Starting on 30 August! Enyone?

  • Hello!

    I am starting on 30 Aug. Anyone here with me?

    I am from Romania. It is ok to enter the Challenge? Or is it only for US?

    Looking forward for a BFL buddy!


    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • Welcome!

    You cannot enter the challenge officially since it is for the US only. But you can certainly do the program and expect great support in this forum.

    Good luck.



  • Thank you very much Manuela for your reply! I was hopping at a jacket.... :(( I love them!

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • I know! I am from Switzerland so I can also not enter.

  • I am starting on the 30th as well!

  • perfect! can you leave a messinger id?

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • but did you started the challenge yet?

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • the last one was for Manuela...:)

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • Yes I did. I am in my 4th week and lost 5cm around my waist already (from 81 to 76cm) :-)

  • Wow! Super! Maybe you will post some pictures for before, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and after! Good work!

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • I will post my 4 week results end of this week and also add my before pics. I have some before pics on my blog:

    One of my first posts were the pics before I even knew I would enter the challenge. :-)

  • I have seen the blog! Very nice! Keep on doing it! I don't think you need 12 months. Is too much! What do you do for supplements? I don't have Myoplex in Romania, just 2 or 3 products and they arevery expensive...

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • alygirl, you are from US? If not, what do you use for suppliments? I don't have them in Romania

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!

  • I was able to get a hold of Myoplex diet bars. I keep these for emergencies since they contain a lot of sugar! And I use Elite Protein Powder. It has almost no carbs and is low in fat but has a good value of protein. Also because the EAS protein powder is so expensive! I would have liked to get a full EAS starter kit designed for my goals (lean & tone) but to get it in Switzerland would cost me a fortune.

    The 12 month goal was acutally before I found out about Body-for-Life so I hope to be able to to it faster :)

  • Manuela and Alygirl, please live me a yahoo messinger address so we can talk more. Is much more easyer. Mine is ""

    Tony: Romania will be in BFL!!!