Started today - August 29, 2010 in Canada!

  • anyone else just starting? anyone in Canada? 

    I had a few grumpy moments today, but made it through. loved the upper body workout! Would love to chat with someone else doing it for motivation!



  • I'm starting today in US.  My husband is as well.  Let's make it the first week and send an update.  Of course during my first week I have a funeral to attend out of state!  But I decided not to postpone it.  I'm starting BFL and that's final!  Hope your first week goes well.  

  • I started today as well (but I'm living in China at the moment).  I worked out and ate in a similar fashion last week, but officially started today.  Are you both following the plan exactly?  I am except for I'm doing a rotation of two total-body circuits on weight lifting days, at least for the first four weeks.  Here's to our first week!

  • I'm starting (started) today too.   Ahhhhhh     Had a great breakfast need to do my workout.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • Hi, I'm starting today too.  Not in Canada though.  Connecticut.   Good luck.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • My husband and I just finished our upper body workout.  Took longer than 46 minutes!  But we spent extra time adjusting to the routine and figuring out what weights we can do.  I need BFL more than my husband, but he's doing it with me to help support me.  I'm viewing it one week at a time.  One workout down, only 5 to go!  We can do it!  

  • I am going to write a blog each day about my BFL journey.  You all are welcome to check it out.  

  • Hey everyone - how did your first week go? I lost 3 1/2 pounds and lost 1 percent of my body fat count! I find its getting easier. Hope everyone had a good week

  • Good for you!  I had a rough week.  My husband and I had to go out of state for my grandfather's funeral.  Didn't make it the whole weekend on the diet.  We started back up on Thursday during week 2.  We're almost two weeks behind now.  But we're going to keep going.  I wrote more about it in my blog.  Keep up the good work.  We're going to try to do better this next week.  

  • Hey!  My husband and I just started week 4. I'm not seeing a lot of results, but I'm feeling really good and more energetic than before BFL.  My husband is starting to see some more definition in his upper body (we both like that!)  How is everyone else doing?

  • Hang in there! I was reading that women see the most results in the last half of the cycle and men sooner. Are you doing all the workouts? I am down 7.5 pounds so far, but I am being very strict and trying to follow the plan to a tee. My boyfriend is doing even better! When I am struggling with motivation I go to the BFL website to get some. Give me an update next week - we are almost one third done!

  • Week 4 already!  The eating and heading to the gym everyday is definitely getting easier.  I've lost 4 pounds so far, but mostly from the first week.  My boyfriend's weight has stayed the same, but his week 3 progress pics were amazing!  I'm looking forward to the last 4 weeks or so when us ladies begin to see major changes.

    Does anyone else struggle with their third cardio session of the week.  I always feel great during the first two, but that last one I have to slow down significantly.

  • Sorry, I don't struggle with the last cardio.  I actually enjoy the third one the most because it's right before the free day so it's kind of a reward to look forward to.  I think "One more workout and then it's free day!"  That helps me out.  Plus, my husband and I do our cardio outside at 7 am, so on Saturdays, it's so relaxing because there's less traffic to worry about as compared to during the week.  I struggle with food cravings though.  I love the workouts, but I miss my CocaCola SO MUCH!!  Also, my knees are hurting so much, doing the lower body workout  has become almost unbearable.  I couldn't even do it last Monday.  I'm going to look through the other options and see if I can change it up so I'm not hurting my knees as much.  

    Crimgirl--I'm so jealous!  I've actually put on 2 pounds since good job for you!  But I read that you can actually gain muscle before losing the fat so it appears that you gain weight.  Hopefully that's what is happening.  I'm waiting for that 8 week miracle too!!

    LydiaSarah--Are you going to post those progress pics?  They would be very encouraging.  I'm planning to take progress photos at the end of the 4th week...I'll post them if my husband lets me.  He's more shy about that kind of thing than I am....but I think if we've made progress, he'll be more okay with it.

    By the way, having this group is helping me.  I was just now really craving a CocaCola and I didn't know what to I decided to sit down and reply to the forum and look through the success stories....that 8 week mark can't come fast enough!  :)    

  • To LydiaSarah--Oh!  I was thinking--perhaps to help you out with the last session of cardio: Maybe if you figure out something that you can treat yourself to just for that last day.  I don't know if you listen to music when you do your cardio, but maybe creating a new playlist just for that day might help.  Really anything that will get you to look forward to that session of cardio instead of dreading it might help.  It could be buying new shoes or earrings or a special food treat that you only make on that day, whatever works for you.  Just a thought.  Hope something works for you!

  • Hey Everyone!

    I posted my 25 day progress photos on my profile.  My husband has made a lot of improvement.  I've made some, but not as much.  I know that's typical though...I'm still trying to hang in there though.