Sept. 3rd BFL-Start...Who's with me?

  • Kat -  you are inspiration already!  I have a bad knee, but its nothing like a broken foot.   :)  Good luck!  

  • Hey All,

    Looks like we have alot of us all starting around the same time , this should be great, I am going to start a topic to get us going.

    What is everyone doing to prepare these last few days before they start?

    For me, I cleaned out my excercise room I have a treadmill, bowflex and dumbbell set that was covered with purses scarves and clothing, I also have been following the eating plan pretty closely for the last 3 days to head off any huge cravings and get use to the small meals, I am rereading my body for life champions book, how motivating. I love looking at the pictures.  I am also trying to use positive thinking and encouraging myself that I can follow through this time. I am in control of my choices.

    good luck today in your prep work

  • Hi all, I plan on joining this challenge myself. I'd like to see how far I can go, I've procrastinated far too long. I'll have my "story" up in another section of the forum and I'll link it back to this place. I want to start the new year as a completely new person, especially since I'll be seeing my fiance, which I haven't seen in nearly a year and a half.

  • OK, I have a dilemma and would love to bounce it off of you all.  I am slated to start on Monday.  We had a big party scheduled for Saturday and due to some pretty crappy weather, we cancelled it to be safe.  

    I am in a strange situation.  My mother needs a liver transplant.  She is a very young 65.  I was tested and match for a living donor.  However, my liver is not split in the typical manner.  Instead of one lobe being 40% of my liver and one lobe being 60% of my liver, min is split 35 and 65.  Generally, they want 40% to give to a recipient.  My surgeon said he would approve me for donation BUT if we had another possible donor, he would like to have them tested to be safe.  So, we started testing for my husband.  He is in great shape (jui-jitsu 4 times per week and runs like a maniac).  His blood tests came back with elevated liver values and he was told to redo his blood work in 3 weeks after a diet change.  After 3 weeks-same results.  So, he has been ruled out.

    This means...we are back to me as a donor.  Only problem, the almighty MELD score.  This is a score used to assess the life expectancy of the recipient.  The higher it is, the worse shape they are in.  In the 3 weeks that we waited to have Phil, my husband, tested-her MELD score went from 13 to 26.  This is a HUGE and bad change.  Well, good and bad.  Bad because the 35% of my liver they would have taken when she was relatively healthy with a MELD of 13 is now possibly not enough.  They are telling us now that because her MELD is so high...she may now need a full liver instead of a partial.  this means she cannot use a living donor, but needs a cadaver.  In NY, the cadaver list is loooooooong.  I am in the process of registering her for SC as well, but for now-we sit and watch her die.

    I am struggling with this.  I am not an emotional eater..but an eater--through and through.  Now I run into the following dilemma.  Do I start when I planned to?  Having thought my husband would be the donor, I decided to start this challenge.  If I end up being the donor, I may have a week, 2, 3 before surgery.  Should I start?  What do I do?

    I am hoping that my body transformation will help my mindset with regard to this whole family health issue.  Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated.  I apologize in advance for burdening all of you with my issues!


  • ABOUT-ME-NOW: To answer you question, I'm getting excited. I too am blessed to have a dusty exercise room. I have a treadmill, elliptical & a Weider weight machine. For the past week I have been  getting some dumbbells. I an sort of anal about keeping records so I have setup Excel spreadsheets to record my workouts. I have also started trying to eat the six small meals. I am finding it helps to record everything that goes into my mouth. When you see it on paper (or computer screen) it really helps point out how much I have been eating & how much bad stuff. Also, I am reading from the BFL book every day during lunch. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to post my before pics!!

    Good luck to you as well .... It's just about time to start & get it done!!

  • Kathy:

    Wow ... you really do have a tough situation. My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family. I don't know if there is a right answer to your question. Some thoughts to consider .... with so much negative going on in your life that is probably drawing all of your focus, would it be good to have some positive balance in your life? Positive balance that the BFL & the support of this on-line community can provide.  I think that sometime we have to do all we can do & then turn it over to God. It sounds to me like you are doing all you can do to help your mother. Maybe it is time to turn it over to God. So what if you start the BFL & then maybe have to stop for the surgery if you end up being the donor .... at least you started ...better to start & not be able to finish, than to never start at all.

