I Started BFL Yesterday August 30 2010!

  • Hey guys!!

    It's been a very LONG day today but I did get my workout in!  Technically I work out in the AM, but since I work 3rd shift it's my PM.  I get home, change, and head straight to the gym in my apartment complex which is basically right at the bottom of my stairs (UBER convenient!).  It's worked out really well for me, I drink a shake (2/20/20) between 4-6am and I usually workout around 7-8am, which is a few hours at least :)

    I SO need to work on getting more sleep!  I have been trying to get at least 6 hours a night because that's when muscle repairs itself, but I am struggling - yesterday I got 3.5, hopefully today I'll get 6 (heading there as soon as I click 'reply'!) - it's one of my biggest problems, I'm doing ok so far with food and exercise and water, I just gotta get more sleep!

    I felt AWFUL after my 1st free day, but I have a feeling it was the bottle of wine I drank, not the food I ate. But I won't be drinking for the next 9 months b/c I have to take INH (strong antibiotic taken prophylactically after a positive TB skin test (no, I don't have active TB lol).  My 2nd free day I didn't feel bad after, probably because I just ate some food that I can't normally eat but isn't that bad for you (like mom's pasta, uber high on carbs but isn't a cheeseburger - which I will be having next weekend!).

    Zach - welcome back! I've done many a renovation project on my sisters house and I know just how 'fun' they can be, but the outcome is usually worth it!

    Sherry - Happy Happy B-day - I LOVE birthdays, I am not even remotely freaked out by my upcoming 30th (2 years away) simply because it will be a birthday and I love them so how can I be upset? lol.  Hope it was AWESOME!

    Sharron - OMG a house full of sick puppies = NO FUN. I hope they get better soon! (3 days can be veeerrrrryyyy long with said house of sick puppies - hang in there!)

    Lonna - Shake off DL and move forward (learn from it and move on - my personal motto)!

    Anyway - great job B&G's, keep it up!!!


  • So good to hear from you Anna! It sure does sound like you need sleep!  I do not know how you are doing it! I am amazed at how you are even getting a work out in at all!!!

    Sherry, I really hope you had a great birthday!!!

    Sharon, OMG sick puppies UUGGHH I hope all is better today!

    As for me what a week so far! I have worked out everyday but today I am sick, my throat is burning and sore and I am achy all over. Unfortuatly I cannot even call in sick to work cuz the other asst is on vaca, so I am thankful tomorrow is my Friday.

    I got my LBWO done and I am going to bed. The only real problem is when I am sick Ithe only thing I want to eat is Cambells red lable chicken noodle soup. I have not had any yet but it is soooo hard!

    My wonderful hubby just kept saying "Have your soup and go to bed you need to do that" but I had to get my X in the box  LOL

    Have a wonderful day all!!!


  • Hello all!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone.  I usually love birthdays too, Anna, but this one was a little sad for me, what with having moved to a new place not too many months ago (so I don't know too many people) and my hubby being in England.  But at least I had a good BFL day!  

    Sorry your not feeling well, Lonna.  Hope you feel better soon.  And sorry to hear about the sick puppies, Sharon.  And Anna, amazing you can get your workouts in when getting so little sleep!

    Most of you have certainly had more obstacles to sticking with the program than I have and you're all still going strong!  You're an inspiration.  This is a good group to be in to keep motivated.  It has been pretty easy going for me so far (knock wood) but I'm sure that won't always be the case. I'll be sure to keep you all in mind when I run into some difficulties with it.

    Hope you all had a great day!


  • Good Morning Everyone! Wow everyone is doing sooo great.

    Anna - you are amazing, I do not do well with lack of sleep - When I was in bootcamp for the military I use to climb under my bunk while everyone else went to Breakfast cause I needed my sleep. lol - In the future I will remember you when I am tired and not wanting to WO. Thanks so much.

    Lonna, I hate you are feeling bad. Would Homemade Chicken soup work? You do need your rest so hopefully today will be a easy day at work. I sooo hate summer colds/ flu or any of the other not feeling well.

