questions about my daughter?

  • Hi daughter and I will be starting BFL soon....right now she is on Easter break so eating six times a day will not be too much of a challenge. Once she goes back to school though (she is a freshman in highschool) this will become a problem. She goes to a private girls school where her classes are 1 1/2 hours long each. She only has a few minutes to get from class to class and there is no eating allowed in the hallways. So I guess my question is should I make her a larger breakfast and lunch until she gets home? Any advice I thank you in advance and good luck to everyone....noreen

  • Hi Noreen, Have you asked the principal of her school if you can get an exemption from the rule for her so she can pursue a health related improvement program. Maybe they would let her be 5 minutes late to classes or leave 5 minutes early so she could eat and not be seen by other students. I suggest asking the school how they handle diabetic students who need to eat more frequently and need privacy to take insulin. if they are willing to let her have extra meal times at the school I suggest fruits, and myoplex bars to avoid the refridgeration issue. Also for my kids I freeze single servings of cottage cheese and yougurts for them to take to school, that way by the time lunch hits they are defrosted buy still cold and good. If they won't bend the rules for your daughter to eat healthier I am not sure on the best way to adjust quantities. Hopefully another member can answer that... Good Luck!


  • Noreen-What is your daughter's school schedule; when does she have to be there, when is lunch, are there any extra breaks, does she have any activity classes (P.E. where she would have to dress out), and when does she get out of school.

    I agree with Greg, talk with the administration and see if something can be done.

    Glad you two have decided to do the challenge together! :0)

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  • Noreen-

    Tell the principal that he should go on the diet with your daughter and maybe he will make it a school wide policy to be on BFL!!!!  :P

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    But in all honesty, I went to a private girls school where the rules were quite strict. It was also a policy where we were not allowed to eat in the hallways, but my friend who was doctor ordered to gain weight after an eating disorder bout was ordered to eat frequent high protein/ carb meals. She was too scared to tell the principal / staff about her problem, so simply told them she had bad hypoglacima (spelling) . Without DR paper work, she was alloted 3 min's every 3 hours to eat a snack in the hall way without any disruption at all. The rule was just for the student body so wrappers and crumbs wouldn't be lying around the campus. It really shouldn't be an issue at all if you approach it as a health issue instead of a dieting issue.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice.....She has homeroom at 9:30 about 2 1/2 hours after she would eat breakfast the only thing is she said she would have to eat on the sneak...I told her I would write a note but she said the teacher has no mercy!!! So I think for next week when she goes back I am going to make a larger breakfast and lunch for her and see how it goes...will let everyone know and thanks for the advice.

  • Or ou could just try writing a note. Teachers usually deal better with parents. You may be surprised.

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