Any others start their transformation today, August 30th?

  • Hi dhink:

    Saturdays are my weigh in day too. Great menu. I will use it.  Do use use the mix or the RTD ?  I use the RTD AdvantEdge, like the taste better and I like the 11 oz  size.

    I only took the first day pix, and I was so depressed just by looking at my facial expression, so I will just do the before and after. Hopefully the after will make up for the before, then I will become the family's "NEXT TOP MODEL"

    I lost a whopping half  pound the first week, had to skip the 2nd week cause I was out of town(i.e. not weighing on my scale) So  the drum roll please................... will be this Saturday.

    WOW, did that quarter of the way go by fast!!


  • Hi slemard,

    Sorry to hear the dogs are sick! As far as scrubbing the floor, it reminded me of the old "Karate Kid" movie, where he trained by painting the fence, waxing the car, etc.  I am sure the floor was a "bonus" to your workouts. Sounds like the meds are working if you only got up once.  I hate interrupted sleep, it throws off my WHOLE system.


  • Melissa,

    I use the powder and mix it with 8oz of skim milk. I like the chocolate flavor (liking drinking chocolate milk). I also use a hand held electric blender it works very well.

    Stick with it the results will come. the first week i didn't think that i lost that much but, when i stepped on the scale i was down 5.5 lbs. I think what has also helped is cutting out the breads and processed foods.

  • dhink:

    A hand mixer, what a GREAT idea! I too cut out processed foods, but an asiago bagel was a weakness !


  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been reading your posts and decided that I would like to join in if nobody minds. I started paying attention to diet and exercise for a week before I took the plunge on Aug 29 to get acclimated. Started out at 268, last Mondays weigh in was 250.2. I think the elimination of breads and processed foods has been the most  significant aide to the loss. Still have difficulties with the 6 meals a day but if I can average 2 lbs a week I'm not going to worry about it to much.

    You guy's sound like you all have great attitudes and I look forward to chatting with you.

  • Good Morning all and welcome porkzilla.

    Melissa - thanks for relating - I really need that.

    Today - after sleeping un- interrupted  all night - I got up and did my cardio.

    It is going to be a wonderful day - Sharon

  • Hey shass,

    My weigh was very frustrating for me, down a pound again, it in no way reflects how much effort I am putting into this.  Heck I never exercised and now I do 6 days a week!  I am going to see it through no matter what though as maybe my metabolism just needs to restart itself.  I wish it would hurry up. ;-)

    Can you guys believe that we are already on the tail end of week 3???

    Keep up the great work and suggestions, we can do this together!


  • Hi Dan,

    Sounds like you are working hard and not seeing weight scale notice.  Personally, I believe men have more "muscle" than women, and muscle weighs more than fat, so you might be "bulking up". How are your clothes fitting?  How many times do you weigh yourself?  I would recommend once a week.

    I want it to hurry up too, but then we will miss the joy of the journey.


  • Hey Dan,

    I tend to grow muscle faster than I lose weight. Why don't you post a tyical day and maybe we could give you some ideas? Just a thought. I bet if you aren't use to Working Out you are losing fat and gaining muscle like Melissa said. You might not see it in the scale.

  • Hi,

    I thought I would share a cardio exercise that I like for you folks that work out at home. I purchased an old NordicTrack XC machine.(not very expensive). It has the tension adjustments so it's great for maintaining the correct level of effort,. It also works both upper and lower parts. Old school but seems to work pretty well.  My sister is a PT and she suggested this over running for  lower impact on my knees. Given my age and weight she thought running would be asking for injury

    Hope everyone has a great day,


  • hi everyone!

    and so begins week 4 of this transformation. in 3 weeks down 11 lbs. I am seeing some changes especially around the mid section. plan on increasing the weights this week for both upper & lower body workouts. Have a great week everyone and stay on course the physical change is right around the corner.

  • Whew! 4 weeks down & 8 to go! I did 4-week photos yesterday to see if I've made any progress & was actually pretty pleased with the changes I'm able to see. I had been feeling frustrated because the scale still isn't moving & I don't feel like my clothes are fitting much differently, but looking at it in a picture I can see some change- especially around my stomach.

    If anyone else is feeling frustrated, I would encourage taking a new round of pics to compare to your starting photos, it may give you a little boost of encouragement.

    I also noticed my cravings for sugar & loads of carbs have diminished significantly. I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach yesterday (bad idea, I know) and since it was my cheat day, I decided to cruise the chip aisle & see if there was anything I wanted and surprisingly, nothing even jumped out at me. I did end up eating chips & guac later that night (a weakness for me), but was pleased to see that by breaking the cycle of eating high sugar/ high carb foods, I've stabilized my blood sugar & am no longer having the strong sweet/salty cravings I used to have.

    So, all in all, I'm feeling great going into week 5. Good luck everyone, hope you have a great week!!

  • Hi Shass and everyone else.  Yeah, I guess I haven't been craving bad stuff either.  And I used to hate drinking water it was really hard at first but I've been getting in 8-12 8oz glasses a day.  

    Congratulations on the progress.   Exciting.  I'm having good results so far too.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • hello everyone!

    hope all is well and everyone is still on track. weighed in on saturday down 14lbs in 4 weeks. although i do not see much physical results, i do notice it my clothing. i hope to begin to see the physical changes in the coming weeks. anxiously waiting for the 8 week results. off to the gym for an upper body workout.

  • is anyone out there in cyberland still on this post. haven't heard from anyone in over two weeks. how is everyone doing? are you still on BFL? I am entering week 7, still not seeing any major changes.