I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Everyone have a great clean weekend, I meant above I filled in the spreadsheet. I live in california. i did my before shots today. ewwww! I too have it burned in my head. I did measurements too. The book says weight yourself once a month it looks like we are doing once a week? I love the name too!

    Yippee we have some new friends and motivating ones at that!

    Enjoy your cheat meal!

  • Had a great LBWO on my weight machine, as I watched an old episode of the original "Dark Shadows".

    I have not been sore all week! Ha Ha, but it caught up with me TODAY!  OUCH. Melissa

  • Another spreadsheet for the group. Each day you successfully complete the daily required strength training or aerobic routine place an X in the box under your name corresponding to the that day. This should help keep everyone accountable and seeing as how no one want to be the person without an X, hopefully it can provide some motivation.


  • Wooo hooo Go Melissa!

    I have been sore all week, LOL!

    Dark Shadows!LOL thats a blast from the past!

    Have a great weekend!


  • ztgibbons,

    I tried putting my x'x in the box but it wont let me what am I doing wrong?

    To everyone,

    I am kinda having a mini celebration and I just wanted to share, I have been on Blood Pressure meds for about 1 year and the last 2-3 days I have been light headed when I stand up so checked it and it has been pretty low. So I did not take it yesterday and my BP has bee great! I know I should not mess with meds but I am a dental asst and a CNA so I have enough knowledge to be dangerous.LOL I am going to keep checking but I am soooo happy about that!

    Today is going to be my cheat day,

    because I feel so good I will probably not be to outragous and I really still want to do some kind of cardio.

    Have a great day everyone!!!!

    Work it hard Butts and Gitts!!!


  • Melissa - I loved dark shadows...

    Day 6 - feeling really good. wanting to do something. probably start my lawn chores here shortly.

    The couple of mornings I ran around the block a few times was nice and cool. Wouldn't try it in the afternoons here. It will be nice when it cools off enough to open up the house. That's my favorite time of year.

    Any hoo - hope everyone is doing great - and enjoy your cheat day!

  • Hi everyone,

    I just finished Day 6 and completed all my workouts for the week!  Yay!  No cheating or skipping, and I've pushed myself pretty hard all week.  Of course, the weight workouts could have been a little better, but it's my first time doing weight training in a number of years, so I expect it to take a little tweaking to get the weight right.  I also followed the nutrition plan pretty closely, but I weighed myself this am and the scale is still showing the weight I started at.  That's a little disappointing considering how hard I worked and how closely I stuck to the eating plan, but I won't let it get me down.  I figure I might be retaining water or something. :P

    I'll be using my free day today instead of tomorrow because I am having friends over for dinner.  I am going to try and make it a free meal though instead of a whole day because I'm looking forward to seeing some progress on the scale asap.  I'll be taking measurements at the end of the day tomorrow as well (end of week 1 for me), since I know that when you are muscle building measurements can be a more accurate measure of progress than your weight on the scale.

    I've found that I've had more energy since I started too.  My husband jokingly said this morning that "it's just not right" that I have more energy than him now.  lol.  How have you all been feeling since you started?

    It seems I live just a little far away from most of you.  I am in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  I just moved to Cambridge a couple of months back.  Before that I lived in Ottawa.  

    I hope you're all having a great weekend!  Stay strong!


  • Awesome!  Great way to keep us accountable, and we can encourage each other too if we see we are faltering.

  • I forgot to mention in that post - I was talking about the spreadsheet to fill in for our workouts.  I think that's great!

  • Butts and Guts?

    What about Guts and Determination?

    (I'm such a troublemaker...)


    Edit: Ooo! Butts and Guts and Determination!


    No, nevermind.

  • Laura, LOL too funny! I think you will be great at keeping everyone in line!!!! Have a great day!


    I too am taking today as my cheat day  I am going to controll my self but won't get bent our of shape if I do make it a day thing, I really want results too! LOL !

    I am showing a little weight loss not huge but I too feel good and have energy and I am very happy about that. I am pretty dang sure no matter where you live I can encourage you! LOL Keep up the swesome job you are doing!! Enjoy your day!!!

    Sharon I so wish we could open our windows today... very steamy and hot today!  Jogging around the block is great I will be so happy when I can do that again!! Have a wonderful day!!!



  • Apologizes to anyone who tried to edit the spreadsheet a while back and couldnt I had not set up the permissions properly but it is fixed now so everyone should be good to go.

  • Thanks Zach ! I got to put in all my X's I feel good!

    Now I am going to go spoil my self with a dip in the hot tub!


  • Love the new sheet Zack! Groovy. Sherry and Lonna awesome, fun posts. And no we do not need to and are not encouraged to weigh ourselves- that is just me- but I did yesterday and I'm still 165. I am sure some of it is muscle forming. It has to be. I think I have dripped my weight in sweat this week.

    One really good website for food info is Sparkspeople.com- free site that a rich man put his own money into as a gift back to the world.

    Sherry L , I usually end up in Canada but the Whitehorse/ Yukon side every other year. I lived in Haines, Alaska for 13  years. Going back next summer. :) Michelle

  • Hey Guys!

    I started BFL on Tuesday (8-31) and had a great week...I'm 5.5 & 213lbs, I do have to say I carry it well but I need to be about 70lbs lighter - I'm applying to the naval medical school and they do have hight/weight requirements! I've done BFL before with a small amount of success about 10 years ago, and I've seen it work for other people I know, and I think I'm finally at a place where I am ready to go for it :). I've been reading this thread all week and have wanted to join in, it sounds like there are some great motivators and more importantly, some REAL people in here.  

    It's been a LONG time since I've worked out at all, I got all of my work outs in (I work 3rd shift so I started Tuesday night, only 4 work out days but I got them all) and ate really good, but there's always room for improvement!  I'm really going to try to push myself in my workouts this week.

    I love the spreadsheet, can I join Buts & Guts?