Sept. 3rd BFL-Start...Who's with me?

  • Hi to all!  So far, here are all the people starting the week of Sept 3rd.




    Loretta S










    Trucker Dave



    Kathy Gizzi




    May we all be blessed with success!  i was successful last time only as long as i got on the forum twice a day and checked in. That was 8 weeks.  The people who have done multiple challenges are on the "Coffee" forum  so, i suggest we all check in with them,also...i'll try to do a weekly shout out (rollcall) to the poeple starting.  please add me to your friend list!

  • hey you lazy butts out there! up and at 'em.  by the way i'm 57 years old, you don't want an old lady doing better than you, do you?  i'll do roll call every monday starting sept 6.  let me know if there are any to add to the list. and be sure to "friend" me

  • I will be taking the before pic in the next couple days....get those pics posted. :D How about a roll call on where we are all from? I'm from Chicago, IL.  Northwest side. Just wondering if anyone is around the area...looking for a backup plan if my workout partner bails on me. :D

    Today's Mighty Oak is yesterdays Nut that held its Ground!

  • I am from Evanston, IL and i will post my pics tonight.

  • I am from Myrtle Beach, SC.  I hope to post pics in the next few days.


  • I'm getting everything planned out ready to get started.  I'm having someone at my gym help me organize my work out so I'm not wandering from area to area wondering where I should be next.  I'll be taking before pics later this week....I'm NOT looking forward to that! For anyone using the Myoplex shakes>>>just an FYI the Carbcontrol have about 5 more grams of protein and are less calories than the Lite...

    I'm Kim, age  43 from Great Falls, MT

  • Hey everyone.  I am from Waldorf, MD and I am 25 years old.  I actually started yesturday and it felt really good to get in the gym these past two days and work out.  I am also eating right and not getting hungry through out the day.  I took my before pictures yesturday and I am so embarrassed at how I let myself get.  I will be posting them as soon as my girlfriend emails them to me.  I do have a few questions though.  I will be eating a lot of tuna, but is it ok to put mayonaise in the tuna?  Even if it is just a little amount?  I am using light mayo but there is still some fat in it of course.

    Well I will keep everyone updated and good luck to everyone.

  • Hi everyone! I'll be starting BFL on the 3rd as well. Used to be super fit (wildland firefighter) but that was too long ago now, and my health is not what it should be. Have to do this or die (maybe literally - ack!) so I'm determined. It will be good to have this forum for encouragement!

  • I'm from Bishop CA, in the incomparable high desert.  Sorry to be such a newbie, but where are the pictures being posted?

  • Hey folks, Im 26 from Lexington Park MD, Looking forward to getting kicked off this week. Will be taking and posting my before pics tonight after work hopefully. I am actually doing this challenge with waldorfian (my co-worker) so I think it'll be good for us to push each other.

    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.
  • Hi, I am from Ohio. Go Buckeyes!

  • Hi my name is Dave.  I couldn't wait to start on the 3rd so I start today.  I ready to build some muscle and lose that gut!

  • To funny Ventluck I feel the same way buddy. I think I may jumpstart and begin tomorrow I have never been this excited to to change!!

    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.
  • I am from Englewood, CO and will post my pics sometime this week...if I have to! Lol  I am not looking forward to that part either.

  • As my moniker says, i'm from Sioux City Iowa.  i already told my age (57) i'm gonna finish this challenge in honor of BFLMike like whom I aspire to be!!!