Any others start their transformation today, August 30th?

  • Hi Jillian64, I find it hard to eat 6 times a day and drinking 12 glasses of water.   I have been trying to just eat something good not to much but good clean stuff.   Salad, Myoplex products, bananna w peanut butter, apple with p. butter.  I went to the deli yesterday before work and got 2 small containers of salads based on veggies (no pasta).  One was a bean salad, one was the broccolii type salad with raisins in it.     Got in 9 glasses of water.   Good luck to you guys.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • Someone was looking for the food/workout sheets:

    Go to:



    Progress Reports

    -Choose the link for "Eating For Life"  and "Training For Life"

    I called BFL help line, and they suggested just printing the pages out for 2 weeks at a time.  The pages are # for days 1-84.  Keeps things very organized.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • Amanda,

    Oh yea, my pics made me cry. And then Laugh,

    Keep up the good work YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


  • Hi Everyone!  I started my challenge on 8/28 so I am on day 6.  So far so good.  I think getting onto a discussion board will help me stay motivated.  So I hope you don't mind if I join you.  As far as food, I bought the Eating for Life Cookbook and I love it.  It mixes things up a bit so I am not eating the same meals everyday.  It also takes the guessing out of if I'm eating too much, too little etc.  My biggest challenge is the scale!  I am going to really try not to step on it until my days off.  Otherwise I think it will completely demotivate me.  I'm looking forward to hearing about and sharing our BFL journeys.

  • I have had the Eating for Life Cookbook for a while and love the ease of the recipies. My husband is not doing the challenge but enjoys meal planning with the cookbook each week.

    Thanks Myyonna.

    Dan, I am glad to hear that I was not the only one feeling the burn this morning during cardio!

    Keep it up guys, we can do this!

  • Try as I might, i can't get 10 glasses of water in, I get nauseated , but I could do 8, and it has thrown my "food" intake really off. I thought if working out more than I usually do ( as in this challenge) I would be thirsty AND hungry. I am 5'2", and I did this challenge before, and the shakes were "too much volume" for me.  I now use the RTD 11oz, and it is great. Is this just a shock to my system and it will taper off in a day or two, I hope so.  I have finally stuck to the workouts, and i feel pretty good. Did my cardio today, and then jumped into the pool while it was raining. Got another cardio in!  Melissa

  • Hi Dhink,

    I'm on day 7 and feel great. I'm a second shifter so my workouts are in the a.m. around 0900.

    Did my cycling this morning followed by lower about a total workout.  Shed seven pounds so far, now to just keep going and resist the temptation of pizza and peanut butter cups...We all will succeed!!

  • Hi Melissa,

    I have trouble with 10 galsses of water too. I do drink eight bottles (16.9 oz) a day. I put them out on the counter, I drink one during my workout (1) one  right after each meal, (4 gone), one in between meals (7 gone) , one about an hour before bed. (8 gone). It seems to work for me. Prior to starting the bfl I probably at beast drank 3-4 bottles of water a day. It will work out for you.

  • Hi Gang,

    Welcome to day six, I think that this has been the longest week of my life!  My whole body ached and I am really looking forward to tomorrows day off.

    I hope that all of you are doing well, hang in there, we can finish this together!!!

    Good luck.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I had a hard time finding the postings the other day - Thanks Dan for posting. Day 6... and I feel good. Think I need to push myself hard with the workout. Not getting the soreness I think I should have. Looking forward to pushing myself hard next week. I am going to have ice cream tomorrow. sooo looking forward to it.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy your day off.


  • Hey gang,

    Hope everyone is feeling good, or at least enjoying the journey and the "good kind of hurt." ;)

    What I learned so far:

    1. I hate the texture of lumpy cottage cheese. **shudders**

    Open new container of cottage cheese and dump all of it in the food processor. Blend till it's the consistency of yogurt. Pour it all back in the container and use as needed.

    2. Albacore tuna has potentially higher levels of mercury on account of it being an older fish. Chunk light tuna, while maybe not as tasty, is a better choice for potentially pregnant women (and everybody, really).

    3. You can eat a bell pepper like an apple. A packet of salmon, a whole bell pepper, and an apple work really well for a lunch on the go that will survive the heat. All you need is a fork and a napkin.

    Have a great weekend!


  • I feel so lucky, I must be one of the few people who like cottage cheese.  I even like the large curd variety.  Funny.  Really liking my salads though:  Romaine lettuce, spinich, black beans, tuna, olive oil and salt.  Maybe chick peas, black olives, or grilled chicken for variety.

    What I learned so far.  Drinking 12 glasses of water makes you have to go allllll the time.  I hope my body gets used to the water and I can cut down on trips to the bathroom.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • LauraD- thanks for the info on the Albacore tuna... that's the one I typically buy because you can find it in low sodium.

    Re:  cottage cheese... I can eat it.  I can even enjoy it.  I bought some the other day but you know there is a ton of sodium in cottage cheese as well as the low fat/sugar free Jello puddings.  I think the SF Jellos are low in sodium but the puddings are very high.  I think the high sodium foods (at least for me) need to be kept to a minimum.  I retain water easily.  

    Labor Day picnic yesterday ended up becoming my first Free day!  And that was only my Day 4 but what the heck!  It was a party!  I ended up having the typicaly picnic foods, one Corona and three frozen Mojitos :-)  For the record, not from the alcohol but just going off the diet, I feel crappier today.  I am happy the picnic challenge is over for now.

    Have a great day!

    "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same."  ~Carlos Castaneda

  • hello everyone!

    survived the labor day weekend. staring week 2. lost 5.5 lbs my first week. i was pretty good food wise at all the picinics over the weekend. now it's back to the gym.

  • dhink congratulations on the loss from week one.

    Hope everyone made it through the long weekend. The extra day off of my routine really threw off my work out. I worked out mid day which I never do and then my eating schedule was off...thank goodness I am back to work and back to the normal routine!

    Keep up the hard work everyone!