Starting Aug 23

  • Anyone else starting on the 23rd?  I'm looking for support and encouragement and to provide the same!  Come on, let's do this together and do it well!!!

    My husband and I did this about 8 years and 2 kids ago.  I was in the best shape of my life.  Since then I have run 4 marathons and have become a group exercise instructor.  However, due to a knee injury, I have had to stop spinning and running and am now 146 pounds.  When I completed BFL several years ago, I was 118 lbs.  I'm 5'4" and my goal is to lose 20 lbs and also strengthen my body to get back into running.  I know that the food is going to be the hardest thing for me.  I have 3 children and am a stress eater (but then again, who isn't :)  What's your story?  What are your goals?

  • Hi Chrissy Marie- I am starting tomorrow too!  I've dont BFL since 2000 and did great too!   It was the best I ever felt in my life.  The last few years though I've put lbs back on.  I have more fat to lose then you but the same overall goals... to get back in shape, strong and healthy.  Stress eater for sure, lol...  

    Congrats on the 4 marathons!  Just 1 is a wonderful accomplishment but 4?!   I would love to someday run a marathon, (it's kinda been a secret goal of mine).  

    I don't have children yet but my husband and I would like them soon and want to be a good - no - great role model for them.  I would like to lose about 25 lbs the first 12 weeks and then probably will start another to lose about 15 more and continue to tone.  So some support would be given and welcomed.  

    I've made this past week a practice week and have done really really good.  So I'm really looking forward to officially strarting tomorrow.  UBWO in the morning first.

    Do you have the Eating for LIFE book?   It has some good recipes and ideas in it that might help.  

    Well anyways, good luck starting tomorrow and keep in touch.  We can definately encourage each other.

    We WILL do this and We WILL do it well!!!!  (If I may quote you, I like that statement)

  • Hi! I'm brand new here and am interested in starting a program asap! I'm not exactly sure what B4L is yet.. I found the site, joined, and here I am! :)  I just printed out the Challenge pdf so I guess I should get to researching if I plan to start tomorrow!

    I'm 27, 5'4 and currently about 154 pounds. My highest weight was 176 in January of this year. Though I have been losing this year, it has gone super slow and I'd like to be at goal by December. My boyfriend and I have been talking marriage for a long time now so I'd like to be physically where I want to be by the time he hopefully gets there mentally, haha.

    I completed Couch to 5k this year, did a 10k prior to starting the c25k program, and now am planning another 10k for October 30 after I'll be able to run it instead of walking it! I'm running 3x a week now, and have been up to 4miles, I should be on track to make it 6.2 by the time the race comes around!

    Well, like I said, I need to find out what to do to even start this but I'm happy to be here!!

  • Hi Dannie, This is so exciting to have you starting tomorrow too!  Let's stop the stress eating together!  I think it's great that you want to do this again before having children.  I did it right before I got pregnant with my second child and being healthy and strong made for an enjoyable pregnancy and birth.

    I think I'm going to start with UBWO tomorrow too.  It will be good to be on the same schedule.  Are you getting up earlier to get in your workout?  I'm dreading that part.  When I did this before, I got up at 5 am every day.  I know I'll get used to it, but it's going to take awhile.

    I didn't know there was an Eating for LIFE book.  I'll definitely look for it.

    What are you doing for cardio?  

  • Hi Jennie,  So glad you're doing this too!  It's a great program.  Congrats on the weight loss!!!  It's not easy and it's so good that you're committed to continuing.  Nice job with the running too!  Again, not an easy thing to start.  Hearing of your success in those areas makes me confident that you'll do well with this program.  I did the cardio portion with my running and doing it the way it's described in the book made me much faster and helped me pass the time on those days that I was stuck on the treadmill.  You should try to pick up the book.  Your local library should have it.  

  • Chrissy Marie,  Yes! This is great... I am going to get up early to workout every morning, probably 6 am to 6:30ish  and I'm dreading it too.  I do remember going to bed early and waking up way before my alarm when I did this before so hopefully we'll get back in that groove real fast!  I'm thinking Sundays will be my usual freeday unless something changes.  Sometimes the hubs and I run at the local track on Sunday mornings.

    I run on a treadmill for cardio then I use free weights on weightlifting days.  For me, this combination gives the best results.  Do you use free weights?

    Yeah, there's also a Body for LIFE for Women, a Body for LIFE Champions and maybe more.  I've never seen the original video, have you?  I just bought the Champions book, it was very inspiring with a lot of tips from most of the past champions.  

    Did you take your measurements and before photos today?  This part was not fun for me today!  Thankfully, I stopped feeling ashamed after 5 min moved on.  Instead I began thinking of how much it will change in 84 days.  

