Sept. 3rd BFL-Start...Who's with me?

  • Hi all!  My name is Mike and I will be starting on 3 Sep. with you all.  I am excited about doing this.  I am 60 years old and overweight. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Between the drugs and being overweight, it makes me feel so tired and drug down.  I want to feel strong again.  Maybe I am crazy, cause at 60 a lot of people have given up and let the aging process consume them.  

    I want to be an exception to that rule.  I want to see just how "fit" a 60 year old can get on this program.  I want to be around for my grandkids and do things with them, not just sit around and talk about the "good old days".

    I am lining up my meals and setting up my workouts.  I have a lot of determination at this point and just hope that I can carry through with it.  Good luck to you all, too!

  • Techtrainer60 - When i first started working out 20 years ago there was a wonderful gentleman who was at the gym at the same time as i.  he was 71 years young and had a body like a 20 year old.  i am not exagerating!  you can do it.  i'm 57 and i know i can do it.  Mike Harris who passed away this year was a champion in BFL.  his moniker was BFLMike.  he was over 60.  he had a web site  i don't know if the web site still exists but he was a judge and very elloquent.  he wrote down his wisdom on his web site.  it was very inspirational for young and old..  i am dedicating my challenge to him.

  • Hello to everyone! I finished a BFL challenge in 2006 with wonderful results!!! Life and injury happend, so the weight is back. I am going to start the Sept. 3rd challenge. When I did the challenge last time this fourm was not here. I am so excited for the support on this site!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!

  • Hello Everyone, my name is Anthony and I'm starting on Sept. 3rd as well.  I tried it last year, got to 8 weeks and then lost my focus. Let me tell you this: it works!  I encourage everyone to plan your meals and workouts and write everything down...when I got complacent, when I thought I had this whole thing figured out, that's when I lost it. Anyway, I look forward to the support and encouragement that we will provide to each other over these next 12 weeks and beyond.

  • My wife Nancy and I are starting 1st -3rd September with the 3rd being my 48th birthday - I've been doing CrossFit - style workouts, and we're both watching our diet do some degree, the 12-week challenge is our means to more than one end, one of them being a great reason to buy a new wardrobe for all the Holiday parties, and then on into Spring not just looking but actually being healthier and hotter than we ever have!

  • Looks like I may get a group to start with us from work....5-10 people depending on who commits.  Someone started a in house competition at work on Aug 15th, that's what got me back in the groove and decided to give the last challenge a shot for the year...that and the fact that my wife is due with our first child on Nov 14th, so this is most likely my last chance for a while. ;)

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am also going to start Body for life on Sept. 3rd. I am a 32 year old wife and mother of 2 daughters from Duluth MN, my youngest will be starting kindergarten and so I feel that this is my time now. I have 15 lbs I would like to lose. I am 5'5 and weigh 145lbs. I am active I have run 3 half marathons this year with my 4th half in october yet I still feel and look flabby and out of shape. I am a registered nurse and I work the night shift, I have found this time flip to be my biggest challenge when it comes to eating right and getting work outs in. I also have a healthy appettite for good beer that is not helping my mid-section any. I would like a group to stay accountable so I can post what I am eating and if I am getting my work outs done. I was recently reading the dream team group that is just finishing up there 12 week challenge and they started with a large group and lost quite a few along the way, I hope we can all stay strong motivated and pressing to our goals. I think we need a group name so we know were to find each other. I am going out to buy a note book today and get my excercise and eating plan in order so I will be ready to go. I will be reading my body for life book again I have both but I highly recommend the new one called "Champions Body FOr Life." I will post picture once I figure out how to. Good luck to all who have already started and start planning for all of us who start next week.,


  • Well it is time for me to join in. My name is Rob & I live in Martinsville, VA ..... the last short track on the NASCAR circuit. I have been lurking around the BFL site for a couple of weeks reading, learning & trying to get up the nerve to try this. My BFL book came in the mail yesterday & I got excited! Then this morning Techtrainer60 (aka Mike) joined this group ... finally someone in my age group ... now I'm real excited & it is time to do this!!  Techtrainer60, thanks for joining the group. you gave me the push that I needed.

