Sept. 3rd BFL-Start...Who's with me?

  • Gee jersey,  if you're too old what does that make me?  At 57.

    I had two very good days so far this week and worked out...then my foot swelled again so haven't been able to get around since Thursday.  I'm in a bit of pain. The doc said. At least 6 more weeks and that was 1.5 weeks ago. PATIENCE!  I want it now!

  • Dear Kat,

    I don't think we are too old for anything, but my "self sabotage voice" tells you things to drive you crazy.

    Sharon, you slapped me out of my misery with your wise words. Instead of looking at the pictures, or the scale, I dug my tape measurement and for my surprise, I lost 2 inches on my waist and 3 inches on my hips -weeeeeeeeee. I am so happy, my confidence rushed right back.

    Thank you all for your support, and for keeping me on track.

    Have a great weekend guys!!

  • Sharon Wonder may have saved my a$$ with this 'on-the-go' workout that you posted a few  months ago. I just returned from the 7 week 'vacation' in Europe. Ate clean for most of the time and did these workouts wherever I could.

    WAs this a good time to start C2? Why not? It proved that I have changed my attitude toward food and exercise. It proved that doing BFL was not a quick fix to a long term problem and that my BFL lifestyle is 'FOR LIFE'.

    The tape measure shows no change. The scale showed an increase of 2lbs which dropped off after a few days. My strength is the same if not better. Overall I'm jazzed. Intend to hit it HARD for the remainder of C2.

    Oh, and I'm still here so add me to the list.

    Hugs,hugs everyone and have a WONDERFUL day...



    It was absolutely amazing to get to work out twice last week.  I had two very good days!!! Don't get me wrong, in think theyre all good.  my favorite expression is "you gotta look for the sunny side!  it's always there!"  anyway. foot is pretty good totay am going to do my LBWO...Wall squats with ball, Hip Abductions with tubes, Hip Adduction with tube, Leg curl with tube, Leg extension with tube...

    Cant wait to get started!!!  :-)

    You guys are the BEST!!! Yea! BFL!  i was going to write that the following are the people who posted this week so we know they are with us.  then, as my brain will do, i thought yeah, we are posters.  then of course one thing lead to another and i'm thinking we're poster you guys know how my brain thinks....  giggle!  yes, i am a nut case.  hugs to you all.

    Grandpa Hiker 
  • Knock Knock.. It's Tuesday! How is everyone doing?! I'm blown away- literally. We are in the middle of the lowest- pressure storm of the century here on record... 40 mph sustained winds with gusts over 60mph. Hang on to your chooks!

    Hope everyone is doing great with the program :) We can do it!

  • 7 more leg workouts!! :D Still hanging in there for me, working on some color as well. :D

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!

  • Hey Everyone!  I'm still here! Still going at it, although this week has been a little rough for me. Two parties over the weekend and I had a bit of a struggle with food, but I am back at eating right again. Still going strong with exercise. Good to see all of us that are still hangin in there!

  • Hi guys,

    I just came back from LBW - I felt a little bit on rut. I guess is time to change my exercises. I could not hit 10 on any of them. Well, here we are on week 8. My results are not impressive, but I keep telling myself that this is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change.  

    at this point, I belive that my goal of losing 25 pounds is off - I am at the same weight for the past 6 weeks. I am sorry I am whinning, but I just needed to vent a little.

    The important thing is that we are still here together on this journey to fitness.

    Have an awesome day.

  • Good morning everyone.  Finally got my pics up on the profile, but I'm pretty excited so here is a sample.  Beginning of challenge versus beginning of week 9.





    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • LaurieLou,

    You look awesome!! You can definately see the change and results that you have made! Keep it up. Isn't it such a great feeling when you can actually see the difference?!

    I originally started by looking at the scale quite often, then I realized that I didn't really see a change there but I did notice it in my clothes. Well now I am down 14 lbs and I am getting quite a few compliments. Although, I am not brave enough to show my pics yet like you.

    Great job!!!

  • In my original version of this post (on this forum when Bill Phillips ran it), I had added a tag of "Inspired by Hussman" and a link to his site at

    If anyone shares The Paper Towel Theory, I'd love to have that credit added to it in the future.


    Bob "BFLBob" White

  • Added as requested BFLBob (  Thanks so much for writing it! :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • You are welcome, Sharon!  Thanks for taking care of this!

    I'm off to the treadmill...

  • approx 3.5 weeks left! i cant wait to see everyone's results!!

  • I am back from my cruise vacation & gradually getting back into my normal daily routine. This was my first cruise & it was totally awsome. This particular ship had 24 different restaurants & most were complimentary!! Fortunately there was a lot of health food & the fitness center was much above my expectations. I gained a little over 2 lbs but my body fat level remained the same. As great as it is to go on vacation, it is also always great to get back home.

    One of the personal trainers in the fitness center told me something that I had never heard before. Because I have high blood pressure, he said that I should not do exercises to involve raising my hands above my head when I am sitting or standing. He said that doing so would increase blood pressure levels. Have any of you ever heard this?