I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • I say if you dont like cottage cheese dont eat it. FInd another source of protein, Have a shake, or hummus or fish. I dont think that we have to eat cottage cheese jsut a protein source. Am I on the right track here?

  • Eating Clean is a lifestyle. There is amagazine called "Oxygen" it is a womens fitness magazine. The editor Robert Kennedy married a gal names Tosca Reno, she has written extensivley about the Eat Clean lifestyle in the magazine of course and she writes cook books. I have several that I buy on Amazon and use regularly. It has helped me make better choices. While I dont eat cheese but every once in a while and low fat at that. Most of her stuff is good. She believes in eating protein filled, fresh foods not packaged foods full of preservatives etc. Check it out you might enjoy it.

    I am not 100% cure but I dont think that we can only eat whats on the approved lists. I think it has to be clean etc. Like the cottage cheese it you dont like ti eat Greek yougert.

  • Hi gang,

    I actually stared the challenge on Monday 8/30 as well.  I just haven't had time to jump on this forum and join in yet.  I am 5'8 and weigh 169, wanting to get down to a comfortable 145 or so.  I also did the challenge in the past and loved it.  Key for me is prepping meals ahead of time.  On sunday I cooked and prepped for a few hours and it's paid off big time.  I eat lunch at my desk so I just grab my prepared meal out of my frig each morning,with some combo of the following: hard boiled eggs (only eat the whites), yogurt, fruit, some nuts, veggies.  I also keep some RTD meal replacement shakes in my frig for emergencies or to have right after weight workouts.  I'm a pretty simple eater and can stick with the same stuff just to keep it simple.  The next week I'll prep something different like turkey stuffed peppers or turkey meatloaf and then prep my meals separately to grab and go.  Plus by the time I get home in the evening, I don't want to cook so I just grab my prepared meal and heat it up.   Thanks for all the great tips on here.  I can not do cottage cheese either!  Never could and I know its a texture thing.  I much prefer the hummus.  But beware with hummus, it's really important to watch portions as it has a lot of fat in it.  Good fat, but still a lot.  I'll try to keep up with the thread.  Thanks in advance for the support and hope that I can offer the same!


    Make Peace with where you are right now!


  • Awesome awesome attitude Lisa I have com to the same conclusion, what I have been doing is not working so do it the way that does!

    tear it up Lisa!


  • Petal to the metal,

    Thank you so much! I was just trying to get some motivation and look what has happened! I really have to believe that there are a lot of people out there like us that just need some encouraging word and a kick in the butt sometimes!

    How about for everyone that is interested in being in our group come up with a name  and we can all see which one we like best..maybe something like  Kickin ass and getting healthy?

    So I did cardio today which was NOT easy since my legs and lower body hate me from my lower body weight lifting yesterday..The fisrt few mins were uncomfortable but then a good song came on my Ipod and the disco legs kicked in!!LOL

    So come on people if my Hefty(soon to be smaller) behind can do it I know yall can do it!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that sice you started the workouts that you are almost always hungry??

    I have felt like an empty pit but I just try to drink water and keep busy till next meal or snack.LOL

    I have to admitt I do feel really good, cept the sore muscles..LOL

    Lets keep it up gang!!!!!


  • Lisa thank you for the info on the books and magazine I think I might have to go shopping this weekend!


  • Awesome to see you on here SMMS,

    lots of good hints for everyone thank you!

    I know the shakes and bars have really helped me when I am in starvation mode.

    I hope to see you on here again!!!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!


  • Hi guys!  I hope you don't mind adding someone new to the thread?  I also started the Challenge on August 30th (this past Monday), and like Myyonna, I too have been fighting the weight loss battle all of my life.  I also did the program (though I didn't sign up for the Challenge) back in 2001 and lost over 40 lbs.  Then I lost my job, had to move and sold my exercise equipment, etc. so I fell off the wagon.

    I seem to have a lot in common with what you guys have to say on this thread, but I think I have a lot more weight to lose than most of you (if not all).  I figure it will take me 3 or 4 challenges to get it all off, but I am more determined then ever to get it off.  I'd recently been looking back at old pictures, and realized there were various times in my life where I said I wanted to lose weight, then I'd end up gaining and looking back at THOSE pictures and thinking "I said then that I wanted to lose weight, but I'd be happy if I were that weight again!"  It`s just been creepiong up and up and up over the years!

    I've always seemed to have a problem staying motivated.  I would start strong then as soon as things got tough or busy in my life I would quit...like I was putting my health and well-being behind everything else in my life.  I would end up regaining the weight and then some.  Then when I got pregnant a little over 2 years ago I put on a whopping 78 pounds!  I have not lost all of that yet either, and I wasn't light when I got pregnant!  I starting having kids at 36, so I figure I really have to start taking this seriously so I can be there for my son, and be able to be active with him.

    The ironic thing is that I actually have a diploma in fitness and nutrition.  I did it just before I did my first BFL program years ago, figuring more knowledge would help me.  But nope.  Seems knowing WHAT to do and why aren't enough - motivation and a good support system are also necessary.  That's why I'm here.

    So far I'm starting strong, and I feel different than before.  It seems easier for some reason (I guess being there for my son is a stronger motivating factor than any I`ve had before).  It`s only been a week, but it feels good and each day I`ve been looking forward to facing and successfully getting past the next on the BFL program.

    Some of the things that I think are helping me this time might help with some of your concerns too.  Instead of replying to each of your comments separately, though, I`ll respond to them here.

