Before I begin my 12 week challenge...

  • Hey guys,

    Im a 19 year old girl from Sydney Australia and I recently bought the BFL book. I cant put it down! Bill Phillips is amazing.. He answers every single questions that floats around in my mind. I am really eager to start but I was wondering whether you guys were able to help me by answering a few questions I had about the program. Cheers guys! :D

    I am not very overweight at all, but I am looking to lose between 8-10 kilograms (about 20 pounds), to tone my whole body and add alot of muscle definition. So here are my questions;

    #1- all the pictures I have seen of people that have done the 12 week program look AMAZING, but the body I hope to get is a bit different. By different I mean not as bulky and more lean. Most that are displayed on the book have a slight body builder physique. I am assuming most of the people doing this program all had different goals, whether it would be to lose weight, to tone up or even to add alot of muscle mass, so I guess the question I am asking is did anyone fine tune or alter the BFL program so they would end up with a different result, a result that they wanted and that was different to most ones shown in the books or on the internet? Do you think I should in order to reach my goal physical attributes I described earlier or would that jeopardise the whole program?

    #2- i really want to focus alot on my abs and obliques because I have wanted a nice looking stomach for as long as I can remember but I have never managed to get there. Will the exercises in the BFL prgram be enough to get me that? If not, should I add my own or do more when I'm working out, or even do a second session of ab/oblique work later in the day? or once again will that jeopardise the program because i know in the book he clearly stated no more, no less because it can have negative impacts.

    #3- Has anyone read "transformation: the mindset you need. the body you want. the life you deserve." OR "eating for life"? Do you think they are worth while if I already have the body for life book? because i do understand that BFL is over 10 years old now and his recent books would probably be his best because his knowledge has grown.

    Sorry for the essay guys, and you would be LIFE SAVERS if you could help me out!

    Belinda <3

  • Oh and guys I would just like to add I hope I didn't sound shallow by asking those questions. But I bet you guys know what its like to dream of this body you could never get because you've tried possibly everything under the sun.. and you feel like you NEED to get this one perfectly right because it seems like it might work and if it doesnt you just may give up. *sigh. Thanks again :)