Any others start their transformation today, August 30th?

  • Hi gang,

    My name is Laura and I'm in San Diego. I'm starting tomorrow, Sep 1, and I think I will definitely need a support group / cheering squad. Nice they have this forum. :)

    It's not that I have a proverbial mountain that is really tall and looming in front of me that I think I won't be able to climb, it's that I've grown somewhat complacent in my life, and I'm afraid I'll quit mid-way, telling myself that my physical condition is good enough as it is.

    I tend to do really well when I have a goal, like a race, that I know will kick my butt sideways if I don't eat right and train properly. I suppose I should look at Nov 26 as race day. Come to think of it, I should probably calculate the mid-point, and set a goal for myself for that day too.

    [cue Rocky theme song]

    OK! So tomorrow morning I take the baby (almost 2-year-old) and go for a bike ride! No excuses.

    Grrrr! Eye of the tiger, baby!! Go get 'em!

  • good morning. Day 3 so far have stayed on track.  lower body tonight. triceps still aching from mondays upper body workout, but i know that the soreness will decrease with the continued workouts.

  • Last night I printed my before pictures and stuck them to my mirror! If thats not motivation to get moving and eat right first thing in the morning I don't know what is. I don't know about anyone else but that picture was a really slap in the face.

    Keep it up guys! Two days down!

  • Hi gang,

    Well Day 3 is here!  I did my lower body workout this morning, I had a hard time with the exercises since I only have a set of dumbbells and a weight bench but I made the best of it.  I am comitted to sticking with this, my workout wasn't perfect but I did work up quite a sweat.  I also found that it actually my my sore muscles feel better to pick up the weights again today.

    I wish you all a great day today................when the going gets tough think of Sunday!


  • I too am just starting!  I would love to join in on the transformation!  

  • Good Morning all, Day 3... I am sooo looking forward to my work out this afternoon. Lower body. I had a... one small cup of coffee this morning to see about helping with the headaches. I feel good today. Very little soreness in upper body from monday. I hope everyone has a great day. Stay the course, we ARE going to do this....


  • I would love to help support each other...I too am just starting and need a support team!  I have been faithful to the weight lifting...however, the food is a killer!

  • Hi dhink,

    I'm from Pottstown, not to far from A-town, I couldn't agree more about skipping meals. I sure don't.

  • Hello Schank,

    Are you starting the BFL?  yes skipping meals may slow down the metabolism and have a reverse effect on those trying to lose weight.

    Day 4 did my lower body last night, was up at 5am this morning for my 20 min aerobic, ran/walk 1.75 miles in my 20 minutes.

  • Good Morning all,

    Day 4... Had a hard time getting familar with the equipment at the gym last night and the weights were nothing as to what I had planned out. Some machines didn't even have the weights I wanted to do. Of course I never worked on some of those machines before. I think I was alittle intimated by all equipment. I did good on everything til I got to the dumbbell deadlifts. For some reason I keep wanting to curve my back and didn't feel it in my hamstrings. I felt good afterwards, my legs were tired and shakey. But this morning, I wasn't sore until after I did my run/jog. Should we be very sore, alittle sore. what is everyone experiencing. Just curious - I feel like the last 3-4 sets were 10's.

    I made my meal plan last night for today - I mean wrote it down on the chart. For ME... it was a big help instead of trying to plan it and pack it in the morning before work. and I was able to put more thought into it rather than feeling like I just threw something together.

  • Good Morning!

    slemard, I am right with you in planning ahead. However I made a rough out line of my meals before I went to the grocery store this week. That has really kept me to my meal plan because those are the only things I have. If I miss making something then I may not have the planned left overs, brown rice and chicken, for the next day. That might help you going into next week.

    Hope everyone is feeling good today. Reach for your 10s today!

  • DAY 4

    Welcome to all the new comers.

    I just finished this mornings cardio and I am soooooooo sore today.  I am looking forward to breaking through this initial pain and starting to feel some of the positive effects.

    Good luck to all today!


  • I do stick to the 20 minutes of cardio...for now. I do my cardio on an elliptical machine on my front porch. I'd like to start adding another cycle. I do level 5 for 2 minutes, then 6789, 6789, 6789, 6789, 10 then 5. I'd like to add an extra 4 minutes or another 6789 like every other week or so. I feel like I can do more. I'd like to be doing it for 30 minutes. I have a hard time sticking to the book also. But I think there is good reasoning behind the precision of this method. I really need some help figuring out how to do the weight routines accurately. Last round I don't think I did. I use hand weights at home. Any advice in that department?

  • Thanks Amanda - I am going to try that. I just did it in my head. which I think is too much for me to handle. LMAO - I ment with all the figuring out I am having with the exercises and equipment. Ha HA

    Have a super day Everyone -

  • Just checking in all.  It is the fourth day for my hubby and i as well.  We are starting each week with cardio do to some scheduling problems (for him) so we did our first lower body today.  I am feeling this workout so I am glad we pushed it.  Can't believe we are almost through the first week.  My husbands eating was good all week but he is not an eater so its hard to get him to eat it all.  Any suggestions from those of you who are not big eaters? (I don't have that particular problem).   My eating has been mostly good but have been sick all week and just wanted to quit and start next week sooo....mostly good and consistant workouts is good enough for me.  Anyway  keep up the good work all!!  Lets finish this week strong.  Jill