    First of all, I love sugar too.  In particular, I`m a chocoholic.  Seriously.  So I bought some Myoplex Lite Chocolate Crunch bars and some Chocolate Chip Brownie Myoplex Carb Control bars.  They kill two birds with one stone.  They satisfy my sugar or chocolate craving, and they count as a meal.  I`m sure I don`t need to tell any of you that planning and eating 6 BFL friendly meals a day can be quite the challenge, so covering 1 or 2 of them with the shakes or the bars makes it that much easier.  

    Also, if you find you are still hungry during the day, in the BFL book, Bill Phillips suggests drinking 10 glasses of water a day.  I`ve never been a big water drinker.  I`m just not a fan of plain ol`water.  But this time around I`ve been forcing myself to have AT LEAST 10 a day - I`m getting used to it and it helps a lot with helping me feel full.

    For those of you who are having trouble sticking to the eating plan, I have the Eating For Life recipe book.  I recommend it highly.  The recipes are very simple with not too many ingredients and it makes planning meals with the right balance of everything for the BFL plan a no-brainer.  I`ve been forcing myself to plan meals at least 3 days in advance.  I didn`t do that in the past - I said I didn`t have time.  But it doesn`t have to be complicated.  Breakfast can be something simple like a boiled egg and toast, one meal can be a shake, one can be a bar, one can be something like fruit and low fat cheese or yogurt (which is considered a carb on this program) and cheese.  Then at least 2 of my meals are something from the recipe book, and most of the time I make enough of my dinner meal to have left overs for the next day (or the day after, depending).

    By the way, I also hate the texture of cottage cheese.  Mixing it with yogurt makes it a little more bearable, but I`ll also be trying some of the ideas put on here.  Thanks for that.  

    As for the question of whether or not you can use weight machines instead of free weights, it doesn`t matter as long as you are using the intensity index and high point technique they describe in the program.  In fact, in the Body of Work video, you can see a lot of them using machines too.

    As for having a drink now and then, in the book, Bill says, `focus on progress, not perfection`.  He also says in there that a glass of wine with dinner or a beer now and then is okay as long as it`s in moderation.  The idea is, if you are not following the plan perfectly, or you mess up a day on the eating or workout, don`t let it discourage you into quitting.  Just pick yourself up and move on...keep on progressing.

    See, I have lots of information.  Now if only I could continue to apply it to myself for the 3 challenges I need to complete to get to where I want to be, and then to carry on with it for the rest of my life!  I`m hoping that by coming on here I can get that support system I need to help encourage me and kick me in the butt if I start to waiver a few weeks down the road.  Hopefully, I can do the same for you guys too.  : )

  • Alright gang, I am so excited about our team and want a team name oh so bad. I don't know if the teacher in me can handle a cuss word. Hehe But I was thinking Vertical something due to the horizontal exercise referenced in the original posts.

    So cool to have a fitness specialist on the team!

    I cannot wrap my head around our growing gang and want to know if you will indulge me and add your information to this spreadsheet. Just cut and paste the link your browser. It is totally editable so any of us can add columns (if you want to find out or share more).

    It will only take a second, I promise. And we can track our progress easily!


  • Hello All, I have been looking for a group to join. I would so love to chat with all of you and help motivate each other. My name is Sharon, I live in Florida.  I have always been active - well not always. The last 5 yrs or so I really let myself go. working to much, eating wrong and accepting what life throws at me instead of taking charge. Well... no more I am taking my life back, getting fit and going to follow my dreams. I would love to join and get to know all of you

  • I was toying with some names for our group...tiny but mighty, the right stuff, new beginnings.

     I hope these names are of some inetrest.

    This week has not been what I had wanted. I think to be honest with myself this time I have to look at why things didn't happen. This week I had to get up really early. I had planned to do lower body on Wednesday. That didn't happen and of course the next day cardio didn't happen. I am sad!

    But today is a new day and I need to look forward!!! Right??!!

  • Petal to the metal - Try looking at it one day at a time. Concentrate on the next meal and next workout. Make them count. We all can do this... and we will all fall.. but you have peeps now to help you back up.  Today is going to be a great day!


  • Hi Littlewulff

    I am so glad you know about the spredsheet stuff, I do not, know how to do any of that! So if you can fill us all in on where to post the sheets and such that would help me and I think everyone else too!

    Ok , you are right we should do use a swear work in our group name, do we have any other ideas? We need something fun and motivating. I know we have thinkers in our group already. Lets all pu on our thinking caps!


    It sounds like you and I have a lot in common! I know I will be doing more than one challange so it sounds we both need the cheering one and kick in the behind to keep up with the program when we might have hard times.I will do my best to be there for you!

    Any info and ideas you might have on helping any or all of us out will be wonderful!

    I think in this group so far we welcome any one who is going to be like the rest of us, human, but trying our best to do our best!

    Welcome to the group!

    For me today is upper body weights.. Thank Goodness I am not sore anymore from the first upper body work out!

    Does anyone have any big plans for this weekend, What are your plans for your "cheat" day?

    To everyone, I will be on off and all weekend, I would love to hear your plans for fun and plans to keep on track!



  • Thank You Sharon, I needed that :)

    Today is the official start date so, it's on now!!!!!

  • Good morning Petal to the metal!

    I like your ideas New beginnings is great!

    I think life happens and sometimes we can always get done what we want to but....

    You are right Today is a new day and you can turn you week around right now and focus on what you can do today! You can start again and focus on what you did do this week! You are on here and trying

    I know YOU CAN!

    have a great day!!!