    I will be 60 the end of Sept & I have set behind a computer for the last 24 years. Needless to say I need to lose some weight & get in shape. I take 3 different blood pressure pills & 1 cholesterol pill every day. My BMI is over 25 & my body fat level is at 24.1% according to my fancy electronic scales.

    I am planning out my meals & practicing my exercise routine. I will do this. I heard a talk a couple of days ago about trying to do things by ourselves. The point was that the weight of life is too heavy to lift alone but with a little help from friends we can do it together. I think that talk was meant to tell me that I can not do BFL alone. I should look to others for help & at the same time be available to help others. So here I am ready for help & ready to help.

    PS.  I'll post my before pics as soon as I get the nerve!!

  • Grandpa Hiker, Techtrainer60, and I seem to be the "Over 55 group"  i might just have to start out doing the diet.  my broken foot has to stay elevated.

  • I'm with you!  I work in a call center... sitting on my butt all day and going home, feeling tired and sitting on my butt some more.  My clothes are all too small and I got on the scale and my heart sank.  I weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life.  I used to be a bit heavy hovering around 165 pounds but right now, I'm over the 200 lb mark.  My dad had a heart attack (survived with a septuple bypass) a few years ago and I don't want to go down that road too.  My job is starting a fitness challenge and I figure what better challenge than the one that's proven time and again that it works.  

  • Hi all!  Can't be on computer much, my son took my laptop to college with him! So I have to share a computer with my husband.  

    When I did the challenge 10 years ago I went from 181 to 163 lbs., but because I did my body fat I found out that I actually lost 26 lbs. of fat and gained 9 lbs. of muscle! That's why it only showed up as losing 17 lbs.!  It's much more encouraging to know how much fat you lost, so I highly recommend having that done.

    I was a fitness instructor up until 2 years ago when family troubles and depression all came to a head and I stopped teaching and working out altogether. I went all the way up to 215, but have already lost some weight and currently weigh 200 lbs.

    Our family is healing; so am I on the inside. Now its time to get the outside caught up! My older son is still estranged from us.  If you pray, please pray for healing of our family. My son's name is Ross. My younger son, Tevin, is the one that's in college.

    I'm 49 years old; gonna turn 50 next May.  I want to reflect on the outside what the Lord has done for me on the inside!  A complete transformation!

    God bless everyone, and I will be praying for us all!

  • Hello All- My name is Wende and I will be starting the body BFL challenge on Sept. 3rd also.. I am 38 years old and have six children..5 boys and 1 girl..They keep me so very busy. Over the last few years I have really gotten out of shape and am finding that my energy level is pretty low. I am excited about starting this challenge with you:)

  • Loretta,

    I'm with you girl!  I'm 43, 5 2 & hovering at 170!  I've struggled all my life because I'm such an emotional eater...doesn't matter the emotion....I'll eat!  I'm a very strong believer in you & your family are now on my list!

    Let's work together to make that outer change to reflect the person we are inside.

    **I notice alot of people (me included) did this before then allowed life to take over....let's all keep in mind that this isn't another fly by night diet....this if a LIFE CHANGE.

    Love reading all the stories and encouragement going on here.....looking forward to getting to know all of you throughout the next 12 weeks.

    Blessings, Kim


    Hi everyone! I'm Kate and I shouldn't really be here! I'm from the UK, so I can't enter the challenge officially (I made up an address so that I could log on), but I'll be running alongside you all and cheering you on and challenging myself as well. Looking to lose around 14lbs and gain tone and muscle. Want to get gorgeous before my fiftieth birthday! Can't believe that's coming up! I feel 28 inside : ))

    Day 1 starts tomorrow...

  • Hey Dave,

    I work long hours too.  I work overnight, 10 hour shifts with a lot of OT.  I usually switch back to day hours during my days off.  I sit in a cubicle all day and used to drink wayyy too much pop!  It should be interesting to see how we wind up working through this!

    I used to eat fast food at least once a day.  I'm feeling better just thinking about eating well combined meals!  

    I am starting on the 2nd since it works out better with my work schedule.  Working on the planning stages today.   :)  

    Good luck to you... I'll be watching to pick up some pointers!