I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Sharon,

    that was so nice !

    we will all need encouragment at sometime, I love with we are all here for each other!

    I have an Idea for the name of the group.

    Together we overcome?

    maybe something like that???

    Off to do upper body.. have a wonderful day all!


  • LOVE the spread sheet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you Littlewulff!!!!!!

  • Is anyone here taking CLA? I have been taking and notice that by the end of the day I am seriously bloated.I have looked on line and see that others experience similar things and some even gained weight on it. Others lost inches. Bill P uses it in the starter packs from Abbott Nutrition.

    I am on day 5 and doing okay. Rough night trying to fit everything into one day. I work full time and am taking two college courses, have a hubby and two pups. I work then go to the gym, then make dinner, then take dogs for walk then try and study. I guess the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I am trying to get my day down to a workable schdule. I am thinking I should work out in the morning instead but for me that means up at 4:45 and home before 6 so I can go to work. What does everyone here do, am workouts or after work??

    In the am its hard to get up and find the enrgy, I can hardly squeeze the toothpaste.

    Sieze the day!! oh and have a great weekend too!



  • Anytime Petal to metal

    Myyonna - Hope your guys are there for me when it is my turn. I know I will have those days.

    Lisa - I am very busy too so I can totally relate. I actually gave up my favorite hobby of dog training for trials and am just going to be a hobby trainer right now. I just have too much on my plate. I do my cardio so far in the mornings and other workouts in afternoon. Tomorrow morning is first time going to gym for cardio, just been doing it at home but want to try some of the machines. I get up at 4am on cardio days, rotate dogs (have 3 GSD and litter of 4 wk old puppies) I leave the 2 females out while I go for my cardio. I had to start packing my food for the next day the evening before because it was chaos in the mornings and I always forgot something.

  • Group name ideas:

    Rock Bottoms

    Butts and Guts

    Self Made

  • Myyonna, Love your opinion "Keep shakes and bars hand for times when you cannot plan!"

    Names.... I will give it some thought but I am not really good at that.

    Gotta get back to work - Lunch over. Everyone have a great afternoon


  • Lisa,

    last time I did the challenge I w/o after work.  This time I am working out in the morning.  It took some transition but I really like it. I notice that it forces me to get better sleep by going to bed earlier knowing I have to get up early.  Also opens a whole lot of time after work.  It's not easy at first but if you stick with it, you will make the cnange before you know it.

    I like the "Butts and Guts" group name!   A daily reminder of what I'm working on.

    Happy friday to all and enjoy the nice long holiday weekend.


    Make Peace with where you are right now!


  • Butts and Gutts is pretty funny. I'll throw my vote in for that too!  Awesome input on the spread sheet-- Thank you so much- now I can see clearly our awesome group.

    who are we missing?

    To add your info --- just click on the link below.

    Then move your mouse into the box you want to type in. It is that simple.

    Press save at the top.

    We can add our progress week by week.


    Bookmark the link and access it anytime. Add to the columns. Make it useful.

    I have only figured out how to add more tahn profile pic here. Can we add picks like Facebook?

    If not, we could make a googledoc to share our icky gross before photos and progress photos.

    Smiles, Michelle

  • So based on our spreadsheet- our lone male plans to win it all! Go Zack!

  • LOVE Butts and butts I think we have a winner!!!!!

    So where is everyone from?? I am from Florida the space coast area.

    So I must confess something.. I went out and bought a new phto printer so I would not have to get my before pics at a sore! LOL its ok you can laugh too I have a sense of humor! Hee hee!

    I really would like to thank everyone for being in our "Butts and Guts" group! This means alot to me.

    Welp got my work out done early and shopping so I can now have a nice relaxing weekend!!!


    Oh and Michelle the spread sheet it awesome! I am not sure about sharing more pics. But if you can set something up I will share my AWFUL pic!LOL

  • I like The butts and Gutts too!

    Just finished my 2nd body workout - Much better this time around. I really got a great burn early on so I really pushing myself at the end. Still need to adjust weights. Think that will probably be a regular thing.

    Hey Myyonna, I am in central Florida - Lakeland Area

  • Hey here is a laugh for you.. I was just telling my hubby that I voted on butts and gutts. and how SMMS said it would be a daily reminder of what we need to work on. He said he would have to join dinkydos than cause he would really like to see his again sometimes. LOL. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • So added where we are from to my little spreadsheet- I am from Hawthorne, near Gainesville, not far Myonna and Sharon! And our week 1 results if you want to share on Monday- though I am sure I will have gained weight with all the muscle I put on. hehe

    I have not tried the CFL? stuff.

    I have not printed out my before photos and was trying to figure out if I could load them with my eyes closed.


  • Slemard,

    That is tooo funny, I am kinda hoping my husband will see some of my progress and will want to join me in this.

    So we kinda have a small group of us in the south. I really can't wait for it to start cooling off here so I can start doing some outside activities without having heat stroke!

    And as for the pics I am sad to say they are now burned into my brain and it makes me want to cry... but I will choose to just use it as motivation to keep waorking my Butts and Gutts off! HA! LOL


  • I filled it in, good idea, thank you