Any others start their transformation today, August 30th?

  • Hi All,

    Glad to see that everyone is hanging in there.  I was off Thursday through today which made things more difficult for me, I followed the eating plan and the workouts but did not get my water in which hurt me.  I find it so much easier to maintain my routine when I am working.

    On the bright side we are already well into week 2!!!


  • Well I can not figure out what day of the week it is but I know that today is an arms day!

    Hey is anyone else taking any of the EAS supplements, other than bars and drinks? I started taking the CLA but was not sure if I should be taking anything else or not. For the most part I am good with myoplex lite bars and myoplex protein powder (which I added to pancakes this morning).

    What is everyone else doing?

  • Hi all,

    I must admit the eating/meals part is proving harder than I thought....but I'm determined!

    Would anyone be willing to share some meal examples?  I am a vegetarian, but I do eat Fish....any suggestions would be so helpful!!  

    Thanks!  And keep up the good work!


  • how is everyone doing?

    coming up on completing week #2. definitely starting to adjust to the eating routine. I am not hungry at all in the evening, before I started BFL I would binge snack at night while watching TV. Now I just routinely have a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese with fresh or suger free canned peaches at night. have to just hang in there, the transformation will come. most of the blogs I have read people say that the real changes don't appear unitl week #8. So I will continue to press on.

  • Hi all,

    Jeanne - I like getting the small can of salmon. Makes 2 meals to get in my two salmon/wk. The muli-grain wraps I use don't really wrap well so I rip it in half- Mix it up with the salmon and tomato. The juice from the tomato makes it not dry and I find it very tasty.

    Do you eat eggs?

    I make humus and Hard Boiled Egg whites - in devil egg fashion.

    of course cottage cheese and yogurt or melons.

    Oh I do tuna in same fashion as salmon - all in one container - great for taking to work.

    Jamie eason - has a website with these really good protein bars that taste like carrot cake or pumpkin pie. I make a patch every other week or so.

    That's all I can think of right now that I have. I am going to get a BFL cookbook- everyone says it is really good and full of ideas.

    I have also done tuna in devil egg fashion but find that to be extremely dry and hard to get down. but my husband loved them. Can remember if that is from P90 or Jamie's website.

    Hope this helps and hope others share some ideas for you

    Everyone else- I feel really good - Had a kick butt LBWO earlier this evening. I'm not getting on the scale until 3-4 week. I have a hard time losing and really can build muscle - dont want to get discourage by what that scale tells me.

    Hope everyone is doing great! and leaning on peeps for support.

    Happy friday - Have a great night everyone - Sharon

  • Hi Guys,

    I also started the BFL program on Aug. 30th but am just now getting into using the forum to chat with others, hope you don't mind if I join you all :)

    My first 2 weeks were pretty great & my fiance has been incredibly supportive, but this morning after my workout, I got on the scale & saw that I was 2+ lbs. from when I started the program. I'm not trying to let it get me down, but I was pretty bummed.

    I'm vegan & have been a little concerned that I'm not getting enough protein at every meal, but I saw on another thread that I should be shooting for 20 g. of protein & carbs at every meal, which I should be able to do.

    Jeanne- I've been relying on baked tofu, steamed brown rice & assorted veggies as my go to meal so far. It's easy to do a batch of rice on Sunday, portion it into tupperware with fresh veggies & tofu, then throw it all in the microwave at work for 2 minutes & it's done.

    I've also been doing a whole wheat pasta with the Morningstar veggie crumbles & assorted steamed veggies, but now that I know about the 20 g. of protein goal, I think I'll need to revisit that recipe.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi & introduce myself a little. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start & I really look forward to continuing this journey with you all :)

  • Glad to see that everyone is hanging in there!

    I started to get a little frustrated this week when I hopped on the scale and it has not moved. I feel stronger but not losing the weight. Hope all of you are feeling the change!

  • Thanks shass and slemard for the tips!

    Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Well we are well into week 3 and should be starting to get into a routine, I know that I have.  I weighed myself after the first week and was only down a pound, that really bummed me out because I worked so hard.  I weigh in tonight to see how I did in week 2, I hope I see results.  I am comitted to seeing this through regardless so if I am not down at least 2 lbs tonight I will have to re-evaluate my program and see if there is anything I am doing that could be hurting me, I am working too hard not to get the full benefit.

    Keep up the great work, we are almost 25% done!


  • in two weeks i have lost 9.5 lbs. although I do not see much of a physical change, I have looked at other posts where they say the changes really start to appear after week 8. I am into a good routine and have steadily increased my weights for both upper & lower body each workout. I took day 1 photos and plan on taking photos every 3 weeks (this should help in seeing a change.) has any one else taken photos?

  • Wow, congrats on 9.5 lbs in 2 weeks, Dhink, sounds like you are doing great so far!

    Dan- how'd your weigh in go?

    I'm going to stay off the scale this week & just stay focused on my workouts & diet. I plan on taking pics every 4 weeks & will hopefully see some changes there.

    Are you all sticking with 6 meals each day? I'm typically eating 5 times a day, which seems to be plenty for me, but I don't want to jeopardize my progress with this program  if it's really essential to fit in 6 small meals. Any thoughts?

    Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

  • Dhink - That's awesome - I lost 5.5 in first two weeks. I did take before pics and plan on taking every 3 weeks more pics. Hopefully I see a change.

    Shass - I have read the question about the meals on other threads and it seems to pretty much always get the same responce. 6 meals but I did read where one guy cut the carbs out of his last meal. I have read in muscle training and fitness mags. before that eating a protein snack before bed is good. Feeds the muscle and therefore you have less muscle lose at night. When the body sleeps it still burns calories and muscle is easier to burn than that awful fat. But I am no expert so hopefully someone else will chime in with some knowledge.

    Hey Dan, I sorry about your weigh in - But I know if you stick with it - you will see changes. Look close, are you noticing small muscle changes. I know I see them. in my thighs and tricepts. My husband thinks I am crazy but I flex in the mirror cause I see that little change and that means the more I get rid of the fat covering those muscle the more I will see. Oh I can wait. and it causes me to push myself even harder.  

    Hey does mopping a floor 3 times in the middle of the night count as cardio. My dogs got sick - and woke me at 12, 3 and 5 yesterday, I bet I really burned some calories. LMAO - I am soooo Tired - Last night was just once at 1. :( Hope the medicine the vet gave starts working soon.

  • I have been sticking to the six meals a day.

    plus i know i have been drinking at leasat 10 glasses of water. some of that is crystal lite ice tea.


    2 egg whites & 1 whole egg

    1/2 cup oatmeal

    1 banana


    protein shake


    salad w/ a protein (usually fish or chicken)


    protein shake


    chicken or fish

    brown rice or sweet potato

    steamed veggies (green beans or broccoli)

    I did grill zuchinni and onions for a meal (I love grilled veggies)



    1/2 cup cottage cheese w/sliced peaches

    I will weigh in on saturday morning again. quarter of the way!

  • shass,

    I would definitely stick with 6 meals. you want your body's metabolism to continue to work to burn fat. reducing meals may send it into a "starvation" mode thus slowing down your metabolism and resulting in less weight loss.

    I have bascially cut out all breads and processed foods during the week. I save them for my "free" day

  • Saturdays are my weigh in day too. Great menu. I will use it.  Do use use the mix or the RTD ?  I use the RTD AdvantEdge, like the taste better and I like the 11 oz  size.

    WOW, did that quarter of the way go by fast!!