Busy mom starting Aug. 23

  • Glad to catch up on everyone's posts! It sounds like there are some great changes taking place out there. Week 3 is going ok for me so far. Today is the first workout I've had to miss. I plan to work out on my free day to make up for it. I did pretty good over the long weekend--worked out every day and ate pretty well. The food has been the hardest part for me. I am not seeing major weight loss in numbers like many of you, however I have lost a half-inch on my waist and half-inch on my hips. I can feel the muscle buildup already in my legs and arms. So, I know there is muscle and toning happening there. I feel good and I know that I can't really focus on the numbers right now. I think someone said that there have been challenge winners who only lost 3lbs. I think this kind of change treats everyone differently and I am going to stick to it to see the change.

    I recently bought a TON of Myoplex ready-to-drink shakes at BJs. I bought the Carb Control version and think they are HORRIBLE! Does anyone know if you can mix these with low-fat milk or really ANYTHING to make them taste better? I use these as my morning meal because I am just not a good breakfast person. I had been buying the Protein Lite version which is not nearly as bad. Any thoughts?

  • The ONLY advantedge carb control shakes I can stomach are the chocolate fudge ones.  The others are unpalatable to me.  Did you try the fudge?

    Awesome to see the changes in your body!  The weight loss number is so unrealistic when you are gaining new  muscles.  I cant wait to start seeing toning on my body too!

  • Today my husband said, "you're looking thinner." Yeah! I haven't lost weight yet I am getting slimmer.

    Yummy protein shake:

    Myoplex lite vanilla; skim milk; ice; sugar free banana flavored syrup; tablespoon natural peanut butter.

    Great after a workout.

  • Hey group, I hope you all are still going strong.  

    I started August 23rd as well & am looking for support.  

    I am a dad in his thirties trying to get back in shape.  I read the book & decided to do it with not much support from the family.

    I lift & run in the mornings (Around 5 AM), have been following the meals plans to a T, and hope I start seeing results.  

    I have lost around 6 lbs (I started at 167), feel sore all the time (Hopefully, as in the book, it means my muscles are growing), and my body is getting used to getting up in the AM, eating alot more frequent (I am a shake & myoplex guy), and drinking 12 cups of water a day.

    I am glad to see I am not alone.  My wife has noticed my work ethic & has really changed her attitude.  She has begun reading the book, plans my meals, and is going to try this if it works for me.  She even wants an elliptical so I can use it in the winter mornings & she can use it while the kids are in school.

    I hope your hanging in there Melinda.



  • Hello everyone. I need your motivation. Have been doing great until yesterday. Any suggestions or words of motivation you would give me would be greatly appreciated. This is really important to me and I want to continue this journey with all of you.  Hope to hear from a lot of you.

  • Hang in there RobinP.  We all are going to have bad days.  Unfortunately its part of life.  However, its the response to your bad day that defines who you are.  

    Simply get back on the program & hit the gym or do a Cardio workout.  

    My grandpa once told me an amazing quote that I will never forget... Hang in there and remember that many have gone before you and survived the same trials.  With Grandpa being a World War II vet, that meant alot to me & inspired me.

    Good luck, you can do it.

  • Robin, girl, you just pick yourself and start again with the next thing you do.  Just do the next right thing and you are back on track.  All that yesterday is good for is learning.  Ask yourself what set you up to get off track yesterday and make a different mistake next time.  : )  Look, we are almost 1/3 through this.  You will never forgive yourself if you see all of us posting our successes in 9 weeks without you.  It is not too late to start doing the right thing for yourself.  You deserve success and you deserve to feel good about yourself!  So, as Nike says......well, you know.  No more excuses - JUST DO IT!!!


  • You guys ROCK!!!!!! I am a fellow 8-23er.... I have ben following you all...

    Johnny B

  • Staats and Katie,

    Thanks for the motivating words. I know ultimately this has to come from within myself, your words helped give me the extra push needed. This morning I pushed myself to the fullest! Eating is right on schedule and my energy is high. It is great to know others are going on this journey also.

    Positive thoughts are being sent out to all my BFL friends this beautiful sun shining day!

  • Good job Robin!!  Usually some positive action in the right direction is enough to make me feel much better.  Be proud of yourself!!  What happened yesterday is way less important than what is happening today and tomorrow.  You got back on the horse and you will be less likely to put yourself through it again now that you know how it felt.  Just 9 more weeks and this won't even be a blip on the radar screen.  I can't wait!!


  • Robin -

    Here is a quote that I have written on the back of my door.

    I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." - Muhammad Ali

    I know this is a late response, but I figured maybe it will help someone else

  • Grateful for all the motivation myself. Had a bad weekend--missed 2 workouts due to stomach bug. However, 3 weeks down and I've lost and entire inch off my hips and off my waist. This is so exciting for me after having a baby 8 months ago! Huge improvement--that alone will drive me to make up for the bad weekend this week. We have to remember that we will have rough days and it may not always go perfectly--but you just get right back to it. I can't wait to see what the next 9 weeks will unfold. Hang in there!

  • I love the Ali quote - thanks for sharing!

    I just finished my free day and am glad to say no more junk today.

    Feel great about the first 3 weeks and am excited to keep going. I will weight and measure myself next Sat - first time since Aug. 23.

    Everyone have a great week.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Here is to the beginning of a GREAT week! We can all do this.

    Thanks for the Ali quote, I am going to post it to read often.

    Happy Sunday evening to all!!

  • No problem. Good look in the gym this week everyone. I've already went up 2 notches on my belt and i'm starting to need new pants!