    Puppies sleep through the night and are doing soooo much better - yeah

    I got my LBWO in yesterday and got up at 4am and did my cardio before I came to work. Feel like I am right back on track.

    Hope everyone has a great day - Lonna get to feeling better -


  • You miss a couple of days on this site and you miss a lot! Happy Birthday Sherry!!!

    I feel for everyone who is sleep deprived as I am in the same boat!

    I do feel that my workout suffers with the lack of sleep. I still do the workout but my strength seems just not there. But I figure that it's important just to get it done and next time push harder.

    I am so glad everyone is looking at the Oxygen mag. I just feel that it can be a good motivator. I have searched through a lot of different magazines. Some are just filled to the brim with adds and the articles are like how to look good while working out. I need motivation and real articles that show real woman achieveing there goals. Cause we know that it is real heart and soul workout and not foo foo workouts that gets us to our goals!!

    We are real men and woman with a real need for a healther life, so GO BUTTS AND GUTTS!!!!!



    Is it a full moon or WHAT? Week 3 and some of us are crashing. I had a MIGRAINE (hormonal). Missed Lower yesterday, plan to do that today, upper Friday then Cardio Sat and Sun.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHERRY. With all the well wishing, sounds like you've had a "Happy Birth-Week".

    PetalToTheMetal:  I checked out the website of the Oxygen Mag.  WOW, I am excited. It does NOT sound  like a "fluffy frou frou magazine", but a REAL serious informative motivating encouraging ( can I use enough adjectives here!). Rushing out to get it!


  • Hi all!

    Wow!  Was today's cardio ever HARD after yesterday's LBWO!!  My quads were burning!  I had to cut the resistance right down in order to get through it while still keeping my heart rate up.  It was good though.  Lets me know I'm working my muscles.  I don't usually get overly sore because I stretch a lot - during my workout, after my workout, and a couple of times during the day.  It comes from my martial arts training (I have a 3rd Dan blackbelt in Taekwondo).  Anyhow, given that I don't usually get too sore, days like today let me know I really worked my muscles enough.

    Now I feel like I need a nap.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired from the workout though, or if it has to do with the weather.  It's pouring rain out here and very dark and gloomy.  Yech!

    Yes, Melissa, it has kind have turned out to be a "Happy birth-week."  Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!  

    I think I may order a subscription to Oxygen magazine myself today.  I am a fan of it as well, as it seems a number of us are.  I am also going to cut some of the pictures out of the one I have and paste my face on them as motivation and visualisation of the point I eventually want to reach.  lol

    Hope you are all having a good day.


  • Sherry, Love the idea - I think I will do that with some pics of Jamie - I mean the new sharon. LMAO - LOVE IT

    Everyone have a great day!


  • Hello everyone,

    So yesterday I was unable to get my aerobic workout in before work so I made plans to do it after. During my entire shift all I could think about was how painful it was going to be due to the fact that my legs were on fire from the Wednesday LBWO. When I got off I went to change into my workout clothes, because even though I didn't want to do it I knew I would regret it, and that is when I realized that my belt was actually one hole tighter than normal and that if I went back to my old hole my pants would begin to sag. Just to be sure I hopped on the scale and found out I am now down 5 pounds from my starting weight.

    This little bit of knowledge reinvigorated me and I can say with ease that to date the HIIT training I did last night was the easiest mentally, though definitely not physically. For anyone whose motivation is starting to wane stick to it, it will start paying off in leaps in bounds soon.


  • Hi and Good Morning all!!

    Sharon, I should make some homemade soup, infcat I think I will I got almost everything I would need anyway! thanks for the great idea! I am still feeling bad but i AM STILL STICKING TO IT!

    Petal I got the Oxygen mag and since I am not feeling good I am having alot of time to read up! Thank you very much for sharing that idea, also i bought a book on "clean eating" I am hoping for new ideas!