  • Hi Jennie, welcome.  Congrats on the recent weight loss!  I've kinda done the same thing, in the last couple of months I started walking/jogging/running to get back into a healthy lifestyle and lost about 20 lbs in the process.  It sure feels good, doesn't it?

    This program does work, you should get the original book by Bill Phillips.  It's everywhere.  It details all of the instructions for the program and challenge, like Chrissy said.  I'm sure you get the idea to get started from this website but the book will help too.

    Glad you are here and eager to start with us.  Good Luck!

  • Ok.  I successfully got up at 6 and did the upper body workout!  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be...getting up, that is.  I just heard the alarm and got up without hesitation.

    I use free weights too and will probably use the elliptical for cardio this week since I'm rehabbig a knee and ankle injury.

    I took before photos last night.  Wow!  That was really something.  Maybe that's what made it so easy to get out of bed this morning!  :)  Nothing like a photo of my back side and profile to me moving.  It also helped me to see that I needed to stop listening to the people that are trying to be nice and say, "oh, you look fine."  I could clearly see that a change is needed.  I need to take measurements still.  I also weighed myself.  I'm 2 pounds heavier than I thought.  I don't feel defeated though.  I feel empowered because the changes have begun.  Even though I don't see them yet, I'm working toward them!

    How did you do today?  

  • Good for you for getting up on time today.  I on the other hand did not get up that early.  I However, even though I woke up a bit later than I was expecting, I definately needed the sleep to refresh for the first week.  I did do ubwo this morning and did it  very well!!!   It felt great!  I struggled with some muscles but got through them and hit my 10's for sure.  I'm very happy with my 1st day so far.

    Eating is going great today too.  Since my day started a little later, I probably will only get in 5 meals today though.  That's fine with me though since I'm still eating clean every few hours.

    I know what you mean, the empowerment feeling.  Changes are just begining here but they're felt from the inside first.  Just knowing we are putting in the effort to work toward them makes such a big difference and puts a smile back on my face.

    How's your eating going?

  • BTW.... Chrissy, I completely understand the photo thing.  I have heard the same thing from people.  It's funny you mentioned it because looking at my photo yesterday I was thinking the same thing!  

    And also, I'm glad you didn't feel down about the 2 lbs.  You'll burn those and more right off tomorrow during your cardio session, I know it.   go go go!!!!

  • I am did the upper body work out for the first time today also.  But I wasn't sure if i was supposed to pick two exercises from each group or one.  I started off doing two but the last two groups I did only one.  So any help would be appreciated.  The instructions seemed to say pick one in one place and pick two from each group in another.  it seems like it took too long over an hour.  Thanks

  • Hi EmmasDad - yes, pick 2 excercises for each muscle group.  Do the same exercise for the 12, 10, 8, 6, & 12 reps then immediately do 12 reps with a different exercise for that same muscle group.  

    Example for Quadriceps:   Excercise - Leg Press do 12 reps, 1 min rest, add weight for 10 reps, 1 min rest, add weight for 8 reps, 1 min rest, add weight for 6 reps, 1 min rest, lessen weight for 12 reps and immediately, with no rest in between, go on to second exercise, say Leg Extensions and do 12 reps with the same or less weight.  

    Does this help?

  • Aug 23 my DAY 1 Almost Done!

    And I feel great about it!  Look forward to supporting everyone in this group!  I have one more meal but not sure if I really need it... should I eat something anyway??

    My story - I lost 50 pounds in 2000-2001 doing weight watchers and exercising.  Over the past 2 years I have put back on 25 and no matter what I have done in the past year hasn't seem to gotten me back on track.  It was a stressful period of time but not an excuse.  I needed something new something fresh, a plan, a program where I didn't have to think too much, tell me what I need to do and I will do it.  I tested the 20 minute cardio workout on the treadmill last week in preparation and OMG it kicked my a$$.  Obviously I have not been pushing enough and it is soooo time efficient.  Gonna love it I think!

    Yours in success - Doreen

  • I started today. I am looking forward to hearing from fellow BFLers about the trials and tribulations of the program. as they go through it. I would love to have a personal trainer, but no luck finding any who are familiar with this program. So thats where you folks come into the picture. If you don't mind I would like to ask for some tips about meals and exercise. Good luck.  I will write more tomorrow.

  • Hey everyone!  I just started my first BFL challenge.  I started bc I injured my foot training for a half marathon last year (which I completed!) and have steadily put on weight since I haven't been able to run.  I've been weighlifting for the past 4-5 year, so I'm not a newbie to the gym.  My goal is to lose 15 lbs of body fat.  I have no problem exercising, but need some support sticking to a diet.  Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.  My before pics are worse than what I expected.  I had no idea how big I had gotten!  I'm hoping this challenge will help me get moving in a positive direction and boost my confidence.  Best of luck to everyone!