a number I was given for EAS Canada, but I haven't called yet so I don't know what their prices are like.  Anyone know where I can get price breaks here in Canada?

    And just to no one in particular (to you all), my day started rough.  My hubby left for England this morning.  The taxi for the airport picked him up at 5:30 am.  So I was up late last night, then early this morning.  I was super tired and sad to boot and I rrreeeaallly did not feel like doing my cardio.  But I talked myself into it and I did it!  I actually feel more energetic now.  Plus it gave me something else to think about for a while.  I'm so glad I pushed through the "I don't wannas" and got it in.  I'm giving myself a pat on the back.  Here are some for the rest of you who've been doing all your workouts even when you really don't feel like it...pat - pat - pat!


  • Great job Sherry!  Must have been tough in every way but that is great that you pushed through it and got your workout in.  

     I was right there with you (from a working out perspective) this morning, but I bit the bullet and got my cardio in.  It was rough but I felt good afterward.  I have to say though, I am struggling at work today trying to keep my eyes open.  I can't remember the last time I worked out as much as I have been in the last 2 weeks.  That in itself is an accomplishment.  I have to admit I am counting down the days to my day off though :)  I'm tired!!

    Go Butts and Gutts!  Hope everyone has a great day!

    Mel (I'm Melissa too but since there is another Melissa I will go by Mel :)

  • Ok I posted about an hour ago but it dissappeared..oh well so here i go again!

    Sherry, I am so sorry about your hubby having to go, :( But look at your strength and determination!!! that is wonderful and just think when you do see him what a change there will be!!!! You should be so proud of your self, I know it was not easy doing the workout today but you did it!! WOOOO HOOOO!

    Amy, I have seriouse love affair with chocolate too! Funny thing even though I work at a dentist office (where you would think there would be NO junk food!) we have TONS!!!!Little mini candy bars all over the place! YIKES. What I have found if I can just keep myself from having one, then I am good. But if I have one just one I am eating them all! The myoplex lite bars are working to keep my cravings low too!

    You are doing great be proud of your hard work!


    I love the eliptical too! I just do not have one at home, :( so far the treadmill is good for me but I just know boredom is right around the corner and I don't want to give myself any reason for not doing cardio!LOL !

    To everyone ,

    I am trying the CLA not quite sure about it yet cannot tell if it soes anything to me or not. I guess we will see.

    Mel I am sooo tired too! I guess I am not getting enough sleep in, but I am sleeping like a rock when I do, so that is good!

    THe weekend is right around the corner maybe we can all get caught up on our sleep then,LOL! Mel I hope you can get some sleep then too!

    Sharon what kind of puppies do you have? I bet they do keep you running!

    Petal how wonderful of you to be working out with your dad that is so great!, my husband has been comming in to work out with me and he is having good results too! his blood sugar is dropping! that is soooooo good! I also use a smaller plate and drink lots of water! nice little tricks!

    Well I am off to bed

    Going to be ready to do LBWO tomorrow... Then we are going to Disney for the weekend, GOD help me! At least I know I will be walking A LOT!!!LOL

    Have a great night all!



  • Good Morning Crew! I too had a hard time getting my cardio in yesterday. But I did get it.  Got in my over heated pool and did laps for 30 mins. I can't wait til we can get a chiller or enclose it - the water just gets tooo hot when we dont have rain.

    GOOD JOB everyone - I totally understand the being tired. But we did it and today is a new day - LBWO this afternoon - I really enjoy the weights.

    Sherri - Pat Pat Pat  :)- You should be very proud of yourself. I know how hard being without a loved one can be. being ex military. and you accomplished your goal anyways! Congrats! If you need anything, I will help if I can. and the team is alway here for you to lean on.

    Lonna - I have German Shepherd Puppies - Both parents are imports and I can't believe how fast they learn and grow lol for that matter. They turn 6 wks this Sunday - almost ready for new homes. I'm lucky with this litter as they are already paper trained/part house trained so I just have to mop the floor once a day. Yeahhhhh! but they are wearing me out!

    I really liked the cottage cheese and yogurt thing but I think I am starting to get burnt out on it. Was wondering what everyone's favorite meal is - that's in the guildlines - lol

    Well Hope everyone has a great day - Fight for your 10's


  • I do like cottage cheese when you have put it into the blender. I like salsa/cottage cheese dip in the BFL cookbook. It is a good snack to have!

    I love German Shepherd's !! I have a Golden and a mixed? (oh, and 2 cats) Someday we would like to have a German Shepherd. There is just something regal about them.

    I have had trouble when I try to post if it's long. For some reason it kicks me out, and I have to log on or type it over.

    I have had trouble with energy lately and I know having a solid routine after awhile will help, it's just getting to that point.

    Yesterday got the better of me but today it will be better!!

    Butts and Gutts all the way!!!!