    Sherry L, I love the idea!! I might have to try that too, LOL I think my hubbie might like that idea too LOL

    Zach, I am very happy for you ! I bet that was a very welcomed suprise!!

    Well I am still feeling bad but still as determined as ever.I struggled though cardio yesterday, it was not a good cardio day but I did it! I was coughing and blowing my nose but hey! I got my X in!LOL My hubbie is thinking I night be a bit obsessed.LOL I say nay nay just determined! I am going to change up my eating this comming week I have gotten into a kind of rut of what is easy to make and take so I am hoping to research a bit and some new ideas.

    I am so happy to have all the support here I thank you all so very much!

    Have a great day !!!

    Today is upper body and I will get it done!

    Lets keep it going Gutss and Butts!!!!!


  • Hey Butts and Gutts Buddies,

    I made a BIG mistake and please learn from me!  Since getting back from vacation, which I missed 2 workouts ( gotta forgive myself and move on-which I did) but getting back and not eating correctly and keeping track of my food, not really hungry, NOT eating 6 times a day, I have crashed and burned and still smoking. I am so weak, and feel like I have the flu or something.

    Missed two days THIS week, not really able to workout today (but the day is young - will try for later on), bummed I feel so weak, I took a nap, (a whopping 2 minutes - phone woke me up) after that, I saw my Sept. issue of  my new Oxygen magazine  I started reading and WHAT was the first article I read.

    " 5 signs you are UNDERFUELED"  YES, that's me. Drank a EAS RTD first thing.  Feeling better, But my workouts have been good, feeling pretty good, but BAM bad eating caught up with me. Have the Eating for Life book, today is shopping day, and will MAKE sure I am equipped.

    Thanks for letting me share. I feel better already. And thanks for being there. We are all over the place geographically, but we are really only a "click away"!


  • **** Sharon*** I owe you a BIG thank you!!! at first when I read what you wrote about homemade chicken noodle soup. I was like yeahh... but I want my cambells soup. WAHHHHH.LOL

    But I googled clean eating chicken noodle soup, I now have this wonderful smelling (hopefully as good tasting) chicken barley soup on my stove and it is clean eating soup! I really love cooking I just needed to quite whining and make my better choices!

    So thank you again Sharon and everyone!!

    As soon as I get some soup in me and let it settle I will do my upper body weights and feel better!! Thanks again!


  • Day 19 down and I finally feel like I'm where I need to be with my weights this week.  I think I was a little tenetative to try to much too fast because of the lack of a spotter, but I reached level 10s in my UBWO today and in my last LBWO.  My day started out rough for me mood wise, but having a great workout turned my day around!  

    I am already feeling such a sense of accomplishment to be this far into the program and still going strong, and that feeling makes me want to keep going.  We should all be proud of ourselves, B&G's!  Some of us have had quite the challenges to sticking with it, but here we are, going strong.  We're no quitters!  Are any of you using the Success Journal?  If you've read the Day 20 "Lesson for Life" and "Success Story," you'll see where I'm coming from with that.  For those of you who don't have the journal, the day 20 Lesson for Life is titled "Are you in or are you out?"  It's good to see we're still in!  Let's keep going strong!


  • Way to go Sherry!!! You are right we are no quitter in here!

    To all I started a new thred labeled Gutts and Butts Crew for everyone kinda thought we might want to start fresh with our group name..

    I kinda had a breakthrough day, here I have been a litlle dissapointed with my lack of weight loss. Well

    I have a few things to do today and today was going to be my "cheat day" but when I got on the scale and it showed that I have now lost 8 lbs I kinda am wanting to not have a day of cheating... funny how that works huh??

    I really think the Chicken and Barley soup made me feel better!

    Have a great day all!


  • Hey all... I started a new thred named

    Gutts and Butts Crew,  just thought it would be nice..

    I am also trying to get a new head count, I think we have had  a few people that have fallen away, I really hope I am wrong. :)

    Talk to everyone soon!