    I am not an emotional eater either. I am just a eater. I don't need a reason to eat. Sort of like the old "See Food" diet .... I see food & eat it. Even after just a few days of eating clean I have notice a big difference in my eating habits. The 6 small meals really works. I feel certain that it would for you as well. If nothing else just feeling better about yourself is a big positive balance in your life.

    Just some thoughts to consider. I'm sure there are folks in the group that can give you better advice than me. May God watch over you & your family.

  • I'm Julie. (juleej) Count me in for the 3rd. Seems like a great time to start this endeavor.I am excited and a little nervous. Let's do it!

  • Hi Kathy - I can see why you are on the fence about starting the challenge!  First off I hope very much that your mother pulls through, and that a donor is available soon, be it you or someone else. As for BFL, I agree with Grandpa Hiker that the good diet you'd be following and exercise that you'd be doing might help you with the stress of your situation.  It might be really good to just fall into bed each night knowing you had something under your control, at least - your health and future well-being. Even if you found it hard not to fall off the BFL wagon once in awhile, if you mostly held to it, I'm sure you'd feel better and see some changes for the better at the end of the 12 weeks.

    So I'd say, go for it! See how you feel. If it doesn't work out, be easy on yourself.

    Again, best wishes for you and your mom.

  • ABOUT-ME-NOW, I have been thinking up recipes that I know I can make ahead of time, and that I'll enjoy. I'm mainly worried about the food and what I'll do if I don't have the right thing to hand every three hours! Just made green peppers stuffed with quinoa and turkey, and tomorrow I'm making a carrot and cabbage salad with rice vinegar and sesame oil (just a little!)

    Then I'm going to fill out my meal charts for the next month.

    And I guess I should get my laundry off the treadmill, too!

    I'm excited/nervous and more than ready to do this thing!

  • Kathy Gizzi - "I am hoping that my body transformation will help my mindset with regard to this whole family health issue."  I think you nailed it in that sentence.  Also, exercise makes the neurotransmitters in your brain dance and sing!  So, it would be an emotional boost during a stressfull time.

  • i'd better get my butt in gear!  i need to get a gym lined up.  i have an exercise room, but don't want to awaken hubby.  he's quite a distraction.  not sure how soon i can exercise...i'm thinking i need to heal at least another 3 weeks.  won't be losing the entire 15 lbs this challenge, but i intend to make this a life change.  there will be lots of other challenges.

  • Loretta S - i've helped raise 9 teenagers into adulthood.  It has been my experience that they come back to what they learned in the first 5 years of their life.  Ross will come around.  

    now! you gotta take care of you!  great progress - 15lbs - !!!!!

  • Hi, my name is Mirina and I'm starting on the 3rd as well. My husband Robby will be doing it also, but he hasn't registered yet. I'm pretty excited and I'm also doing some "prep" at the gym too. Good luck everyone!

  • Kathy, I'm sure your mother would want  for you to get really healthy and fit, regardless of the outcome for her. I know that's how I would feel if I were in her shoes and  either of my daughters were wondering what to do. Any steps you take to make yourself strong and illness-proof have to be good! If you do become a donor, you'll recover from surgery so much better for just a couple of weeks of healthy eating and exercise, rather than spending a couple of weeks stress-eating and being inactive!

    Wishing all the best for your mother and you.

  • Hi Kathy,

    You're really having some hard times right now.  Sorry to hear about your mother but hopefully things will get better.  I read your post last night and wanted to write back then and say that maybe staying on the diet will keep you anchored to something and give you something you can control (in a time where you might feel you have no control)... but it also may put uneeded stress on you at this time.  Also, if there is even a remote possiblity you are going into surgey, even if it's not major surgery, you might want to consider a better diet than BFL with more fruits, etc.. although I think BFL is a good diet, it is lacking in somethings.  It might make it harder for you to get enough vitamins and nutrients.  

    I would suggest you discuss with the doctor who would be doing the surgery and get his or her input.  Only you know best what you can do right now in terms of a diet, etc.  It's very difficult to give any advice.  Good luck, best wishes and prayers to your mother...


    "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same."  ~Carlos Castaneda